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Mom’s poinsettia top is quilted. There are going to be big red buttons in those flowers so I did not quilt in the applique. Once they’re sewn on, the flowers should pop nicely against the background. 

This is #7 of 9 and Mom’s queen size top is up next so there might not be a #9 depending on how long it takes me. 


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After Keith and Rae left this afternoon I had a homeowners meeting – ugh. I’ve been the secretary for a couple years now and will continue for another. It’s better than taking on the other board roles!

I was very, very tired when I got home but forced myself to go downstairs and quilt Mom’s 30’s quilt. This was a kit that I gave her and I think it was from Craftsy. 

Pantograph is Cotton Candy – very simple and quick. 

This is #6 of 9 that I’ve planned to quilt this month although I’m wondering if I’m going to hit that goal with all the time I’m spending with the kids. 


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The beast is quilted (#5 of 9 to be quilted this month) … of course I still have to trim and bind Becky’s quilt and there are a couple very small places I want to go back to and potentially restitch but I feel relieved to have this one off the machine. If I do have to restitch a couple places, I’ll use the clamps to hold it in place on the longarm or will use my home sewing machine. 

I mentioned that I was having some stitch quality issues at one point during the quilting – I’ve been doing this a while so I ran through my troubleshooting list but I always check online to see if I’ve forgotten to try something. This article by Dawn Cavanaugh is a good overall review of tension issues. She calls what I was experiencing direction tension trouble most likely caused by needle flexing. I’d done all the correct things to minimize it and but really slowing way down was the solution after changing to a larger needle, loosening the quilt in the frame, and decreasing the stitch length to 11. 

I won’t get another one quilted this week because we have Rae coming to stay for a couple nights tomorrow. She called all excited tonight because they found out the sex of the baby today. I forgot to ask if I’m allowed to tell yet so I’ll leave you all in suspense for now!

Getting started was the hardest part 

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I had very little sleep last night and was tempted to take a day off – a day off quilting and a day off hiking but instead I decided to go downstairs and just get the next top loaded. Then I decided to just start the quilting. Then I was halfway done and decided to just finish the quilting. And then I decided to take it off the longarm, photograph it and fold it up. It will go back to FL for binding and is quilted with the pantograph Ebb and Flow. 

The quilt was based on a vintage quilt and made of simple rectangles. I have the quilt details on my website. 

So after finishing this quilt (#3 of 9) I decided I might as well go for that hike too. 

Finn will have me up between 5:30 and 6am tomorrow morning so maybe tomorrow will be my rest day!

It’s a good day!

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Top #2 has been quilted – my log cabin quilt. Thanks to a backing provided by Tish, it was quick to load and quilted with freehand swirls. This one will be donated when it’s bound. 

Next up was kayaking! All set to launch …

Out on the lake…love seeing the mountains surrounding me!

Finally, dinner at home, the Tour de France, and Sangria!

Warming up

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It’s been 4 months since I’ve quilted on the longarm so both the machine and I needed to warm up. 

I chose an easy pantograph, Happy Times and my first of 9 tops is quilted.  This is my blue/brown HST top that I pieced for one of VickiW’s challenges and I love how it turned out! I’ve mentioned it’s hard to get a view of the quilting here at Big Canoe because I don’t have lighting coming from the side of my machine but this gives you an idea of how the quilting looks. 

There’s a full view of the top and some brief instructions on my website. 

Two machines

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Having two sewing machines set up in my sewing room has long been a dream of mine and it’s been every bit as great as I imagined it would be. Today, I worked on assembling the green 5 star quilt on the Elna AND quilted the blue/green rectangle quilt on the Babylock Jane. 

Did you notice I moved the Stella Two light next to my machine? I really like this light! I posted a coupon code for a $25 discount and free shipping in a previous post and that coupon code is good for a year they tell me so if you’re in the market for a new light I do recommend this one. I’ve refused compensation from the company so I don’t get anything if you order it but I’m very happy with mine. 

While I was trying to avoid re-creating a stash here in FL, between my bargain buying and a slow migration of fabric from GA, I found the perfect flannel backing and a fabric that works for binding this one here. I love having this stuff on hand so that when I’m ready to sew, it’s all here! Aren’t those Dino’s cute?!

This simple rectangle quilt might just be my new favorite leftover quilt. Quick to piece, quick to quilt with straight lines following the piecing. I also have the binding already on and ready to stitch down tonight. 


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My scrappy Bargello top – quilted with the pantograph Fern Gully. I love the texture this one gives a very scrappy quilt like this. 

I’ve organized the pile in the corner going home with me and there’s just one more to quilt tomorrow before I can pack up the car. I’ll hike a little later today and then Finn and I will have a quiet evening .


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This one is a UFO from 2014. My Coffee quilt was a grown up version of our HeartStrings Happy Blocks and it’s quilted with the Leap Frog pantograph. 

The pile going back with me is growing … 2 more working days and then Sunday I’ll clean and close everything up, pack the car, and hike before heading home on Monday. It’s been a productive trip.