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Every so often I check the stats for my website to see which pages/quilts are being viewed and downloaded. Sitting in the airport this morning, I checked and this one is getting a number of views right now … It’s a favorite of mine, recreated from an antique quilt I saw on eBay. Click the link below to go to the website and view the instructions. 

Solid Stars and Strings


Chasing the elusive

I have only completed one shawl in this yarn (Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton) and yet I continue to chase it down and order it. I’m working on a second one right now and this group does do KAL’s (even though I’m sadly behind) which is encouraging me to use (and buy) more.  It’s a little fussy to work with having four strands of non twisted cotton but it’s well worth the effort. 

My newest acquisitions 



I should be knitting my Brickless shawl which is a KAL this month but instead, I pulled out my Cameo, such an enjoyable knit up to this point …. and I’m loving my yarns together.


I’ve got about 6 more repeats of my stripe section before moving on to the lace.


Hugs and Kisses

I’ve quilted HeartStrings tops made by others arranged with X’s and O’s but haven’t made one myself. Love this one with yellow centers from eBay. It even has the same 6×8 setting that our HeartStrings blocks have.




I wish I could say there was going to be something interesting on the blog this week but life is pretty boring around here and I’m traveling again on Thursday – going back up to VA. So tax prep and family stuff is just about all that’s happening … I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to get some piecing in starting Tuesday of next week.


Breezy and overcast

The weather isn’t ideal for the beach or pool but we’re enjoying our last couple days. Yesterday, we moved to a hotel on the ocean and have a large wrap around balcony.


This morning I’m knitting waiting to see if the sun will come out and stay … If it does, we’ll head down to the beach.


If not, we’ll stay up here and enjoy the view and the sound of the ocean.


So Relaxed






Bathing options

Our casita here at the hotel comes with three huge bathing options … Seriously, we will stay squeaky clean during our visit.

Keith has been using the outdoor shower and I’m going to try it at least once but maybe after dark?! I’ve been using the large walk-in rain shower – you can’t see the huge frosted window or bench in the photo below but it’s there. Do you think I can talk Keith into a bath? It’s large enough for two!



Google Images search

I’ve blogged before about where I find inspiration for my quilting. eBay is one site – I love finding antique or vintage quilts listed there and remaking them. I also like doing a Google Images search (Flickr is good too) when I’m looking to make a specific block or pattern. I found the St Louis 16 Patch version when I went looking for 16 patch quilts and since I want to make another of those with a set of fat quarters I did a search for Plus Quilts to make with the leftovers.

Google will return a bunch of images and you can either visit the website or view the image. These two are favorites I found from my search.



So in a few weeks when I get back to piecing I think you’ll see a 16 patch and then a plus quilt from me. I love that even when I can’t quilt I can dream of quilts I’ll make one day!

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