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A little of this, a little of that

I hadn’t planned for my last week before traveling again to be infringed upon with dental and medical appointments and the paint contractor but that’s what’s going on this week. I was up early so the painter could get started – first up for him is removing the wallpaper in the entryway. It’s a messy job and a bit of a challenge.  


My appointments are tomorrow and Wednesday so today I’m knitting, hand quilting, blocking, and piecing some Drunkard’s Path’s blocks. 

I started a new hat this morning

A scarf is already blocked and is drying  


Since I’ve completed all the piecing on my list of goals, I’ve pulled out and I’ve started piecing Drunkard’s Path blocks that were cut last year. It would be nice to at least get this UFO to the finished top stage. 

The Drunkard’s Path Blocks will become this quilt.


A change in plans

I went into the sewing room and pulled out the jelly roll quilt and butterfly applique but didn’t have the right color thread, then I looked for thread to quilt the pink and purple triangles and again, I didn’t have the thread I needed so I decided I’d hand quilt it using the big stitch method. It won’t be anything exciting … just diagonal lines … and it’s likely it won’t be finished by the end of the year as planned but I’ve had a lovely afternoon sitting here stitching on it.  


I was wrong

The lights make the porch even more inviting so I was wrong about it being too early to put them up. We sat out and read all evening after a dinner of leftovers.  


Too early!

I’m one of those people who think the decorations should go up the week before Christmas – Keith’s Mom always put up her tree the day after Thanksgiving so Keith’s out here putting lights up today.  

 Note that he’s in his shorts and we’re listening to Xmas carols!

Since he wants a real tree this year and we’re traveling the beginning of December, at least the tree won’t go up until the week before Christmas!


I thought I had these stripes figured out.  


How about a do over?! 

 I’m working on a HeartStrings challenge quilt. The three fabrics to the right are border choices. I’m thinking I have enough of the center strip to do a narrow inner border and the binding.  (I realize I have one of the blocks rotated the wrong way!)


Do you have a preference for which fabric would look best as the outer border?!


While most of my HeartStrings quilts are made from leftovers, I’m making a small Sharon quilt this week – that’s one with coordinated colors where strips are placed in the same position in each block. My strips and foundations are cut and their order in the block determined. Unfortunately, my iron appears to have died so I’m going to run over to Target to replace it. 

Our townhouse was painted before we bought it and it’s all a light yellow-y beige. We need to have wallpaper removed in the entry way and the downstairs bathroom painted, and while we’re doing that, I want to paint the wet bar area in the family room and the bottom half of the breakfast room. I’m looking for a single color for all the areas that will accent the color already here but it can’t be too dark because frankly the townhouse is a little bit dark anyway (not a bad thing in my opinion in FL). We’ve got the paint contractor lined up for Monday and I just need to choose a darker beige or tan that works with the lighter beige that’s on all the other walls. 

In the MN townhouse, my beige had pink undertones, the beige I had them use at Big Canoe has green undertones, and this one needs to have yellow undertones I think. Problem is, I don’t really see those undertones so much until the painting done.  I keep coming back to this one called Brunswick Beige but I’m just not sure it’s dark enough or gold enough to work with what’s on the other walls.


Remember the owls?

I’ve told you before I can’t resist buying deeply discounted quilt kits even if I don’t plan to make the quilt. This started as a Connecting Threads kit that I bought for Mom but I adapted the size and borders and we substituted the owls (from an Accuquilt Go die) for the appliqué. 

Mom doesn’t take the best photos but she’s finished the top.   

She says the green looks a little washed out in the photo but it’s perfect in person. I zoomed in a little so you can see how cute those owls are.   

A dip in the temps!

I love sitting outside and reading so tonight while I’m waiting for Keith to get home from St. Louis, I grabbed my quilt, my kindle, and a cup of coffee and settled in my chair. I’m comfortable under the quilt but we talked about possibly getting a heater if we need to so we can sit out here year round. It’s been 18 – 19 years since we lived in Tampa so I’m not really sure how cool the nights will get.  

 Keith laughs at me bringing a quilt outside but I did it in MN too.  


The view from the nook

I thought I’d share a view of my sewing room from the nook. It also has to serve as a guest room and we have the daybed in there (it has a trundle so it sleeps 2).  I kind of hate to have it in there but at least it’s another surface to pile things up on and it doesn’t take up too much space. 

 My pressing station is just a step down from the nook and that HeartStrings quilt on the floor – it’s ready for me to bind tomorrow.  

The muslin stacked up on the ironing board is going to be pressed and cut into foundations for more HeartStrings blocks. I’m sewing this holiday weekend and other Heartstrings members will be sewing along with me. 


Love my porch

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to sit outside each night and enjoy a nightcap. A little music, a little conversation … This porch is why I fell in love with this townhouse and I’m sitting out here right now writing this post (Keith has to get up at 3:30am for a flight so he’s gone to bed)!

 They were expensive but these chairs were worth every penny and I’m spending lots of time in mine. 

The last time I posted about buying yarn Megan asked what I was doing with wool yarn now that I live in FL. I’m making gifts and I still travel a lot so hopefully I will have plenty of opportunities to wear my wool scarves but I’m also stocking up on cotton yarn. I bought more on Friday so last night I decided I needed to use another skein before the new stuff arrived. Plus, I love having a scarf with short rows on the needles because it’s easy to pick it up and knit a few rows. Can you guess which skein I chose from yet another bin? Once I get further along I’ll share a photo and the pattern – easy and free – what’s not to love? 


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