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My Simply Woven quilt was not only pin basted but quilted!  As you can see, I chose an irregular grid rather than one that quilted each line. Simple straight line quilting that kept it nice and soft. It’s a free pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. 

I also walked a couple miles before setting down with my knitting for the night. 

We had some cooler weather which has been very nice and last night I even used the heat for a little while for the first time ever and promptly ordered a small heater from Amazon as I just needed a little extra warmth here by my knitting chair and didn’t need to heat the entire house (although the thermostat did read 63 when I turned it on). I used to keep it at 65 in Minneapolis but I also sat by the fire in the evenings. 

Of course, I also had someone to cuddle with in MN! Thinking of him a lot this week as I’ve heard that there are two new puppies in the family. We will NOT get another dog … at least not while we’re traveling so much … and maybe never because I don’t think another dog could ever replace him. I tell Keith all the time I’m not a dog person, I was a Chesty person!


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The Frog Strippie is quilted, trimmed and the binding has been sewn on – I’ll hand stitch it down this evening. I think I’m finally feeling a little more comfortable quilting on the regular machine but I still need plenty of practice to feel more than competent. I quilt these Strippies vertically so I make sure I can draw my design in the orientation I plan to quilt. I decided on a swirl in the smaller strip and a water-like meander in the large strip. 

And because someone always asks – I use Adobe Ideas on the iPad to practice/try out quilting ideas. It’s no longer available but a newer app, Adobe Draw has the same abilities including the ability to actually draw the quilt ideas on a photo of the top. Sometimes I do that but sometimes I just scribble it out like I did below. 

These frogs are so cute – this is the quilting in progress pictured below. I really am liking my room set up now. Having two machines is great because I’ve already got the 2nd Strippie partially quilted and I wouldn’t want to take off the free-motion foot to get the binding on the first quilt so I used the Elna for binding. 

Packed up and ready to go

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The 3rd top is quilted – a 9 patch of mine that I can’t say I’m particularly happy with. It’s based on a vintage quilt but I’m not sure the yellow/gold, black, and gray color scheme work as well as I had envisioned. Quilted with the pantograph Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. 


The car is packed up, the longarm covered, a coat donated to the local coat drive, and I’m knitting and sipping a glass of wine on my last evening here at Big Canoe. I head out early in the morning for Virginia. 


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Mom pieced this top with the intention of me finishing it and giving it to Lisa, my SIL, but her death came much sooner than we expected and there was not a chance to finish it. We’ve decided that we’ll give it to her son Brian. It’s also got a soft Minkee backing but without batting – it’s been a while since I’ve quilted something without batting and I miss the stability that batting gives during the quilting process but I do like the weight and feel of this one. Pantograph is Bubbles.  I think I might try a flannel sheet with the 3rd one I need to quilt with a Minkee backing but that won’t be this trip. 

This photo of Brian and Lisa was taken about 5 years ago at one of our family reunions. Love them both so much. 


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I often think about selling this place when I’m not here – especially when there’s a problem like the leak from the unit above but it’s so convenient to visit the kids here and I love being surrounded by the trees. I’ve made Keith promise me that if we ever make the decision to sell, we have to come stay a week first. I fall back in love every time I come. 

My view this morning

My trip downstairs to work.

I’m heading out to meet the kids and I’ve got to run by Joann’s first but my green hourglass top is quilted. The pantograph is Feather Frond and I was just lucky enough not to run short on the backing. It would have been a huge problem but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. 

I love how this one climbs up the quilt vertically but I’ve got to confess I was mistaken yesterday (I’ll go EDIT that post). To load these Minkee backs on the longarm with the least stretchy side between the rollers you need to load it with the selvages on the sides – I did this one wrong but was lucky – I don’t ever roll these tight. 

This top was pieced 3 years ago and was at Big Canoe, I shopped online for the Minkee while I was in FL and can you believe what a great job I did picking the perfect shade of green for it?!!

Next up is one without batting and I’ve got to say this is a heavy quilt with the batting. It will make a great winter quilt for someone that has a lighter weight one to use in the other seasons but if I was going to use Minkee on a back for someone who was just getting ONE quilt – I would not use the batting!

For those getting the blog directly to your email – I think I know why the print is small sometimes – I changed formats so I could use larger photos – it’s better for viewing when people visit the site. The landscape photos (camera held horizontal) are wider than the portrait ones (camera held vertical) and that causes the type to be so small in your email that it’s impossible to read without enlarging it. I may play around with trying to use only vertical or square photos and see if that resolves the issue but sometimes I just want a full horizontal view so no promises. 

Better than expected

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I’m finished the leaf quilting on the little pinwheel quilt – as I was quilting it, I thought I was doing an awful job but when I turn it over and look at the back it’s not half bad. I really do need to keep practicing. 

So now I’ve got this one and the little doll quilt ready to bind this weekend.  I need to pin baste Caleb’s Dino Strippie and I think I’ll try to get that one quilted next. 

By the way, we’ve had water leaks/damage at just about every place we’ve lived/owned and I joke that we’re cursed. I got a call today from Tom who does a lot of my repairs/remodeling at Big Canoe. He had one of his employees in the unit cleaning it and she noticed a leak in the ceiling. 

From the unit above… again! 

Luckily it’s not horrific damage like we had a couple years ago from a leak from their place but it’s still a hassle! I’ve been on the phone all day trying to get them to find out what’s leaking in their unit and of course, once it’s resolved,  repairs will need to be done. UGH!!


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It wasn’t the top I’d intended to quilt but with the front switches needing casings, I decided a pantograph would be easiest. This is my Sashed 9 patch and it’s also a UFO – quilted with the Blowing Leaves panto. I love accomplishing a goal – this is the 15th top quilted in July!

I also cut all the dark logs for my log cabin. These bins will work but I wished I’d bought two of the smaller ones although I guess if I ever want to make a larger block I’ll need the extra spaces. Tomorrow will be the last day working in the sewing room and I’ll cut the lights for the log cabin.  Monday, I’ll close everything up until the next trip. We originally planned to be here two weeks at Christmas but that might not work out now, we’ll see. 


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Another UFO, my 4 patches on the diagonal top is now quilted. 

While I’m not really a fan of plain meandering, I love quilting allover meandering type designs. This is Fern Ziggle from the Pajama Quilter DVD. I haven’t quilted it in a while and it shows but overall I’m happy with it. 

What I wasn’t happy with was my machine acting up – I had a switch going bad and I wasn’t sure if it was the right or left one. I had extra switches but only one casing. I tried switching out from the back but the metal connector came out so that one needs replacing too. My old switches shown below were different from the ones they’re making now – mine was a single part as opposed to a switch and a casing which the new ones are. 

So, until I get the new casings I’ll have to handle these carefully. Luckily there’s just one more top to quilt and I may just quilt it with a pantograph from the back. 


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One of my older UFO’s from 2012 – a log cabin top, quilted freehand with dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD and #13 of 15 to be quilted in July – just two left!

More yarn for hats was also wound into balls. I’d forgotten I had this yarn here. The pink is a fingering weight and will make a nice lightweight hat but they sure take longer to knit, all the others are worsted weight. I finished my second hat tonight but still have to weave my ends in once I find a smaller needle. 

We hiked 6 miles today and it was 95 degrees when we headed out – thank goodness the trail is shaded. 



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I was going to whine today – I was going to whine a LOT but instead I’ll just share a photo of today’s quilt and say I’m very thankful all 4 of my Aunt’s bed runners are now quilted. 

I was out of ideas of what to quilt on this last one so last night I pulled out a few of my books. I needed something easy and preferably fast.

I’ve done curls in borders but I don’t think I’ve ever done them as an all over so I practiced a little on the iPad. 

Not too bad … Easy yes, fast – not so much but it’s done and since I’m about to run out of steam it’s a good thing that the last 3 tops to be quilted next week are all mine! (This was #12 of 15 to be quilted in July). 

Keith’s flight is delayed due to weather so I expect him home well after midnight now – I think the rain has stopped here for now so I’m going to go for my walk and then knit. I found about 6 or 7 more skeins of a worsted weight yarn from KnitPicks in one of the bins so I’m going to try to get them wound into balls and have them ready for knitting hats. I’m planning to devote my knitting time to hats for a while.