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Welcome home??!!

After an exhausting day of travel, the fire alarm went off in the apartment at 11:45pm last night – just 10 minutes after we arrived home.  Still not sure what set the alarm off but we had to stand around outside for over 30 minutes while the fire department checked things out. 


The post office somehow managed to mess up my complicated mail situation …  I forwarded the Tampa mail here … Held the mail while we were in Europe … Requested the held mail be delivered yesterday … Official change of address is on Friday. Instead of all the accumulated mail, there was a note in the box that says our unit is vacant?!! I’m hoping they’ve just forwarded it all early to Tampa but I’ll have to run over to the post office to figure it out.



Four hours on a bus from Nuremberg and then walking all over town, I’m ready for a good night’s sleep!

Tomorrow we’ll visit the castle up the hill.  




It’s funny that both Keith and I grew up with cuckoo clocks in our homes … So while in Germany we decided to buy one of our own.  They’ll ship it directly to us in Tampa. Memories of our trip, memories of our childhood. How could we go wrong?!


If I haven’t mentioned it before, Keith was actually born in Nuremberg, his father was in the army and he moved back to the states when he was about 2 . Today we chose to do the WWII tour and I have to say we were a little disappointed. So much history here, but not so well presented. 



Sightseeing in Regensburg Germany today and heading to Nuremberg tomorrow. 



Tours are great but …

We’re not ones to go on guided tours every day … We like the option of going on some tours and wandering around on our own on some days. Today was a quiet day for us. First we enjoyed the scenery as we cruised to the next town … 


There’s a very nice deck with comfortable chairs and while it’s been cool, they have very warm blankets to wrap up in. It turned into a rather wet day but we haven’t let the weather ruin our time here. Once we docked, we walked along the river.  


And ended up at a beer garden … Our waitress didn’t speak any English but with the help of google translate and another patron who spoke a little English, we managed to order beer, wieners with mustard, and salad with potatoes!  We had a tent over our table that kept us nice and dry. 




The bike paths along the Danube are wonderful and makes me really miss all the biking we did in Minneapolis too. Today we did a 17 mile ride and met the ship in Passau.  


I was missing my pedal assist bike before we were done … but it was gorgeous and I’m so glad I participated. 


We crossed the Inn River coming into Passau as we headed for the boat docked on the Danube. 



I can’t even pronounce the names of some of the places we’re visiting…I blame it on my southern accent but we’re having fun … And relaxing … And learning a thing or two. 





Goodbye Vienna! We got underway at midnight – so exciting to be moving on and cruising the Danube.  



We’ve boarded

We arrived in Vienna last night and explored the city today including visiting the Spanish Riding School with the famous lipizzaner horses then we boarded our river cruise boat this afternoon. 

Already our favorite place – the bar 


Our traveling companions, Keith’s brother Craig and his wife Mary 



On our way

At the Miami airport waiting for our flight to NY where we’ll travel to Vienna via Paris …. It will be a long day but we’re excited to be on our way.  


Chris flew into Ft Lauderdale at 1 AM and is staying at the apartment for a couple days … We left him with Chesty this morning and he texted us that all is well.  


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