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#9 of 15 for July – my RWB double 4 patch. Quilted with the pantograph Ebb and Flow. 

I also drove an hour to the nearest Joann’s for knitting needles today – I need to make some hats and all my ‘hat’ needles are in FL. I’ve started one already – the Hurricane Hat – free on Ravelry and I’ve made this one a couple times already.  

What’s your knitted favorite hat pattern? I’m going to make some from worsted weight yarn but also from fingering weight and I’m looking for patterns that are somewhat decorative (but still easy) as opposed to just functional. 


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Another of my Aunt’s bed runners – this one is 33 x 111 inches. Freehand quilted with funky flowers I learned from the Pajama Quilter DVD although I tend to add more petals when I’m quilting them. First some quick practice – are you seeing how just a little drawing can help you get the quilting path established in your brain?!

Then the quilt – so much rolling in this one because it’s too wide on the 111 inch edge for the longarm but after doing the other one lengthwise, I think I almost preferred the shorter rows today. 

This is #8 of 15 and I’m officially over the halfway mark. Tomorrow I’ll load one of my donation quilts. 


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The first of my Aunt’s bed runners is quilted.  This one was 37×95 so I was able to load it lengthwise. I decided to quilt overall leaves and practiced drawing them first. Can’t remember the last time I’ve done these (and maybe it shows even with the practice). I’m just glad to have one of these done – #7 of 15 tops to be quilted in July. 


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With 32 tops sitting here at the beginning of July, do you wonder how I choose which ones will be quilted and in what order?

Usually I’ll decide what my goal is before I leave home. In this case, I knew I wanted to quilt 15 while I was here. My Aunt sent me the 4 king size bed runners and they all needed to be done this trip, I have 5 of Mom’s tops and all but one of them needed to be on the agenda. That left 7 of my tops and only two of them needed to be quilted this trip so I could ship them off to be donated. 

Once I get here I decide the order of quilting by things like how difficult it’s going to be (those I procrastinate doing !), what thread and quilting design I’m using and I try to minimize the number of times I have to change the thread, whether there is a back already made, and I also try to quilt as many UFO’s as I can. 

I have to get at least one of my Aunt’s runners quilted this week but since I had the Jilly panto on the table and bobbins with the thread I planned to use already wound, I went for the easy finish today. Mom’s flannel geese is done – #6 of 15 for July. 

While I’m talking about process I thought I’d share a thought or two on thread choice. Most of my quilting tends to be overall quilting – either freehand or a panto like the one above – so my thread choice is very important. I like my thread to blend into the quilt rather than stand out and many times I can use a medium shade of thread on my scrap quilts and have it work well. However, quilts with more contrast in their fabrics can be a little more challenging. My general rule of thumb is if the background is light, I’m going to use a light thread like yesterday’s quilt. There’s nothing more distracting in a quilt to me than a dark colored thread in a light background fabric. 

In a quilt with a dark background, I’ll usually choose a dark thread and I like quilting a scroll like design because I find it doesn’t detract from the lighter fabrics in the quilt. The quilting on my Diamond and Rails top was a good example of this – I used a black thread because of the black background fabric, quilted a scroll like design – it just happened to be Bubbles which is similar to Jilly – and yet it didn’t look bad in the lighter solid color fabrics in the quilt.


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I can’t believe it’s already July 11th – my time here is flying by but so far I’m staying on track with my goals even though it remains a challenge to balance all the things I want to do while I’m here – time with the kids, quilt, cut kits to take back to FL, relax, knit, hike….

I made a mistake this morning, usually I load and quilt a top and then spend time cutting kits or piecing backs. Today I started cutting and finished kitting the green 5 Stars quilt and started cutting the Carpenter Star since I had the greens out already. I ended up spending way too much time searching for the browns in my bins and I got a late start loading and quilting today’s top but luckily I was able to finish quilting it and still get my 5 mile hike in before it got dark. 

Another one of Mom’s, quilted with the pantograph Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. This is #5 of 15, I still have 10 left to quilt to meet my July goal. 


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Two minutes into quilting, I realized I’d made a mistake – my thread and fabric matched so well I had a hard time seeing where I was going as I quilted my all over feathers. Luckily the feathers are meant to be funky – from the Pajama Quilter DVD. 

I alternated from lights off in the room to lights off on the machine. I also tried to pull a lamp in to get some side lighting but that didn’t work out so I just kept going the best I could. 

This is my Tumbler Race top – inspired by the Maine HeartStrings quilters who held tumbler races a couple years ago, I came home from that sew-in and made one of my own. 

In this corner you see one reason my string bins never thin out – I’m constantly replenishing them!

I’m having a bit of a lazy day today – I slept in late and just quilted this top (#4 of 15 for July) and no other work was done downstairs today. I did however finish knitting my Madison Scarf last night and pulled out the Yowza shawl for the last hour of the Tour de France. It will need a light blocking but I love how it turned out. 

It’s already 4:45 pm, Keith is at the grocery store getting provisions for the next few days – I’m not sure if we’ll get out for a walk today. It’s a little more challenging here because we’ve got more going on than at home but I’ve gotten 5 walks between 4.5 and 6 miles in this first week so I’m not doing too bad. 


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My Drunkard’s Path top is quilted – pantograph is Halcion. 

A little better view of most of the quilt as I had it on the floor trimming it. 

I also pulled out an old UFO that is never going to be finished as planned. I’ll add a border to this section to make a lap size quilt. 

And I pulled a backing and binding fabric and this smaller section will become a doll quilt. 

My July quilting marathon count

Quilted – 3 of 15 done

Trimmed – 3

Kitted projects – 1

Backings pieced – 8

It’s all about Mom today

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Quilt #2 of 15 is done. This is one of Mom’s tops – made from a kit from Craftsy. In the last couple years I’ve bought a number of discounted kits from Craftsy and Connecting Threads both for me since I’m living away from my stash and to share with Mom. I don’t usually use the pattern that comes with the kit but Mom usually does. This one was really nice and I bought a second kit (again, deeply discounted) and I’ll make this one at some point down the line for a donation quilt or I might give it away. 

Pantograph is Lush Leaves

I also wound some hanks of yarn into balls for her. She received a gift certificate to KnitPicks for Mother’s Day and I helped her pick a pattern and then ordered the yarn and needles for her. I think I’m going to need to replace my swift, the bolt won’t stay tight but I was able to use some tape to keep it in place. 

The plan is to knit scarves from these three skeins – She’s been knitting away since I taught her back in January and she’s already on her 4th scarf. I think she’s enjoying knitting but she’s like me, her crochet has been neglected while she spends time knitting and quilting. 


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My 2nd Sharon HeartStrings quilt is done – I call it a Sharon quilt because Sharon in Maine is the inspiration behind the two challenges we had to make planned HeartStrings quilts. Not everyone likes the really scrappy HeartStrings like I do … In fact Keith came down when I was trimming it and asked whose quilt it was – he didn’t think it was mine because it was so color coordinated!!

I took a few minutes to draw some swirls – it’s been 4 months since I quilted anything on the longarm! It’s really not a bad idea to practice just a little – I use an iPad app by Adobe and draw it out with my finger rather than pen and paper.  Swirls are an easy thing to freehand quilt and I’m going to quilt them on the regular machine one of these days too!

I love how this one turned out! It was fun to make and quilt. All my binding will be saved and done next month when I get back to Florida.


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I still had no idea what I wanted to quilt in the wider strips when I finished up the fern quilting this morning. I looked through my books but nothing seemed right and in the end I quilted some wavy vertical lines since I wanted to maintain the vertical feel that the giraffe print gave.

It’s trimmed and ready for binding maybe later today but I’m going to read and then knit a bit now.