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Quick and easy!

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#7 is done – my red centered HeartStrings top pieced earlier this year. I probably should have pulled another UFO but I decided I needed something quick and easy today and there’s nothing easier than some freehand dwirling on a HeartStrings top!

The back is one of Tish’s. In the past I’d always used her donated backs on tops from other HeartStrings members but I’m not quilting many donated tops these days and while I’ve shared her backs with other members, I still have some here that I use on my HeartStrings and other donation quilts. It makes it easy to just pull a coordinating back and get right to work and I appreciate that since I have limited time here with the longarm. 

How about another photo of Finn? He’s patiently waiting for me to throw his toy. 

So much for taking two days

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I’m tired but I’m done with my Aunt’s queen size quilt and both shams. I couldn’t get out for a walk because of the rain so I kept working. That gives me plenty of time for a long walk tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be sunny. 

I used the pantograph Happy Times. 

I’m counting this as 5 and 6 … quilt and shams. Goal was to do 8 but I think I can probably get 9 done while I’m here. I have to piece a couple backs so we’ll see. 

The rain has thrown Finn off his potty training … he does NOT like getting wet!!  Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I’m glad I’ve got a couple throw rugs to use in the pen … I clean up accidents with an enzyme cleaner but I’m also washing the rugs any day he has an accident. 


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My Pink 16 patch top is quilted. I tried another one of the new pantographs on it – Wave – and was planning on quilting my aunt’s queen size top with it but I don’t love it so I’ll probably use another one. I don’t hate it either, it’s just OK. At some point I’ll try it again on another top and see if I like it any better. This is 4 of 8 that I want to get quilted while I’m here at Big Canoe … so far so good. 

I’m going to grab some lunch, play with Finn a while and then get out for a hike. 

Mom’s quilt

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Mom’s Plus 2 top is quilted and my machine seems to be doing fine this morning. It was acting up a little late yesterday and I think putting a new switch in is what it needed. I also think that’s the last of the old switches – my machine is 11 years old now and in the last year or so I’ve had to change them one by one. 

Pantograph is Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. It’s one of my very favorites!

I haven’t quilted my Plus 2 top yet – somehow Mom’s always gets done before mine! This one is based on a vintage quilt I saw on eBay and instructions can be found on my website. 

It feels like Monday

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All day long I’ve felt like it was Monday … maybe because Keith isn’t here. 

I spent today in the sewing room – finishing the quilting on my HeartStrings quilt. The pantograph is Flirtatious- yes again! I try to group quilts that use the same thread and pattern when I can. It’s just a little quicker!

Mom’s Plus 2 top is loaded and started – I’ll finish it up tomorrow. 

Finn was a little fussy at first this morning – until he realized that he could sit watch me quilt. I know it’s a lot for him to get used to but he’s doing great. 

Today was a work day

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My machine was set up, quilt tops were organized, backs were pulled and I loaded and quilted the small Churn Dash first. It’s difficult to get a photo showing the quilting texture in the longarm room. The best I can do is put it on the cutting table where the light comes from the side. 

This is one of the new pantographs I ordered last month – Flirtatious. 

Top number 2 – a HeartStrings one I pieced last year – is already loaded and about 2/3 quilted. I’ll finish it up Sunday. Tomorrow is for family!

I also managed a hike today … around the lake…

…. and up to the lower falls. That’s me wearing a sweatshirt!! From 85 degrees in Tampa to 48 degrees here this afternoon. Nice!


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My Simply Woven quilt was not only pin basted but quilted!  As you can see, I chose an irregular grid rather than one that quilted each line. Simple straight line quilting that kept it nice and soft. It’s a free pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. 

I also walked a couple miles before setting down with my knitting for the night. 

We had some cooler weather which has been very nice and last night I even used the heat for a little while for the first time ever and promptly ordered a small heater from Amazon as I just needed a little extra warmth here by my knitting chair and didn’t need to heat the entire house (although the thermostat did read 63 when I turned it on). I used to keep it at 65 in Minneapolis but I also sat by the fire in the evenings. 

Of course, I also had someone to cuddle with in MN! Thinking of him a lot this week as I’ve heard that there are two new puppies in the family. We will NOT get another dog … at least not while we’re traveling so much … and maybe never because I don’t think another dog could ever replace him. I tell Keith all the time I’m not a dog person, I was a Chesty person!


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The Frog Strippie is quilted, trimmed and the binding has been sewn on – I’ll hand stitch it down this evening. I think I’m finally feeling a little more comfortable quilting on the regular machine but I still need plenty of practice to feel more than competent. I quilt these Strippies vertically so I make sure I can draw my design in the orientation I plan to quilt. I decided on a swirl in the smaller strip and a water-like meander in the large strip. 

And because someone always asks – I use Adobe Ideas on the iPad to practice/try out quilting ideas. It’s no longer available but a newer app, Adobe Draw has the same abilities including the ability to actually draw the quilt ideas on a photo of the top. Sometimes I do that but sometimes I just scribble it out like I did below. 

These frogs are so cute – this is the quilting in progress pictured below. I really am liking my room set up now. Having two machines is great because I’ve already got the 2nd Strippie partially quilted and I wouldn’t want to take off the free-motion foot to get the binding on the first quilt so I used the Elna for binding. 

Packed up and ready to go

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The 3rd top is quilted – a 9 patch of mine that I can’t say I’m particularly happy with. It’s based on a vintage quilt but I’m not sure the yellow/gold, black, and gray color scheme work as well as I had envisioned. Quilted with the pantograph Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. 


The car is packed up, the longarm covered, a coat donated to the local coat drive, and I’m knitting and sipping a glass of wine on my last evening here at Big Canoe. I head out early in the morning for Virginia. 


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Mom pieced this top with the intention of me finishing it and giving it to Lisa, my SIL, but her death came much sooner than we expected and there was not a chance to finish it. We’ve decided that we’ll give it to her son Brian. It’s also got a soft Minkee backing but without batting – it’s been a while since I’ve quilted something without batting and I miss the stability that batting gives during the quilting process but I do like the weight and feel of this one. Pantograph is Bubbles.  I think I might try a flannel sheet with the 3rd one I need to quilt with a Minkee backing but that won’t be this trip. 

This photo of Brian and Lisa was taken about 5 years ago at one of our family reunions. Love them both so much.