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Do you ever remake a quilt? I know some people find that boring but I’ve been known to do it – after all artists work in series right?

My spiderweb quilt is a good example – I liked the first one I made. 

But I loved the one Mom and I made for Chris. 

Web Stats

For years I’d used a free service for my web stats and I really liked the info it provided but one day without warning it went away so I had to search for a new plug-in. It doesn’t have the referral sites which I found interesting – for example which sites had links to specific quilts on my website but this is an interesting stat from the new plug-in. The top 10 pages on my site. 

Just in case you haven’t visited, I post brief instructions of the quilts I make on my website. They assume you have a basic knowledge of quilting and since my quilts are scrappy they don’t usually provide fabric amounts but if you’re curious about how I make a certain quilt, it’s enough information to get you started on one of your own. 

Telling on myself

No one would know about my yarn obsession if I didn’t tell on myself but somehow I can’t resist sharing all my treasures. I’ve done a bit of online yarn shopping over the last few weeks but I’m still knitting hats so at least I’m using some of it. I also cast on another scarf and mailed it off to Mom to knit – she’s enjoying her knitting and I’m happy to share my yarn stash with her!

A peek at my last 3 yarn orders!

They love quilts

This may be why they get so many of my quilts! Chris sent a photo of Becky using the PLUS quilt. In my mind it was a child size quilt but as you can see, it makes a great lap quilt for an adult too. 

It’s football season!

I didn’t get to watch the game today but I got updates from my NFL app during my walk – I never thought the notification feature on my Garmin watch was that useful but it’s nice when I’m walking to see who’s calling or texting and to get the game updates today without having to drag the phone out. 

We’ve got a 15K – 9.3 miles – coming up on October 2nd. Keith and Chris will do it at Ft DeSoto Park in St Pete and I’ll do it virtually from VA. Chris was able to change my registration for me so I don’t miss it. I did a longer training walk today – 7.26 miles. 

Go Vikings!

We had a quiet evening which for me meant knitting and a new audiobook. Casper decided to stay in the room with me too. What could be better? A book, some knitting, and a puppy! This hat will be for Rae – I try to make a couple for her each year but the first one I worked on is going to have to be frogged – I didn’t like the result at all. 

It’s the weekend

The weekend means a little free time for me so I went to the library …

…and out to lunch…

…and did my walk.

My brother and SIL live in Hilton Village which is very near where I grew up but I don’t think I’ve ever stopped and read this sign before. 


Love a good sunset … The sky was gorgeous tonight. 

We had two appointments today so we went to one this morning and back to the house for a few hours and then back out. Nice to be close to the hospital’s cancer center and I feel bad for those that aren’t – So many appointments – being close helps. 
My SIL loves yellow so this hat should be a favorite. I’ve been doing a lot of the Action One Skein hats from one of my knitting books because she likes how they fit. Fingering yarn, size 2 needles. 

Loved this audio book on the Lusitania. I’m completely hooked on audio books now but it’s kind of weird, I love reading mysteries but for audiobooks it has to be history or biography. 

PS – yarn colors can be a little weird on the screen. The yellow is a little more gold-y like the second photo.

Red and white

Do you love red and white quilts? I love the look of them. This Irish Chain was pieced for me by Mom and I quilted and bound it. I don’t use it much because I’m afraid to mess it up but I love it. Now that I have my quilt chest in GA it’s somewhat on display (folded but visible).

I found these two on eBay last night – just because I’m not quilting right now doesn’t mean I’m not constantly thinking about quilts!!

Most of the red and white quilts I make are scrappy and by adding beige/tans into the mix, I don’t worry as much about them getting ruined. 

I’ve used this one on my bed for years and it’s held up really well. Mom pieced this one for me also – she’s always willing to piece blocks or tops for me in exchange for quilting services. 

This is another one of mine – and Mom helped piece this one too on one of her visits. Adam fussed at me and said that I was working his grandmom too hard. 

Do you make red and white quilts? Do you use them or are they carefully stored away?

This evening I’m back in VA but

… last night Keith and I managed a walk along the bay after ordering the appliances for the kitchen remodel. (So happy to check that off my list although I still need to pick a wine cooler after confirming the dimensions of the cabinet with the contractor).

My flights back were uneventful

Quilts are piling up

I’ve got stacks of quilts waiting to be washed and donated sitting around the house but Becky’s going to help me out. She took 5 quilts with her … 4 to wash and donate to Safe Haven in GA (an organization that works with abused kids).

And since she loved the Plus quilt, that one will be going home to stay with her. 

Today I’ve got to unpack, do laundry, and repack for my flight tomorrow for another two weeks in VA and we’re going to appliance shop in the hopes of scoring some Labor Day bargains – hard to believe the kitchen remodel is going to start in a month. 

Playing with coins

I don’t know what made me pull out the bags of coins I have sitting around but Chris and I spent a lot of time today going through them. Keith had a couple old penny books and we found 3 coins to add to his book and then we went on Amazon and ordered a few books to start some new collections.

We also went for a swim when we got home from the beach … This little one is fearless – kind of scares me sometime that she’s not more cautious.


In case you were wondering …

I did make it home and Chris, Becky, and Rae made it to Florida. 

So far so good

I made it to Atlanta and so far my 9:30 am flight to Tampa is showing on time. There’s a lot of rain between here and there so it might be a bumpy flight but I bet they can fly around the worst of it. 

A quilt!

Kathy Williams sent me a photo of her Churn Dash and Stars quilt – I just love seeing how other quilters use the instructions to make their own quilts. Brown is my favorite color so I really love this one!

Instructions are on the website at the link above – this one isn’t as easy as most of my quilts but it’s worth the effort. 

My version was brighter and given to Keith’s Mom. When she passed away last March, I gave it to my niece Samantha in memory of her grandmother. Both Chris and Adam got quilts that Mom and I had made for Keith’s dad and I know Chris uses that one a lot because I always see it out at their house. Adam used to love his quilts too but now that he’s married I rarely see any quilts used at his house so I don’t make them for him anymore. 


Just one appointment this morning and then I spent a couple hours at the library working on genealogy. They’ve got a nice genealogy room here and I think I’ll plan on spending time here at the Main Street Library when I have some spare time. 

Still crossing my fingers my flight doesn’t get canceled tomorrow. 

A little of this and that

Lisa and I have been working on her family genealogy and she’s been amazed at some of the information we’ve been able to find online. Today we had no appointments so we went to the cemetery to put flowers on my Dad’s grave and then out to lunch. 

After we got back, I did a 5.5 mile walk. While the Nolan Trail is nearby, I really prefer to walk out the door rather than having to drive somewhere to walk so I save the trail for the really hot days and the other days, I walk to the Lion’s Bridge and back. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me — Keith is flying home tonight just ahead of Tropical Storm HERMINE. It’s supposed to cross the state north of us but I’m flying home from VA early Friday morning and Chris, Becky, and Rae are supposed to be driving to Tampa on Friday too. There’s already some local flooding according to the news but I’m hoping none of our travel plans get interrupted. 

Vintage Rail Fence

I love a rail fence quilt and this one caught my eye tonight on eBay. I’ve got some bright solids that might just work. 

I’ve used black rails before …

This is another one of mine that is similar.

Churn Dash

I’ve still got Churn Dash quilts on my mind. I drafted this one for Mom since I’d just sent her the GO 9 inch churn dash die for Maureen’s quilt. 

Set blocks 3×4

Churn dash block is 9 inches (9.5 with seam allowances)

Framing strips are cut 1.5 inches and finish at 1 inch

1 inch inner border – cut 1.5

3 inch border – cut 3.5

Quilt is 41 x 52

That was quick!

We enjoyed his visit but it was quick and Keith is already heading home … We did some walking while he was here …

Went out to dinner with my brother and SIL…

…and after I dropped him off at the airport this afternoon I went for a walk … You know how much I love the water. I’m enjoying seeing the James River on my walks. 

Keith visits

I’m not sure if Keith flew in to VA to see me this weekend or to see Casper!!