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Just the two of us tomorrow!


I’ve loved all the family time but Keith and I need some time too so tomorrow is just for us!


Time with all …

We were lucky to have enough time to spend with all the kids. A couple hours today with everyone and then the afternoon with Chris, Becky, and Rae!




Family time

The afternoon with Caleb….


Time with Bree and dinner at Adam’s….


A glass of wine and time with my book….


Equals a great day!


Four Patch Stars

One of the things I like best is getting emails and photos from individuals or groups that have used one of the instructions sheets to make donation quilts. Linda wrote me:

Hi Mary, back on Feb 6th, I posted on your pattern page that our church group was using your “Four Patch Stars” as our QOV pattern for the year.
A lot has happened since then, but we just dedicated and shipped 9 of your pattern quilts to Germany, a USO and a field hospital.
And during the month of July we were asked to hang our quilts at the “Old State Capitol” in Springfield, Il. Quite an honor and humbling to see them in those hallowed halls.

Thank you so much for this great pattern, it made beautiful quilts!
Linda Parkinson
United in Faith Church Quilters’ Group
Pana, IL

Here are 4 of the photos she sent. I love how all the quilts turned out.


You can find the instructions for the Four Patch Stars on my website.



OK, it will have to be Plan B for this little HeartStrings top. I keep shredding my thread as I try to quilt these swirls … I’ve changed needles, slowed down, sped up … Whenever I get near the seams, the thread frays and breaks.

So I’ll pick out the two blocks I’ve quilted and throw the walking foot on and do some straight line quilting.


Don’t expect to see any progress on this one for a week or more. I’m traveling Saturday and there are lots of stitches to pick out before I can start over.


A change in plans

I decided that this shawl suited the more subtle color shifts of my yarn than the Dangling Conversation shawl — I still plan to do that one but tonight I cast on Spearmint Tea in shades of pink/red.



On the plus side

There are things I don’t like about the apartment here but there are some positives too. I didn’t plan to sew today but I’ve found that one level living is very conducive to stealing away for 15-30 minutes and sewing a block or two. I’ve even been leaving the next block laid out and ready to go in case I have a few minutes.



Quick Strippies

A lot of you ask me where I get the fabrics for my Quick Strippie quilts. Whenever I’m in a quilt shop, I check out the kid’s and the clearance sections. While I always prefer to buy fabric at a discount, I don’t mind buying a really cute one at full price for my Strippies since it just takes a yard of the focus fabric. Most of the time I pull the other two fabrics from my stash.

If I’m looking for a specific theme – like this quilt for my niece’s daughter – then I like to shop at They have a lot of novelty fabrics and you can search by category (Novelty) or by keyword (Ladybug).



Watermarking photos

Do you add a watermark to the photos you share online? I try to remember to watermark my finished quilts and quilt designs for a couple reasons … One, I find that my quilts show up on all kinds of websites without any mention of where they were found or who they belong to — call me egotistical but if someone is sharing one of my quilts I’d like the world to know that it’s mine. Second, like many of you out there I save photos of quilts that interest me and if I didn’t have some way of indicating where I found the photo … by the time I got around to using it for inspiration, most likely I wouldn’t remember where it came from so having a watermark on the photo, reminds people where they saw a particular quilt.

One of the updates I’m working on is going through my site and adding the watermarks to photos there that somehow got uploaded without them. Yep, I just realized that the EQ design for the quilt I linked to yesterday had no watermark – now it does!

Screenshot (1)

So what’s an easy way to watermark them? Many photo editing programs have options for adding text or watermarks. On the computer I use Picasa – a free photo editing/organizing program from Google and on the iPad, I use an app called Impression.


Something new!

Since I finished my HSTeria top yesterday, today I get to start something new. This is one I cut and kitted up when I was waiting to get the go ahead to start packing for the move. It’s going to be one of my 4 Patches on the Diagonal quilts … I’ve had this quilt drafted and up on my website for a long time but hadn’t gotten around to piecing it myself.


It’s going to be bright with those yellows as the background!


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