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That was quick!

We enjoyed his visit but it was quick and Keith is already heading home … We did some walking while he was here …

Went out to dinner with my brother and SIL…

…and after I dropped him off at the airport this afternoon I went for a walk … You know how much I love the water. I’m enjoying seeing the James River on my walks. 

Keith visits

I’m not sure if Keith flew in to VA to see me this weekend or to see Casper!!

Race Day

One of the ways I keep motivated to do my walking is to participate in races. Chris sent me a link the other day to a virtual race – one that you do wherever you are on a certain day and report your results. Much easier than traveling to a specific location especially right now. 

Today I participated in a National Park Service Centennial Race – 10K 

The neat thing is they raised over $70,000 for the park service. 

My race bib

My race results

Email weirdness

I’ve mentioned that I’m no longer getting email notifications for most of the comments on the blog and I go in every day or so to read them.  I try to respond to all questions and some of the other comments too although I don’t respond to every one. Imagine my surprise when I found 25 unsent messages going back to mid July in my outbox that had never gone out. I’ve been using a different email program and that may be part of the problem. 

I really don’t know what I’m going to do going forward, I thought I was doing OK checking for comments and responding but I may have to go back to my old email program if my responses are getting caught up. 
At any rate, this post is just to warn some of you that you might be getting an email response from me that was written a while back – excuse the weirdness please!!


Did you know the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge by APQ is still ongoing? It’s a quick way to use up some excess stash.

I have instructions on my website from several years ago when I was taught how to make them at a HeartStrings sew-in and there are also patterns at the link above. 



I’m really bad about labeling quilts these days but I love coming across one that has been labeled. This was a quilt I made about 3 months into my quilting adventure; it was intended for my grandmother but she died before I could give it to her so I gave it to Mom. For years it hung on the wall in her sewing room and when she moved and was giving away some of her quilts, my SIL wanted this one. 

It doesn’t look too bad for an almost 16 year old quilt!


It’s the weekend and I have a little more free time. I got out yesterday and today for 5 mile walks and I’m about to go run some errands and then spend some time in Barnes and Nobles – yep, that’s my idea of fun – getting a coffee and browsing in a book store!

Yesterday’s walk was on the Nolan Trail 

Today’s was just to the Lion’s Bridge and back to my brother’s house. 

Keith’s keeping the homefront in order including replacing the flowers out front that died when we were at Big Canoe last month. 

As always, I appreciate your words of encouragement and support. Have a wonderful weekend. 


I’m going to be in Virginia at my brother’s a lot in the coming months helping out and many days will pass without any quilting content to share. I’d debated taking a long break from blogging but decided instead I’ll keep blogging but just less frequently. 

I posted the other day that I thought I’d messed up the latest hat too badly to save but I took some time out yesterday to  fix it … The worse part was getting it back on the needles and unlike at my house, there isn’t a lot of great task lighting so I sat outside (it was hot) so I could see better. I love the color of this yarn but it was really hard to see the stitches. I finished the hat later that night and my sister-in-law was wearing it today. 

Two other hats are in progress – I love how portable knitting is!

My sister Maureen was here a couple days too – she brought the best tomatoes from her garden and squash too – I teased her that it was unusual to see her cooking but that’s not really true now that Mom is living with her. I bet she cooks more often than I do now although I did cook dinner tonight. 

Keith’s gone

Someone isn’t happy! Keith was loving on Casper all weekend and now he’s gone. I just know that one of these days when we’re not traveling all the time that Keith will want another dog. It’s obvious that he misses Chesty a lot. 


Gone!! Were did the weekend go?!! We flew to VA on Saturday and have been visiting with my brother and SIL. Keith leaves tomorrow but I’ll be here for another 9 days or so. 

We got out mid day for a 6 mile walk … Probably a mistake because it’s pretty darn hot here!! I usually prefer to walk out the door rather than drive somewhere and walk so we left my brother’s house and walked to the Lion’s Bridge at Mariner’s Museum. We probably should have driven to the bridge and then walked the 5 mile trail – there would have been a lot more shade! Keith was pretty hot and when we got back to my brother’s, he turned the hose on himself to cool down. 

I’ve been working hard on the next hat and I think I’ve messed up too bad to save it. Somehow when I’d finished my decreases and was pulling my yarn through the last stitches, I dropped some stitches – thanks to a dark yarn, a light that wasn’t bright enough – I think I’ve wasted 3 days because the harder I tried to go back and pick them up, the worse I made it. I put it away for the night and tomorrow afternoon I’ll pull it out and see if it’s salvageable. If not, I’ll thank my lucky stars that it’s just 3 days of work versus a larger project!

I won’t be posting much the next week or so since I’m going to be busy with family. Nothing to worry about if I miss a few days. 


VickiW is working on UFO’s this year and each month she reports her progress and invites her blog readers to report theirs and then someone gets a prize, this month is was me. She does beautiful hand dyed fabric and makes beautiful glass too and I chose glass for my prize. 

I also placed an order for another slumped bottle – I’ve already got two but when we were at Big Canoe I wished I had one by the coffee maker so since Vicki was sending my UFO prize, I ordered a bottle also. The ornaments will also go to Big Canoe where we keep a tree up year round. Why? Because it’s in the middle of the forest and it was up when we bought the place. I have however, replaced all the fishing themed ornaments with my own over the years. 

You can see the tree in the back corner behind Keith and Caleb

Fabric for a Strippie

Caleb was very interested in my sewing room when we were in Big Canoe, he asked several times to go downstairs to see it and he asked me to make him a quilt. I understand that some people just don’t like quilts so I’ve only made one for him and one for Bree when they were born because they were rarely used- both were quick strippies.   Rae (and her parents) on the other hand, loves quilts and uses the ones I make her so she has several. (My Mom has made quilts for all of them too.)

Since Caleb has asked for a quilt and because he’s crazy for dinosaurs, I ordered some fabric to make him another strippie. I debated using another pattern but the strippies are easy and if he outgrows his interest in dinosaurs or doesn’t use this one, I won’t have invested a lot of time in it. 

The dinosaur print and the words print were purchased online at The other two are from stash and the words print will be used for the backing. With everything I’ve got going it, it will be a little while before I get it done but I expect to be able to give it to him the next time I see him. 

It’s all mine!

Keith moved the daybed out of my sewing room today. Not an easy task because it had to be completely disassembled to fit through the doorways. When we moved here a year ago, I had them put it in the sewing room because the plan was to make the smaller bedroom a guest room with our king size bed when we bought our new furniture. I quickly realized I wanted more room and expanded my sewing operation into the small bedroom which is across the hall and when I bought the new sewing machine and table, I knew I wanted the daybed out of the sewing room even at the expense of my guests. 

Look at all that extra space!

The daybed fits in the back of the room and the trundle pulls out when we have company (Chris always gets the lower bed)

And I can leave my table up in there for an extra work space when we don’t have company. 

I’ve got a cot I can put in the sewing room when we need an extra bed. Keith’s work is done but I’ve got a lot of organizing and rearranging to do. It will help when I get the 8 quilts shipped off to Mom and my Aunt next week. 


I found it very interesting to read your comments about how many quilts you have and how you decide which ones to keep. I found out that I have fewer than many of you! If you haven’t read the comments, here’s a link to the post – you might find reading the comments interesting too. 

In MN, I would leave a quilt hanging over the kitchen railing after I finished the binding to admire it a while and I think that helped me when it came time to give it away. I think I need to put some type of bar that I can hang quilts over at the top of the stairs here in Tampa. (I also think I need to make and keep a Strips and Strings log cabin quilt for me!)

While I’d like to keep more of them, I also like to have them used rather than shut away so I’ll stick to keeping my one a year or so. Of course, some are made with the intention of keeping them, others I just fall in love with along the way. 

The double 9 patch binding is done and I’ve got the binding on the black/white/red log cabin and ready to be hand stitched ….I’m kind of loving this one too!

Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts with me!

More about Chesty

I don’t post all that often about him these days but he’s in our thoughts and conversation frequently. Keith emailed me several of his favorite photos the other day after my post … 

….and today Rae facetimed me to show a little white stuffed dog she’d gotten at Target. She wanted me to see her “Chesty”   and she was quick to tell me that he didn’t have a boo-boo. She loves looking through the photos of Chesty on my iPad and he’s wearing a cone in a lot of them. Funny what kids remember. 

I miss my sweet boy.

I don’t know the answer

I’m sitting here binding the 9 patch quilt and thinking about whether I want to keep this for myself…. I also have the first Sharon quilt and the tumbler quilt that I’m debating whether to keep or not and that made me start thinking about how many quilts I have and how many quilts are enough …. I’d started ” allowing ” myself to keep one per year  a while ago but I’ve been quilting for almost 16 years now and a rough count gives me 22-25 … Of course I have two homes so I need more quilts right?!

So the question to you is how many quilts do you have? How many are enough? How do you decide which ones to keep?!!!

FL stash sorted

I seem to remember posting two years ago when I moved from MN that I was not going to establish another stash in FL. To be fair, some of this fabric has come from GA over the 2 years but I’ve bought at least 2/3 of it and the strings, scraps, and kits are in the sewing room closet! I really need to sew more. 

My before photo 

My after photo – At least now I can see what I have here.

Of course, I haven’t organized all the stuff brought back from GA yet but 8 of the quilts will be shipped off next week to Mom and my Aunt and I’ll start binding tonight. I’ve got 7 of mine and I think I’ll probably machine stitch the binding on the quilt with the Minkee backing before I send it to Mom. It’s a little heavy and the Minkee might make it a little more challenging to sew. 

This is just part of the GA stuff – the other half is on the other side of the room, Keith was kind enough to leave me a path to walk. (I just noticed the box in the photo — that might be some more fabric I ordered while I was gone because obviously I don’t have enough).

I’ve caved

I’ve removed the comment from my website about not pinning my photos to Pinterest and I’ve even been viewing some boards myself. I still don’t like the idea that anyone can pin a photo and that gives Pinterest the right to use the photo however they choose regardless of the fact that anyone can pin a photo that they don’t have the rights to, but as a source of inspiration, it’s pretty impressive. I’m still looking at plus quilts and this one caught my eye tonight. 

I should have known better

Several people asked me about the Sangria recipe I use. It’s one I modified from PF Chang’s and I went back and edited my post to include it. If interested, click here! It’s the perfect summer beverage for us as we split our time between Florida and North Georgia. 

We’re home 

Keith was more ready to get home than I was but I admit, walking through the door was nice … Coming home to my new bathroom, my new bed .. Very nice!

Thank you all for your comments on my post about Chesty, I’ll admit I never really understood the sense of loss pet owners felt until we lost Chesty. Easy to say it’s just an animal but wow, what a hold they take on our hearts.