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Just Git it Done

April’s UFO is quilted … Nothing fancy, just some Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD. This pattern is my freehand meander of choice for quick quilting on HeartStrings tops. Started in May 2013 – I think most of my UFO’s are now finished 1-2 years after they’re started.


I’m going to knit a while and I may or may not get started on the binding today. Another volunteer asked to take my shift at the library tomorrow so I have a few extra hours to work on it before the month ends.


Hearts, Loops, and Swirls

Sometimes I amaze myself at how much I procrastinate. I have not been in the mood to quilt so I’ve been working on everything else on my to do list but with an upcoming trip and the other items already completed I NEEDED to quilt today and Wednesday.

My best strategy for doing something I don’t want to do is to make it as easy as possible so I chose the easiest (and smallest) UFO I had. This little Strippie also had a pieced batting already assembled so I didn’t even have to drag the roll of batting out to measure and cut. I might even get it trimmed and sew the binding later on so I can start stitching it down tonight. For now I’m going to read.




I knew it was the fabric causing the problem yesterday!! I had no thread breakage with the quilt before or the one tonight thank goodness ,

I’ve had this top a while … Pieced by Nikki in VA, it’s from one of our projects last year. Quilted with the pantograph Seaweed.


Just one more of the 9 donation tops I had here is left to be quilted. It’s the only one I need to piece a back for since I was able to pull all the others from backs sent to me by Tish. I have others from her but none of the fabrics in them are quite right and I have one in stash that will work.

Normally I would have started the bindings on these especially with the Olympics being on but I’ve decided that I’ll devote my Olympic watching time to knitting this year … Just one way I’m balancing my donation quilting with my personal projects this year.



It wasn’t easy but I’m done. This was another HeartStrings top I brought back from the last WI/MN sew-in.


I’ve decided that the fabric was culprit here … Some thicker, stiffer fabrics, and a couple with glitter/metallic surfaces.


And another


I also know that darker colored thread is more fragile so although I tried two cones of the darker blue, I decided to go back to the lighter blue I was using on the last quilt. It had less breakage and by sewing very slow, avoiding the glittery fabrics as much as possible, and keeping the quilt very loose, I was able to finish.

Funny thing is that it’s very difficult to see the color difference in the thread on the quilt … The only place I can tell is in the two rows that are side by side and only in the dark blue center string. Can you see the difference?




Back at work …

This was another problem top … Too much fullness, some seams needing repair but after quilting you’d never know. Quilted with flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD. Kind of hard to see on the front ….


So here’s a view of the back.


Surprisingly I found I wanted to quilt faster than the stitch regulator allowed so I stitched this in manual mode. Usually I only use that for background fills. My stitch length wasn’t off too bad but I could use more practice. This is #6 of 9. I should get all 9 done before I travel next week.



Yes, another one quilted … Not sure how successfully. This a quilt I normally would have tied … With HeartStrings, we get blocks and tops from all levels of quilters. We offer suggestions and tips for improving but believe that all quilts have value for providing warmth and comfort to those in need. This one had some fullness and the blocks didn’t line up that well.


I decided to try a line dancing type design from the book Mindful Meandering.


I have to say my overall effect was more of a big meandering rather than puzzle pieces.


This makes #5 of 9 completed. Progress is being made.



Another HeartStrings top brought home from the last WI/MN sew-in. Quilted with allover freehand swirls which to be honest are a little wonky. It’s been a while since I did allover swirls since Dwirling is so much faster to quilt but it will do. The nice thing about HeartStrings tops is that they are so busy a little wonkiness in the quilting doesn’t really show.


This is #4 of 9 to be quilted before the end of February … Still a lot more quilting to be done.



I didn’t intend to quilt the same thing today as I quilted yesterday but I was curious … On the quilt yesterday, I quilted a wavy line and then quilted blobs (or ribbon candy?) on either side of the wavy line … Today I decided I’d quilt two wavy lines and then quilt the blobs in between the lines. As you can see in the drawing, it’s a subtle difference and I was wondering which I’d like better.


So here’s today quilt #3 of 9… Another HeartStrings I brought home from the last WI/MN sew-in.


I’m still not sure which one I like better but when I was trimming the quilt … I noticed that I liked the look of the texture vertically too so I could always load one lengthwise.


Again, this is just a more linear version of the Fern Ziggle pattern from the Pajama Quilter DVD. Since I have only 12 inches of space sometimes a linear design is easier than an allover where I have to roll the quilt forward and back more often.


Turning the quilt

I’m making progress on my Aunt’s quilt and got it turned today and started on the 3 rd set of borders.


I’m working from the inside out and trying to take up the fullness as I go. So far I’m doing OK but the flower block in the top corner is going to give me fits … Apparently when my aunt took the borders off and reapplied them, she added a strip of fabric next to this block which left it kind of wonky. I’ll have another wonky one when I get to the bottom too.

I slept from about 8pm until 12am last night and got up to sew and knit some. First I made more blocks for the the Pinwheels and Rails quilt but what I really wanted to do was knit so I spent most of the time knitting before heading back to bed at 7am.

I finally got to the beaded sections.


I’d bought this Fleegle beader online months ago but didn’t like it on my first try so I’d been doing my beading with a small crochet hook. Last night I decided to try the beader again and was able to make it work. What I like best is that I can fill it up with beads so I don’t have to scoop one each time. It makes the beading go faster.



Pinwheels and Rails

My 2nd quilt using 2.5 inch strips is inspired by this one Jackie made. Mine will be child size and have no border – here’s my draft. Ignore the coloring, I was too lazy to change all the pinwheel blocks to different colors.


I started cutting and piecing a few blocks this afternoon AFTER getting a binding made and sewn on February’s UFO which is now ready for hand stitching, and AFTER loading and quilting a HeartStrings donation top.

The first few blocks … The blue pinwheels won’t stay next to each other like in the photo. I’ll move them around as I get more blocks made.


These blocks are all from 2.5 inch strips … Even the pinwheels. I haven’t used Thangles for a while but they’re perfect for this quilt.


And here’s the first of 9 HS donation tops on the list to be done.


My switches have been shipped so they should arrive soon, in the meantime, I stitched this one from the back again using the pantograph Leapfrog.

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