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I still had no idea what I wanted to quilt in the wider strips when I finished up the fern quilting this morning. I looked through my books but nothing seemed right and in the end I quilted some wavy vertical lines since I wanted to maintain the vertical feel that the giraffe print gave.

It’s trimmed and ready for binding maybe later today but I’m going to read and then knit a bit now.

Getting to know Jane

I started off quilting this little doll quilt. A simple meander in the center and a rather funky looking fern in the border. 

It was maybe a little less funky by the last border and I kind of like it. I’m not sure why I decided to stay with a contrasting thread – it blended well in the center. 

In general I’m not a fan of plain meandering but this Bow Tie top was the first thing I pieced at the Tampa house last July and I decided a simple meander would give me a chance to get the feel of the machine on a real quilt – starting, stopping, removing pins, controlling my speed… I couldn’t believe how much difference the amount of throat space made. It’s going to be even better when the machine is sitting flush with the cabinet. 

I think I’ll piece a Strippie next and get some more practice. 


Don’t look too closely at the wobbles but the Plus 1 top is quilted.  It’s funny but the wobbles bother me a lot when I’m actually quilting but by the time the quilt is bound I’m not as worried about them. Hopefully, they’ll be even more unnoticeable when the quilts are washed and dried. I love how the crinkles that come with washing a quilt with a cotton batting hides some of its flaws. 

When I went to quilt the horizontal lines, my rows didn’t start with a seam so I used this flexible ruler that came with my knitting bag to line up the edge my quilting foot.  


Demo day

The long awaited bathroom remodel began today. They’re starting with the master bathroom and when that is done, they’ll move on to the hall bathroom. 

No major surprises although there is some water damage in the shower area as expected, also some evidence of old termite damage but we knew that the place had been tented for termites in 2013 so I wasn’t surprised at that either. It’s going to be so nice to have a completely new bathroom including a nice big soaking tub!

While they were working, I was in the sewing room. This small HeartStrings top is quilted now. I started by quilting 1/4 on each side of the block seams and then did randomly spaced lines both horizontally and vertically.  The lines wobble more than I’d like but overall it’s not too bad. I bought a class on Craftsy a while back about quilting with a walking foot. Maybe I need to go back and finish it to get more tips and additional ideas. 

I used the quilting guide for my walking foot for the first time in 14 years to space some of the lines. 

Unfortunately, it only fits on one side of the walking foot and I have a small throat on this machine so when I had too much quilt to stuff under the machine, I used painter tape to mark additional quilting lines. 

I’ve already got the binding on and ready for hand stitching tonight!

More progress

I’d intended to freemotion quilt this top but when I was halfway thru pinning it this morning I realized that I could quilt it with the walking foot without having to remove any of pins. That made the quilting a lot quicker since I didn’t have to stop frequently. Quilted in a simple grid – this top was pieced from a jelly roll but turned out rather busy. I think it would have benefited from the use of an additional background fabric but it will still make a nice donation quilt.  Unfortunately I’m going to have to run out to find a binding fabric since my limited stash here has nothing that will work. 

So, since that one’s stalled until I get a fabric for the binding, I trimmed the last one waiting for binding from GA. I love how the quilting texture shows up in this photo. The binding is already finished but I’ll have to snap a photo of the completed quilt tomorrow.  

Since I accomplished so much today – I get to start a new quilt so I’ll be looking through my inspiration files. I’ve also got a bunch of kits so maybe one of those will be next. 


A Quick Strippie pieced by Mom. 

Quilted with hearts and a ribbon meander.  

Now it’s happy hour – time to sit by the fire with music playing and knit a while. 



My rainbow HeartStrings top quilted with the pantograph Ebb and Flow. It’s the 3rd of 5 tops quilted that are my goal for this week.  


The next two to be quilted will be Mom’s tops. 

Quilt #2

Today’s top is one of my HeartStrings from last year. Loaded with the quilting started.

Quilted with freehand swirls.  

I’m not piecing backs this trip but I did pull all the tops that need them – there are 11 of them so I’ll start looking through my stash and pair them up so when I’m here this summer, I can get them sewn and ready for quilting.  

Today’s walk was mainly around the track but we did hike through the woods to get there and back. Keith is trying a new run/walk app. The weather was threatening but the rain held off until we got back to the condo. 

And in case you were wondering what the condo looks like – there are 4 units in the building. We’re downstairs and have two stories. Two bedrooms/two bathrooms, living room and kitchen upstairs. Downstairs is a small sitting room, a bedroom, and a third bathroom – I take up all that downstairs space since we moved the longarm here almost 2 years ago. We also have a small deck off the upstairs living room and a patio downstairs.  There’s no building off to our left side so we have plenty of privacy. 


From the lake to the falls

I finished quilting the first top – here’s a peek – a full view will be posted after binding.  Pantograph is called Lush Leaves. 

After finishing the quilt, I hiked from the lake to the falls and back. It’s so peaceful here.  


One of my oldest UFO’s

I’ve always loved this Rail Fence top so I’m not sure why it took me so long to quilt. Maybe because I wasn’t sure if I was going to give it to someone or donate it.  


… or maybe because I didn’t want to deal with the flange I put in between some of the blocks. In the end I quilted freehand swirls and worked my way around them. 
This is the last one that I’ll finish on this trip – It was pieced in December 2009 and it’s pretty much my oldest UFO although there is another UFO that is going to be incorporated into a backing because I never finished piecing it and I don’t plan to at this point (it’s from 2008). 

What’s your oldest UFO?