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HeartStrings is continuing our New Year’s sew along and since I finished my Coffee makes me Happy top last night, I decided to quilt one. This is January’s UFO, a sashed version of my strips and strings log cabin blocks.


Just some quick Dwirling on it but I had some machine issues. After consulting with my sister Deb, we decided it was a switch going bad so I’ve ordered replacements and if I need to I can switch out the one from the back.



Last quilt of 2013

Some Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD on a top of my cousin’s. That’s one less top I have here to finish up in 2014.




Turning the quilt

I’m more than halfway done and maybe 70% happy so far with my quilting. I turned the quilt today to quilt the side borders. Another few hours and I should be done with this one.


Our HeartStrings sew along also finished today. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted but my string rail fence blocks are coming along and I’ll finish them up this month. This week will be incredibly busy with a couple doctor appointments for Chesty, a volunteer shift at the library and a trip to Mom’s. Luckily Chesty’s incision has healed and his stitches will come out Tuesday so I won’t have to cancel my trip to Virginia – we’ll be celebrating my Mom’s 82nd birthday.



I’m kind of surprised I was able to finish the quilting on my half square triangle top tonight but my foot didn’t bother me too much other than some balance issues … leading to an occasional unintentional wobble in my stitching.

I used the pantograph Leap Frog by Norma Sharp


I was able to line the pantograph up so the design was fairly centered on the side borders.


Chesty even came downstairs to keep me company.



Quilted – more Dwirling

I briefly considered quilting my freehand Baptist Fans on this top of Jackie’s but it’s a big one and I needed to get it finished today so I did more Dwirling.

I’ve got the binding on one and made two backings today but I’ll still need to get two trimmed and the bindings on later this week between my library shifts and errands.




This HeartStrings top was pieced by Tish and will go with me to Maine for binding and donating. I think my favorite thing to quilt on these is a swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD. Fun, fast, and fabulous.



It’s going to be a very busy week

I have to get ready for my month in Maine and have a couple days at the library and errands to run in addition to all the packing.

Today I quilted this top of Jackie’s, I’ve got one more of hers that I will get quilted and ready for binding while I’m in Maine so I can leave them there for donation. The pantograph is Seaweed.




I’m kind of lazy…or maybe we can call it easily bored or even just busy but I’d had in the back of my mind that I would custom quilt my Carpenter Star. I kept putting it off and choosing other UFO’s to finish but today I decided it was time to get it done. Pieced in February 2011, it’s finally quilted. There are instructions on the website for this easy quilt.

Quilted with the pantograph Halcyon. Yep, the same pantograph I used on the Charmed Squares because a) I knew it would look good on this quilt and b) it was already on the machine.


That’s the 4th one quilted … It’s very, very unusual for me to quilt 4 of mine in a row but I mentioned that I try to finish 12 UFO’s a year. Most of the time I aim for one a month but with all the recent and upcoming travel I needed to do one for July, Aug, Sept, and Oct. Now these 4 just need to be bound by the end of October and I’ll be caught up.



I’m catching up on my UFO’s. This is the 3rd of 4 I want to get quilted before I travel again next week. I might even get some of the binding done. The quilt is Charmed Squares and instructions are on my website. As the name implies, I used a charm pack for this one. The pantograph is Halcyon by Lorien Quilting.




Why am I compelled to tell you all about my mistakes?

I quilted one of the Quick Strippie tops today and realized that I’d used the wrong side of the fabric for one of the strips … since fixing it would have involved taking out quilting stitches, taking it all off the longarm, and ripping out and resewing the strip — I left it. Although the strip is slightly lighter in color than the others, only a quilter would realize that I’d used the wrong side of the fabric. I don’t think it will matter to the child that receives this quilt!

photo 1


I also wanted to comment on piecing leftover batting. I’d bought some of the fusible tape and tried it but I have to say it worries me so I continue to zigzag mine by machine. I think the fusible could dissolve with washing and since I don’t prewash my fabrics, I always get some crinkling and shrinkage and I feel like gaps would develop between the areas where it’s held by the quilting stitches. I want a secure join especially in kids quilts that will be washed frequently. Just my opinion!

photo 1

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