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Does this make you dizzy? I’ve got some leftover red/white/blue fat quarters and 2.5 inch strips and I was thinking about a rail fence. I could do a scrappier version of my Patriotic Rail Fence but I’m  thinking of  something different like this one.  


On my drawing board

After being gone most of the last two weeks, I had tons of stuff to catch up on over the last couple days. I’ve also finished packing up the sewing room so there will be no more piecing or quilting until after the move but that doesn’t stop me from looking at quilts and drafting my ideas for the future. 

I love half square triangle quilts and this antique one on eBay appealed to me because of the strong diagonal line created by the red HSTs. 

About 10 minutes playing with my TouchDraw app on the iPad and I’ve got a quick draft of a quilt to make sometime in the future. As you can see, it’s just a nine patch block with red half square triangles placed on the diagonal in the block. I would make this one with 3 inch half square triangle blocks, probably set 6×8 without borders which would create a quilt that is 54×72. That’s 432 half square triangle blocks. 144 red ones, 288 blue ones. 

What’s on your drawing board?

A quick Drunkard’s Path quilt

I love how my small green and purple Drunkard’s Path quilt turned out so while I was cutting in GA, I decided to take some fabric from a kit that I wasn’t ever going to piece and cut it with the DP die. The fabrics were reds and greens and I think the original quilt in the kit had appliquéd ladybugs but at some point the instructions got separated from the fabric. After cutting all the reds and greens and setting them aside to piece in FL, I got the bright idea that I could create ladybugs with the DP blocks so the next day I pulled and cut some black fabric. I’m not sure what my final layout will be but this is close to what I’m aiming for.


I’m tired of playing

I have gone round and round playing with layouts for my 3rd Drunkard’s Path quilt. The other two are simple layouts but I wanted to try something with the Devil’s Puzzle layout but couldn’t make it work in a size I wanted with the large Drunkard’s Path blocks so I think I’m going to do this one … at least, this is what I’ll cut out. There are an equal number of light centers and dark centers which is perfect since the die cuts an equal number. It saves me from having to cut extra of one and not use them all.DPv1


I’m really enjoying piecing my 4 Patch on the Diagonal quilt and I have just a couple more blocks to make. I love the bright colors I’m using but it also looks good scrappy and eventually I’ll make that version also. There are instructions on the website at the link above.

I was thinking today that a RWB version would work too … In this case, I’ve rotated the 4 patches so the lights create a secondary chain (Jackie did that on her version which is also on the website at the link above.) This quilt would be 60×72 as pictured below but you could add more blocks or a border if you wanted.

RWB 4 Patches on the diiagonal

Drafting a quilt

I’ve said before that I find a lot of ideas for quilts on eBay. Tonight this antique quilt caught my eye.


I looked a little closer to see the block construction.


I drafted a block and set 4 of them together in my TouchDraw app


I’d piece this as a 12 inch finished block (12.5 with seam allowances)
(1) 4.5 inch square
(4) 4.5 inch half square triangles
(8) 2.5 x 4.5 inch flying geese

I’d use my Eleanor Burns flying geese ruler to make 4 geese at a time. It’s my favorite method for making flying geese.

I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever piece this quilt but if I do, I’ll have my ideas all in one place with this blog post.

(FYI – this is what I do at night when I can’t sleep!)


Remember the quilt inspiration I posted the other day? The collage of quilts that I’d found on eBay and in my Evernote journal?

Mom liked the pink and white one and I drafted a quick quilt. We both might end up making this one.

You could use 2.5 inch strips and 4 inch finished half square triangles or If you like smaller blocks, use 2 inch strips and 3 inch finished half square triangles.


Here’s the block – I’ve always loved Jacobs Ladder blocks/quilts


I lied

I said I was just going to start making HST’s for my HSTeria quilt and decide how to set them later ( for Vicki’s quilt along) and I pulled the rest of my fabrics.

photo (9)

I couldn’t decide however whether to use my 3 inch finished or my 4 inch finished HST die so I went to EQ to draft my block and to look at two different versions of the quilt so I could make a decision.

Here’s the block

HST block


Here’s Quilt 1

4 inch HST’s
Set 3×4
6 inch border
192 HST


Here’s Quilt 2

3 inch HST
Set 4×6
6 inch border
384 HST

1-HST ver2

While I have the fabrics out, I’ll cut some 2.5 inch strips and make this two rail fence too. I have enough of the border fabric for both quilts.

You know of course which one of the above I’m going to make don’t you?




I rarely need instructions to make a quilt but I do look at a lot of quilt photos to find inspiration. One of my favorite sources is an eBay search. The iPad app allows me to quickly view lots of quilts and only zoom in when one grabs my attention.


This is a quick drawing I made last night to capture one idea I found on eBay. It will be perfect for my 2.5 inch strip challenge I’m doing in 2014. I haven’t drafted the entire quilt … Just enough to point me in the right direction when I’m ready to start.


No sewing going on

The only sewing I’ve done is assembling 6 small battings from leftovers the other day during my decluttering efforts. Today was a complete day of rest … Football, crochet, and packing.

I did however play with a design for a exploded block quilt. I love how my Carpenter Star turned out and have drafted another star quilt that I haven’t yet pieced but I played with a different block today. I like these one block quilts because they’re quick to piece. I’m not completely happy with the borders here but the right print might work. Because I’m designing in TouchDraw on the iPad it’s colored simply in two colors. If and when I get around to piecing it, it most likely would not be a two fabric quilt.


I really would prefer to be sewing but I’m making great progress on decluttering. I’ve schedule the excess furniture and junk pickup, the living room and stairs were measured for carpet on Saturday, and tonight I placed the order. I head to Orlando tomorrow but things are on schedule for getting everything done the week before Thanksgiving.