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Remember the quilt inspiration I posted the other day? The collage of quilts that I’d found on eBay and in my Evernote journal?

Mom liked the pink and white one and I drafted a quick quilt. We both might end up making this one.

You could use 2.5 inch strips and 4 inch finished half square triangles or If you like smaller blocks, use 2 inch strips and 3 inch finished half square triangles.


Here’s the block – I’ve always loved Jacobs Ladder blocks/quilts



I lied

I said I was just going to start making HST’s for my HSTeria quilt and decide how to set them later ( for Vicki’s quilt along) and I pulled the rest of my fabrics.

photo (9)

I couldn’t decide however whether to use my 3 inch finished or my 4 inch finished HST die so I went to EQ to draft my block and to look at two different versions of the quilt so I could make a decision.

Here’s the block

HST block


Here’s Quilt 1

4 inch HST’s
Set 3×4
6 inch border
192 HST


Here’s Quilt 2

3 inch HST
Set 4×6
6 inch border
384 HST

1-HST ver2

While I have the fabrics out, I’ll cut some 2.5 inch strips and make this two rail fence too. I have enough of the border fabric for both quilts.

You know of course which one of the above I’m going to make don’t you?





I rarely need instructions to make a quilt but I do look at a lot of quilt photos to find inspiration. One of my favorite sources is an eBay search. The iPad app allows me to quickly view lots of quilts and only zoom in when one grabs my attention.


This is a quick drawing I made last night to capture one idea I found on eBay. It will be perfect for my 2.5 inch strip challenge I’m doing in 2014. I haven’t drafted the entire quilt … Just enough to point me in the right direction when I’m ready to start.



No sewing going on

The only sewing I’ve done is assembling 6 small battings from leftovers the other day during my decluttering efforts. Today was a complete day of rest … Football, crochet, and packing.

I did however play with a design for a exploded block quilt. I love how my Carpenter Star turned out and have drafted another star quilt that I haven’t yet pieced but I played with a different block today. I like these one block quilts because they’re quick to piece. I’m not completely happy with the borders here but the right print might work. Because I’m designing in TouchDraw on the iPad it’s colored simply in two colors. If and when I get around to piecing it, it most likely would not be a two fabric quilt.


I really would prefer to be sewing but I’m making great progress on decluttering. I’ve schedule the excess furniture and junk pickup, the living room and stairs were measured for carpet on Saturday, and tonight I placed the order. I head to Orlando tomorrow but things are on schedule for getting everything done the week before Thanksgiving.


I’m having a lazy morning

The cold and ankle are bringing me down today so I’m having a lazy morning.

There’s a new Accuquilt die I just ordered. I love 1000 Pyramid quilts and have an isosceles triangle die I could use but I love the dies with the corners already cut off, they’re easier to line up. The new die also has a notch on the sides. This die is an equilateral triangle.


A lot of people don’t like the fabric waste that comes from using dies like this but my plan is to use those triangle shaped scraps for a star quilt. I drew it up quickly in TouchDraw but when I actually make the quilt, I’ll use the same color scheme for this quilt as I choose for the 1000 Pyramid quilt.


A quick search of google images came up with lots of 1000 pyramid quilts … I like the colors in this one but haven’t decided what I’ll use yet.




I pulled out the tumblers today and started playing with them.


I decided to modify my original design somewhat and if I was at home with my stash and tumbler die, I would modify it to look like this drawing … But I’m not so I’ll work with what I have here. I’ve also decided I don’t like the half tumblers … I prefer leaving my edges irregular. I think it adds more interest so this will be the first and last quilt that I use the half tumblers on.



Framed 4 Patches

A while back I shared a draft of a Framed 4 Patch quilt and Tanya emailed me a photo of the Quilt of Valor she made from my drawing and brief cutting instructions. You can find instructions on my website.


One of these days I’ll stay home long enough to piece one of my own!


Framed 4 Patches

Someone mentioned framing 4 patches like we do with our Happy Blocks at the Maine sew-in … Maybe Bev? I liked the idea and decided to work up a quilt…. Not that I’ll be able to start it anytime soon but at least I’ll have a plan when I get around to it. I decided I’d only frame half the blocks and alternated the framed blocks with a simple 4 patch. For a child’s quilt you could use bright solids for the frames. When I eventually make this, I’ll go scrappy as usual.

When designing on the iPad I use the TouchDraw app so I almost always keep the design coloration simple and often use RWB because I know so many of my blog readers make and donate quilts to Quilts of Valor. I used a lighter blue for my frames but you could use a white cream or beige. This one finishes at 56×72 and you could add a simple framing border if you chose.

Framed Four Patches
Blocks are 8 inches finished (8.5 with seam allowances)
Uses 4.5 inch squares and 2.5 inch strips (I’ll use my GO dies for this)
Quilt size is 56 x 72



What to do at 3AM

I can’t sleep but I’m too tired to get up and work so I’m browsing antique quilts on eBay for ideas. Here’s a great one for 2.5 inch strips and who doesn’t love a 9 Patch? It would work with 2 colors, 2 color scrappy, or scrappy with each block having a different combination.



Four Patch Stars

I had a request for instructions for this quilt that has been on the design tab for a while so I wrote them up and posted them on the website  if anyone else is interested. They are untested (I’ve not made my quilt yet) … so read them over carefully and ask any questions you may have before starting.

Four Patch Stars


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