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While I post many free instruction sheets for my quilts on my site I thought some links here might be helpful for finding previous posts where I’ve shared some “how to” information.

How I use the Accuquilt GO in my quilting.

Incorporating sashing into your block piecing. – I dislike sewing long rows of sashing so when I do sash a quilt, I sew my sashing onto my blocks as I’m piecing them.

My Tips for assembling HeartStrings blocks

Tips for better HeartStrings blocks and tops

My Stash Manicure Post on Rail Fence Quilts

Freehand Baptist Fans – blog post with explanation and photos

Freehand Baptist Fans – PDF – brief explanation with drawings

Piecing Batting by Hand

Piecing Batting by Machine

Squaring up a pieced back


My Design Process
Part One – tools, references, and inspiration

Part Two – using my Accuquilt GO

Part Three – think in multiples

Part Four – drafting or modifying blocks

Part Five – using EQ to generate different options and variations

Part Six – my approach to color

Part Seven – quilting designs

Pieced backs

Off Center 4 Patch backing
Two simple backing ideas
another asymmetric pieced back

Here’s a post on extending the inner border into the cornerstones.

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