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Next up

I should be getting the Rainbow HeartStrings top layered and quilted but I want to try some Churn Dash blocks first so I’ll play today and maybe get the HS top layered tomorrow or Wednesday.

I played around with a bunch of different layouts and options in EQ7 and decided to go with this one. It will be a smaller child size quilt that is approximately 40×53. I really am trying to alternate a small one that can be quilted here with larger ones that go to GA for quilting on the longarm but it’s hard, almost everything I design starts out larger and has to be downsized. I could have downsized the Churn Dash blocks to 6 inches but I like these big ones so I’m making fewer blocks and don’t be shocked but I’m going to sash them too. Not my favorite thing to do but I wanted some separation between the blocks and while I played with several alternate blocks they’re more suited to a larger quilt.

Bright sashed churn dash-001


It’s an odd color scheme I know and it would be a lot easier if I had access to my stash so I could add in some additional yellows and golds but I’m hoping for “odd interesting” rather than “odd ugly” when the quilt is done. 

I drafted this one from an antique quilt a while back and I think it works well in red/white/blue.  

I’d seen a yellow/gold/gray quilt that appealed to me as being unusual so I redrew my quilt. 

I cut and sewed blocks all day …. I think this is one where the blocks actually have to be sewn together to get an idea of how it’s really going to look but again, I’m hoping for interesting rather than ugly! 


We had some conversation on HeartStrings about ugly tops and if they were worth finishing. It’s my belief that all quilts have value for their warmth and there is a need for quilts for the homeless so I feel free to experiment knowing that not every quilt I make will turnout great but they will all be useful. 


I don’t bore you on a day to day basis but I’m doing well with my walking – averaging 5+ miles per day. If you’re interested, you can follow my progress on the right sidebar. I’m doing a virtual walk ( along the Appalachian trail and am 265 miles into it now – still in North Carolina but working my way toward Virginia. It was a little cooler here today in Tampa with less humidity.  Isn’t this a great place to walk?!

I’m losing some weight (8 lbs since the beginning of Feb) which is good although I’m certainly not depriving myself … One of our “walks” takes us to Channelside where we break halfway through the 5 mile walk and take some refreshment 😉 and by refreshment, I mean beer! 
My weekend has been spent cutting and drafting quilts for Mom – this is the last one and I just have to cut the ‘white’ fabric, she has fat quarters for the rest of the quilt. Tomorrow I start back on my projects!



My first Rainbow quilt for our latest HeartStrings challenge is completed. If you look closely you’ll see I used a striped binding on this one.  

I’m also contemplating what to work on next – I drafted this courthouse steps top based on an antique quilt.  I’ve used 4 colors in my design but the actual quilt will be scrappier. 

I also looked up one of my UFO’s that I started just before we left MN in 2014. I think I’ll finish this top first, if I remember correctly, I’d just done the cutting and maybe some 4 patch blocks.  


What a busy day!

I did two shorter walks today – one this morning and one after all my afternoon running around. It was gorgeous this morning along the bay! If you look on the sidebar, you’ll see a graphic with my virtual walk stats – I’m logging my steps each day in the site and I’m moving virtually along the Appalachian   Trail. 

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon picking out fixtures for the two bathroom remodels. Not a task I enjoy but I think most of the decisions are made now except for the counters and the mirrors.  

Afterwards, I treated myself to dinner out and some time puttering around Barnes and Noble. I don’t get there much these days since I do most of my reading on the Kindle but I wanted to pick up a guidebook for an upcoming trip to Montreal. 

I also managed to finalize my design for my Plus 2 quilt – this one is based on a vintage quilt.  I usually design in simple colors because it’s quicker but my quilt will be scrappy – I’m using a jelly roll and a single black background fabric but I love it in red and white as I’ve drafted it too so maybe there will be more than one of these. I’m excited about this quilt and will be adding instructions to the website – I’ve only got two blocks made but I love it and I’m heading back into the sewing room tonight to make a couple more.  


Plus 1

As my mother-in-law would have said, Plus Quilts are all the rage and I’m not immune to their attraction! As my final day of vacation goes by and I sit under the palms, my thoughts turn toward home and my sewing room.  

A quick google image search of Plus Quilts will bring up lots of inspiration  as shown in the screen shot below – different layouts, different color schemes and click the link to see one of my favorites from the Moda Bake Shop.

I love the tessellating versions but when I get back to my sewing room after time away, I just want to put my music on and sew something simple! Tessellating quilts take more planning and thought and I do eventually plan to get around to making one but first, I’m going to start this one, I didn’t even draft the entire quilt, just enough to get me started. It’s also Jelly Roll friendly so I’ll have a few decisions to make when I get home – use a jelly roll or not, a single background or scrappy ….

What quilt are you busy planning?

House and tree quilt

I made a little mini quilt several years ago to demonstrate an idea to Habitat for Humanity and I’ve been wanting to make expand the idea into a house and tree quilt. The concept is simple … Squares and flying geese for the houses, hearts on some of the houses and of course trees for the neighborhood too! I’ve got a lot on my plate the rest of the year and I doubt this one will make it from the drawing board to the sewing machine in that time but I wanted to capture my idea quickly and maybe I’ll have time to make it next year. 



I was looking back through some old photos and came across this quilt I’d drafted for Mom. It’s one that would be perfect for the ScanNcut. Can you tell I’m trying to talk myself into it?



Does this make you dizzy? I’ve got some leftover red/white/blue fat quarters and 2.5 inch strips and I was thinking about a rail fence. I could do a scrappier version of my Patriotic Rail Fence but I’m  thinking of  something different like this one.  


On my drawing board

After being gone most of the last two weeks, I had tons of stuff to catch up on over the last couple days. I’ve also finished packing up the sewing room so there will be no more piecing or quilting until after the move but that doesn’t stop me from looking at quilts and drafting my ideas for the future. 

I love half square triangle quilts and this antique one on eBay appealed to me because of the strong diagonal line created by the red HSTs. 

About 10 minutes playing with my TouchDraw app on the iPad and I’ve got a quick draft of a quilt to make sometime in the future. As you can see, it’s just a nine patch block with red half square triangles placed on the diagonal in the block. I would make this one with 3 inch half square triangle blocks, probably set 6×8 without borders which would create a quilt that is 54×72. That’s 432 half square triangle blocks. 144 red ones, 288 blue ones. 

What’s on your drawing board?