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Changing plans

I didn’t intend to quilt this top today but unexpectedly I’ve got to head to VA first thing Monday morning and I’m spending tomorrow afternoon with all the kids so I had to get this one quilted and everything packed up. My goal was to quilt 8 tops in the 2 weeks I was going to be here and I did get 4 done so those will go back to FL with me for binding. The other 4 will have to wait until the next trip as well as all the others I brought from FL and the ones already here.

You can’t see the quilting but I did some quick Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD on this RWB HeartStrings top of mine.


Chris and Becky were a big help as usual and helped me go through the boxes of stuff from the kitchen. Note to self, don’t ever let the contractor empty out the kitchen. NOT EVER! Thanks to the kids, the next time I visit and have to get everything washed and back in the appropriate cabinets it will be a much easier job.


Today was a much better day – maybe the wine I sipped while knitting in front of the fire last night helped!

# 3 was quilted today with freehand swirls. This is my HeartStrings top that I pieced last year during one of our projects or was it 2013? Time is flying by so fast I can’t keep up.


I also got all three trimmed and #4 is loaded and ready to quilt. I’m seeing both Chris and Adam this weekend although our plans are still a little up in the air.

When it rains it pours

Lots of issues both machine related and non quilting today … But I did manage to quilt this HeartStrings top pieced by Tish. It’s so sweet! I quilted some freehand flowers – again from the Pajama Quilter DVD. With everything going on, I’m going to stick to the tried and true and see how many tops I can get through. I could push harder but one per day is my limit and there will be some days I’m here that I don’t get anything quilted. I have the number 8 in my head but it could be more or less depending on how things go.


A better view of the quilting on the back.


I’m going to run over to the pub for dinner and then I’m cracking a bottle of wine. Believe it or not, I haven’t opened one since I got here Monday but that changes tonight!


I was so tired last night and today. Some reading, crochet, and lots of hand quilting — All things I could do sitting cuddled on the sofa with Chesty and I did manage to finish the big stitch quilting on this small quilt. I enjoyed it so much and am looking forward to starting another but not just yet. I now have 4 to bind.


I used a Mark B Gone pen in the light diagonals and a CharcoLiner in the dark. Marking just a few lines at a time.


A pretty sunset tonight and I have to admit it’s nice to walk Chesty in short sleeves and flip flops in December!



Since I had my walking foot on to assemble the HeartStrings blocks I decided to go ahead and quilt this small tumbler top pieced by Barbara at the Maine sew-in.


Keith’s traveling again next week so I’ll wait to then to set up my table to trim it for binding.

Winding down

Sharon’s top is quilted and the longarm is wrapped and protected for the next few months. I also cut some small tumblers and will cut some more tomorrow before loading up the car. I’m not leaving GA yet, but I am heading to Chris’ house for a long weekend with family.


Not as productive as I would have liked but I did quilt 7 quilts and am taking 6 back to FL for binding.


My Strips and Strings Log Cabin is quilted … The pantograph is Blowing Leaves and it’s an old one and simple but I like it. It almost took me as long to find the laser light and reattach the post to the longarm and find the bin with the pantograph as it did to actually quilt it. Each day I get a little closer to actually having everything in it’s place and being able to just go down and start quilting without having to participate in a scavenger hunt first!


I’ve made several of these over the years from my string bins and they’re still a favorite of mine … In fact the banner on my website is a photo of one of them. The link above will take you there to instructions for the quilt if you’ve got some leftover strips and strings lying around!


One of my HeartStrings tops from earlier this year quilted today with my freehand Baptist Fans. If you haven’t seen how I quilt these, look at the two Baptist Fans links on my How To page.

IMG_7764.JPG. I can’t remember the last time I quilted these but I always love them on HeartStrings quilts.


Using the non regulated mode on the longarm, I quilted this HeartStrings top with swirls … I focused on quilting just one block at a time so I could concentrate on moving the machine at consistent speed. There are 9 swirls in each block and there’s a continuous path so that I could quilt all the way across one row and back on the next row.


Except for the little Strippie for Bree, all of these will go back to FL for binding so you’ll see photos of the whole quilt when it’s completed.


Using my walking foot I quilted on both sides of the block seams and on either side of the center string. This one was much easier than the last one when I quilted those center seams in the ditch.

I’m afraid I can’t remember if this was a top I brought home from the WI/MN sew in or one someone sent me. Usually I pin a label to them but since I use straight pins I’d removed the labels before the move …. And I have so many come in and out, I just can’t remember them all. So so sorry!


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