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Simple quilts

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Funny how simple quilts are the ones that catch my eye. I saw this one on eBay last night and thought it might look good in RWB. 

Quilt size = 56×76

  • Alternate 4 inch finished squares with 4 inch finished half square triangles (both should be 4.5 inches with seam allowances)
  • Set blocks 11 across and 16 rows down
  • Inner border cut 2.5 inches
  • Outer border cut 4.5 inches 

I’d use lots of different reds, whites, and blues. 

If you wanted a borderless quilt like the inspiration one, you could just add 3 rows of blocks to the width and length setting them 14 rows across and 19 rows down to get a quilt the same size. 

And while I was drafting this quilt – my car was being towed away. The battery was completely dead yesterday when I went out to go to my massage appointment. They were able to jump it but Keith wanted it towed to the dealership so they could check it out and replace the battery if needed. 

The boss

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Finn spent the morning with Keith while I slept late and then ran some errands. When I got back, we went for a walk and played some which was supposed to give me some time in the sewing room – he has to be in the crate for his safety, he finds the smallest pieces of fabric and tries to eat them and you know my sewing room has lots of fabric scraps floating about. He sat quietly for a while but apparently wasn’t in the mood to nap or be in the crate.

He was however willing to nap a while in the chair with me while I knit some on the baby’s blanket … but his nap didn’t last long and then he was ready for some more attention. He was groomed yesterday … can you tell?

It’s still a bit of a challenge for me to work around his schedule and I don’t get as much done as I used to but when Keith’s not traveling, he spends time in the (home) office with him and he’s getting better … it’s only been in the last month or so that I’ve been able to knit when he’s sitting with me. One day, hopefully soon, he’ll be able to sit in the sewing room without getting into everything like Chesty did. 

He did allow me to draft a chisel quilt … there are lots of examples of chisel stars out there and while mine will most likely be scrappy, I like to draft quilts in RWB so they can be used for veteran quilts. 

Quilt size is about 56×80 as drafted using the Accuquilt GO chisel and 3 inch finished half square triangle dies. 


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I was browsing and came across a traditional bear paw quilt using a chisel block in place of some of the half square triangles and while the boys were napping this afternoon, (my brother drove through the night to get here but I’m not sure what Keith and Finn’s excuse is!) I played with the idea of a non traditional bear paw quilt for a someday quilt. 

The blocks are 9 inches finished (9.5 with seam allowances) and just for fun I recolored it in RWB too. It will go in my design file and maybe one day I’ll make it. As usual, it’s easier to design in two colors but most likely I’d go scrappy!

More inspiration

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I need to take Finn out to potty again at 2am before I go back to bed so I’m killing some time. 

I love brown and for right now I’d have to say it’s my favorite color so this one caught my eye when I did a search for vintage quilts on eBay. Again, I’m not sure how vintage this one actually is but it’s another one I could see recreating. 

The chevron design is something you see pretty often with bricks only these are skinnier rectangles. I decided to draw out a couple versions … the one on the right is a 2×4 finished brick and every other row starts with a 2×2 finished square. The one on the left is a 2×6 inch finished rectangle with every other row starting and ending with a 2×3 inch finished rectangle.  The above quilt obviously uses thinner strips but I have 2.5 inch strips on my mind right now. 

Typically I don’t like sewing long skinny rows together but it wouldn’t be too bad on one of the smaller quilts I make and quilt in FL. Keep repeating your rows and end up with something like this. 

Of course for a kid’s quilt, I’d used different colors but add a couple borders to the RWB version and you’d have a veteran’s quilt to donate. 

Time to take Finn out and head to bed now!


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When I’m not sewing I’m usually looking for inspiration. Tonight after packing I spent a little time searching for antique quilts on eBay. Somehow I don’t think this qualifies as an antique but I’ve saved the photo for inspiration as I’ve had one of these spool type quilts on my list for a while. I’m thinking it could be made with a Jelly Roll or 2.5 inch strips from stash and the Companion Angle Ruler but I’m not sure if I have that ruler or where it might be. I’ll look at Big Canoe and if I find it I’ll make a block or two to test it. 

I need to try to get some sleep because we’re leaving for Big Canoe at 5AM and it’s already 12:40!

Mary’s Triangles

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To answer some questions about the UFO I pin basted yesterday … the block used is called Mary’s Triangles or shaded 4 patch and while it can be pieced with triangles, there is also a method of piecing it that makes two blocks at one time and does not use triangles. 

I originally learned the method in the book called Triangle Tricks which also gives you a table for making blocks of all sizes. The tutorials I found online and posted back in 2008  are no longer there so I did a quick search and found these two but I’d suggest you save or print them out in case they disappear also. It’s the same block, just two different tutorials. 

Shaded 4 patch

Mary’s Triangles 

This was my planned quilt …

I put the pieces away and never got back to it after finishing the top left and the bottom right sections. At Big Canoe last summer, I pulled them out and put borders on the larger section which made a nice size lap quilt – it’s now ready for quilting and I thought it might be nice as a wheelchair quilt for a veteran. The smaller section will be a doll quilt when finished. 

Insomnia strikes again

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I was doing well for a while – going to bed and getting up at somewhat normal times but this week I’ve been unable to fall asleep until very late and each day gets worse until here I am sitting up at 6:20am not having slept at all. Sleeping today won’t be a problem but I won’t be able to sleep in the rest of the week. UGH!

Since I couldn’t sleep I played around with some quilt ideas on the iPad. I wrote that when I buy dies, I think about sizes that can be used together. Tonight I paired the half rectangle and chisel dies – they both finish at 3×6 so the blocks would finish at 12 inches. 

You could also pair the half rectangle with the 3×6 finished rectangle for a simpler, funky pinwheel. 


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I had a lazy morning around here and need to get to work … last night I intended to pin baste this top after Keith left but I forgot the guest bedroom only has a small bedside lamp so I decided it could wait until today. I do need to get it done because I have a cleaning service coming Wednesday and company coming Friday so the table has to come down before then. 

Along with the HSTs for the Dutch Windmill quilt, I’ve been cutting small rectangles on the electric GO for a second quilt. I made a RWB brick quilt a couple years ago – or should I say top? It hasn’t been quilted yet! It was based on an antique quilt and I always intended to make a more colorful child’s quilt so while I have the fat quarters out, I’m cutting 2.5 x 4.5 rectangles. Of course, this is an easy one to strip piece too but this fits my leftover fat quarter pieces perfectly and I get 8 rectangles which is just what I need per block.  I’m also thinking I’ll make the background scrappy and by cutting the rectangles I can mix them up more. There are similar modern quilts out there and I bet you could find them with a google search but I prefer to go my TouchDraw app and draft one myself.