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No sewing going on

The only sewing I’ve done is assembling 6 small battings from leftovers the other day during my decluttering efforts. Today was a complete day of rest … Football, crochet, and packing.

I did however play with a design for a exploded block quilt. I love how my Carpenter Star turned out and have drafted another star quilt that I haven’t yet pieced but I played with a different block today. I like these one block quilts because they’re quick to piece. I’m not completely happy with the borders here but the right print might work. Because I’m designing in TouchDraw on the iPad it’s colored simply in two colors. If and when I get around to piecing it, it most likely would not be a two fabric quilt.


I really would prefer to be sewing but I’m making great progress on decluttering. I’ve schedule the excess furniture and junk pickup, the living room and stairs were measured for carpet on Saturday, and tonight I placed the order. I head to Orlando tomorrow but things are on schedule for getting everything done the week before Thanksgiving.

I’m having a lazy morning

The cold and ankle are bringing me down today so I’m having a lazy morning.

There’s a new Accuquilt die I just ordered. I love 1000 Pyramid quilts and have an isosceles triangle die I could use but I love the dies with the corners already cut off, they’re easier to line up. The new die also has a notch on the sides. This die is an equilateral triangle.


A lot of people don’t like the fabric waste that comes from using dies like this but my plan is to use those triangle shaped scraps for a star quilt. I drew it up quickly in TouchDraw but when I actually make the quilt, I’ll use the same color scheme for this quilt as I choose for the 1000 Pyramid quilt.


A quick search of google images came up with lots of 1000 pyramid quilts … I like the colors in this one but haven’t decided what I’ll use yet.



I pulled out the tumblers today and started playing with them.


I decided to modify my original design somewhat and if I was at home with my stash and tumbler die, I would modify it to look like this drawing … But I’m not so I’ll work with what I have here. I’ve also decided I don’t like the half tumblers … I prefer leaving my edges irregular. I think it adds more interest so this will be the first and last quilt that I use the half tumblers on.


Framed 4 Patches

A while back I shared a draft of a Framed 4 Patch quilt and Tanya emailed me a photo of the Quilt of Valor she made from my drawing and brief cutting instructions. You can find instructions on my website.


One of these days I’ll stay home long enough to piece one of my own!

Framed 4 Patches

Someone mentioned framing 4 patches like we do with our Happy Blocks at the Maine sew-in … Maybe Bev? I liked the idea and decided to work up a quilt…. Not that I’ll be able to start it anytime soon but at least I’ll have a plan when I get around to it. I decided I’d only frame half the blocks and alternated the framed blocks with a simple 4 patch. For a child’s quilt you could use bright solids for the frames. When I eventually make this, I’ll go scrappy as usual.

When designing on the iPad I use the TouchDraw app so I almost always keep the design coloration simple and often use RWB because I know so many of my blog readers make and donate quilts to Quilts of Valor. I used a lighter blue for my frames but you could use a white cream or beige. This one finishes at 56×72 and you could add a simple framing border if you chose.

Framed Four Patches
Blocks are 8 inches finished (8.5 with seam allowances)
Uses 4.5 inch squares and 2.5 inch strips (I’ll use my GO dies for this)
Quilt size is 56 x 72


What to do at 3AM

I can’t sleep but I’m too tired to get up and work so I’m browsing antique quilts on eBay for ideas. Here’s a great one for 2.5 inch strips and who doesn’t love a 9 Patch? It would work with 2 colors, 2 color scrappy, or scrappy with each block having a different combination.


Four Patch Stars

I had a request for instructions for this quilt that has been on the design tab for a while so I wrote them up and posted them on the website  if anyone else is interested. They are untested (I’ve not made my quilt yet) … so read them over carefully and ask any questions you may have before starting.

Four Patch Stars


Setting the HS Stars

Another possibility … For those interested in how I made the stars I posted instructions on the website.


Bricks and Stones

I am in such a piecing mode right now … So as I finish up the borders on the Log Cabin, I’m already thinking about the next quilt. I’ve got fabric pulled for a Half Log Cabin but I think I want to do another one in between so I spent a little while putting this idea on the iPad this morning. It’s one that’s been floating around in my head for months … Simple … Uses my brick, circle, chisel, and 3 inch half square triangle dies, and I think I have a set of fat quarters that will work.


Hopefully having a plan for the next quilt will motivate me to finish the log cabin top but I’ve also got my November UFO and a couple tied quilts on the agenda before my next trip so we’ll see how much I get done.

Log Cabin

I’m going to blame Shirley!

I went upstairs to piece a back for the Tessellating Pinwheels top that I finished before my trip and started eyeing potential fabrics for a log cabin quilt using my new die. After pulling a bunch of brown and green fabrics, I read Shirley’s comment and remembered that I had a bundle of black and white fat quarters.

I figured I could make 36 eight inch blocks from that bundle so pulled some reds to go with it and played a bit in EQ. I think this is where I’m going but I might change the layout – after all there are lots of choices with Log Cabin blocks.


I cut the first 8 blocks and got them sewn…. would have been quick if I hadn’t had to pick out a couple rounds when I wasn’t paying attention. To make my blocks scrappy, I cut 8 different B/W prints and 8 reds… more fabrics will be added in as I go.

As cut

After “shuffling” the stacks


Charmed Squares

Love how this one turned out! While I kind of flew by the seat of my pants on this, I did post some instructions on the website in case you’re interested in my measurements, etc.


a Substitution

The number Judy drew for June’s UFO is the only one on my list that is not a finished top but with the design wall occupied and an upcoming trip, I decided on a substitution for this month.

This is one of my Heartstrings quilts — and I love the colors but of course they’re not photographing as well as I’d like because it’s late. As usual, once it’s bound I’ll get a photo of it outside. Quilted with the pantograph Jilly by Keryn Emmerson.

Doesn’t the panto give it great texture?

Simple quilts

I’ve mentioned before that I love simple scrap quilts. Another eBay quilt inspired this RWB Hourglass – of course I’ll make it scrappy when I eventually get around to it.


And in case you’re wondering why I’m spending so much time looking at quilts on eBay, Chesty’s allergies are giving him a fit and I’m having to spend time sitting with him to keep him from scratching himself to death. At least the cone stops the biting.


Trolling eBay for inspiration

Another nice thing about having wireless here is that it allows me to look for ideas for new quilts. An antique quilt on eBay inspired this design. In Red and Blue it would make a great Quilt of Valor.


I don’t have a block encyclopedia here so I’m not sure what the name of this block is, I’ll have to look it up when I get home.

Please, Please help!

Those of you reading who have read my blog for a while may remember a couple years ago I won 2nd place in the Accuquilt Barn Quilt contest and had my design on their building for a little over a year. Well I’ve submitted another design which has made it into the top 100 and now I need your help to get into the top 20.

Will you PLEASE, PLEASE go vote for my design?! It’s number 20 and you can vote here:

You only have until April 18th and you can only vote once.



I think many of us have family or loved ones that have been touched by Alzheimer’s or dementia – my family has and in the past I’ve supported the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative with a couple purchases but I’ve never made a quilt to donate.

Having received a comment from Michele on one of my postcards and seeing the AAQI exhibit at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show, I’ve been thinking about doing a small quilt for them … Right now it’s just a drawing and I don’t know if I can actually execute it and donate it but I drew out an idea today. I’m going to try to use my interest in embroidery and fused appliqué that you’ve seen in my postcards in a larger piece the size of a Priority Quilt.

EDIT: OOPS, no spell check in my drawing program – I will hopefully spell STRENGTH right in the actual piece!!


Before starting … I need need to catch up a bit. Some quilts to be bound, piecing to finish up, and it’s time to get our tax stuff together for the accountant. UGH!

Diamonds and Rails

HeartStrings has a new project starting this month and going on through October that uses black centers with brights OR homespuns so what am I doing playing around in EQ?

Sandi posted a link on HeartStrings to this quilt that I absolutely fell in love with and knew I’d have to try and recreate….so I’m going to cheat a bit and work on recreating it with my black and brights. I’ll still try to get a HeartStrings top done with black and homespuns or at the very least some blocks to send in for group quilts but for now, here’s my EQ drawing. I’m not going to try and make this wonky because I intend to use my Accuquilt GO to cut the diamonds and strips.

I was playing a bit with the construction of the diamond blocks which you can see on the wall with this top of Mom’s that I’ve got up while I’m “thinking” about how I’m going to quilt it.

I’m also debating using a solid black versus a print because black solids seem to show so much lint and I want the quilt to be practical because it will be a donation quilt so I’m leaning toward the polka dot in this photo.

Pink and Green

I’ve been wanting to make a pink and green quilt and to combine circles with drunkard’s path blocks….so a little drafting time on the plane today and I have a plan!


Sashed 9 patch

I had a couple questions about blocks on the design wall. This is going to be a double sashed 9 patch quilt and funny enough, it was one of the designs I was playing with in January 2010 when I decided to make the twisted 9 patch. What are the chances that I would end up piecing this one when I was finishing up the binding and quilting on the first one?

For those with questions, I wrote up some quick cutting instructions.


My Design Process – Part Five

While the iPad is great for drafting on the go or capturing a idea for later, I always head to EQ7 when I’m planning the actual quilt.

I took the Apple Tree block that I was playing with on the iPad from yesterday’s post and quickly redrafted it in EQ7.


I’m thinking a 16 inch block right now although you could certainly downsize it to 8 or 12 inches if you wanted by changing my 2 inch grid to a 1 inch for an 8 inch block or 1.5 inches for a 12 inch block.

By plugging my block size in a diagonal setting with sashing and adding a couple borders, I easily see that a twin size quilt could look like this.

However, those setting triangles are pretty big because of the size of my block so while I’ve never done pieced setting triangles, I pulled a log cabin block in from the block library, insert it into the setting triangles, rotate it and this is what I have.

From here, I can play with additional options like adding an inner white border. The beauty of working in EQ is that once you have your original idea – you can look at lots of different options easily without having to rework the entire quilt. I rarely make the first draft of any quilt.

I can also easily tweak my original block — what if I used 4 patches for the apples to give the quilt more interest.


As always, although I’m using only a few colors for the design process, I would make this quilt scrappy using many greens and reds.