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I’m in the sewing room this afternoon working on the Carpenter Star …

I’ve been gathering the stuff that needs to go to GA and VA with me.

I started to think about a free pattern from Shannon Fabrics that I’d sent Mom a link to and that I could take one of my Strippie kits and add a border fabric. 

So I went to the fabric closet and came up with three possibilities. I’ll make the gray one myself but I’ll offer Mom a choice of the other two. 

Her first choice

Her second choice

Just a note of caution – if you decide to download the pattern – they use Minkee and it calls for 1/2 inch seams. I’ll use cotton and 1/4 inch seams but may just back it with Minkee. We made a quilt for my sister that she loves and I’ve bought more Minkee to back quilts for my nephew, for Mom, and for a Xmas present. I’ve had good experience with the Minkee from Shannon Fabrics too – they’ve donated several bolts over the last few years to HeartStrings for our Maine sew-in. 


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I’m thankful that Keith and I spent a quiet day at home together and that in the next 2-3 weeks I’ll visit and spend time with family. 

I’m also thankful that my kitchen, while not finished, is functionable and I was able cook a holiday dinner for us tonight. 

If you celebrate – I hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with all the things you love. 

Carpenter Star

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After waffling most of yesterday and today about what to work on, I decided to start the Carpenter Star this afternoon. It’s another one of the kits I cut from stash while I was at Big Canoe in July. I’ve done this one before in brown and pink and this time I’m working with green and brown.

As I’ve said before, I often refer back to my own instructions when I’m making a quilt a again. This one is easy to piece in 4 sections and quick too – I’ve already got two done. I’m using a single fabric for the background here although the first one had a scrappy background. In this case, I was trying to cut multiple kits and it was just easier to use one.

This pattern also makes a great Christmas Tree Skirt. Mom has made several of them including this one.

It was beautiful along the bay tonight when we went out for our walk.

It’s the little things

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The guest bed arrived today and other than needing to press those pillow cases ( not sure how they got so wrinkled in the wash!) I’m almost ready for company. It will be another couple weeks before the kitchen is finally done and then we’ll be ready for company in Dec and Jan. I’ve got a red quilt that I’ll bring back from Big Canoe for the bed and the good news is that there’s still room for my table! So I can spill over into this room with my sewing when needed.


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I’m lazy about labeling quilts these days – I don’t think I’ve labeled a single one in the last 2+ years but Mom wanted a couple labels for quilts she’s giving and I thought I’d do one for Caleb’s quilt. I’m using  Printed Treasure sheets that run through my printer and will print 4 labels per page for this group. You can print more labels per page and I usually do for my generic labels. 

In the past I’ve used a word processing program but I have an app from Avery that allows me to design shipping labels and I decided to make the labels in that. It worked great. You can design a page of labels that are all the same or you can design each label on the page separately. You can use their clip art or you can use your own. I searched google for free dinosaur clip art and found this one for Caleb’s label. 

Once you’re done designing, you can preview and then print. What I like best is that it saves the document as a PDF which you save and print. It’s easy to print on a piece of plain paper first to make sure your margins are OK before putting the Printed Treasures sheet in the printer. 

Here’s a page of HeartStrings labels made with the same app. I’d show you the page of 4 labels including Caleb’s but then everyone would know who Mom is making quilts for and that’s a surprise!

Pineapple Quilt

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I’m sorting through and organizing my photos (a never ending task) and came across this one of the Pineapple quilt so many of you commented on last week – it’s the one I have on the daybed we just moved to Keith’s office.  Mom loved this quilt so I gave it to her but when she moved last January she had to ‘downsize’ her quilt collection and I got it back!

I made the blocks using the Quilt in a Day method and their 12 inch ruler although I chose my own color schemes and layout. 

One Warm Coat

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As a quilter, knowing that the quilts I donate bring warmth and comfort to those in need is what drives me to continue to make and donate quilts year after year. As I get ready to head to Big Canoe for a visit, I was reading the small newsletter they distribute monthly and came across and article on coat collection for donation. At the time we left Minneapolis, we donated a number of coats to the Salvation Army but we still have a few at Big Canoe that have been sitting unused for over 2 years. I only kept my favorite ones but I plan to look through the closet and find one or two to donate. 

Do you have any you could donate? Check out the One Warm Coat website and see if there is a collection center near you. 


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The Vikings finally won again today although they had me worried in the 4th quarter … we went to our local sports bar to watch the first half of the game and then came home and I followed the 2nd half of the game on the NFL app while I pin basted Caleb’s Dino quilt. My new table is just barely wide enough to baste a 40-42 inch quilt. 

I got the quilting started on this one and then Keith and I watched the Redskin game – it was 55 degrees here in Tampa which means it was cool enough for a fire… and yes, we had the windows open 🙂


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Two finishes today – this doll quilt is a UFO and my 14th UFO finish for the year – seems like cheating to count the small ones but they need finishing too.

And here’s the simple pinwheel pieced from a Jelly Roll (2.5 inch strips).  I was afraid that this was too blendy without enough contrast but I love the blues and greens and am happy with how it turned out. Both tops were quilted on the regular  machine with a freehand leaf meander.