Being adaptable is important in quilting. For this quilt, I chose a border and then pieced the blocks using colors from the border but when I was done, the border didn’t work. I had several options that I could have chosen but I found these orange and blue/green fabrics in the stash and decided to use them. If I hadn’t had anything else, I would have pieced a piano key border from leftover strips.


Binding is also in progress for the last of the Heartstrings donation quilts. Of course, that doesn’t count the ones just received this week!


Yarn shopping

I know I don’t need anymore yarn … But I met Sheree in Cannon Falls and we spent some quality time at What in Yarnation. Shopping, chatting, knitting, it was great!

So I somehow managed to NOT take a single photo so you’ll have to settle for yarn and project photos.


The purple is for me ( no project chosen yet), the Oat colored yarn is for another donation shawl that I’ll make using this pattern.


The pink and white will be this simple baby blanket.


Chesty was nice enough to let me prop the book up on him to photograph it.


Last night’s finish

I hand stitched this binding down last night. The top was pieced by a group in CA and sent to me to quilt, bind, and donate.



HeartStrings sew-in

I spent the day in Wisconsin at a HeartStrings sew-in. I assembled my pink centered blocks from last fall and started assembling another small one from group blocks. I brought that one home to finish along with 3 tops to quilt.



I love the beginning of the month

It allows me to procrastinate and chose all the things from my list that I want to work on first.

First up this evening was the Feather and Fan blanket, have I mentioned how much I’m loving knitting this? I was supposed to have it tucked away until the next trip and I am supposed to be working on beading the Cobweb shawl but I wanted simple, uncomplicated knitting tonight while we watched the History channel show The Vikings on TV.


When Keith went to bed I went up to the sewing room and finished assembling the HeartStrings blocks but I didn’t want to sew the borders on so I got the binding on this other HeartStrings quilt and it’s ready for me to hand stitch one evening.


Before shutting down for the night, I cut the borders and bindings for my green HeartStrings quilt. Maybe I’ll feel like working on that next … Or not. There’s plenty of time left in the month.

I know everyone else is tired of snow but I still love it. We’re having a winter storm that will continue into tomorrow and I keep going to the window to watch it. We actually had happy hour out on the deck earlier this week and look at it now!



Pressing that last seam!

Big blocks, no borders … This one went together quickly and I love the result. Pressing the last seam on the Framed 9 Patch top this afternoon felt great.


I tossed the HeartStrings blocks up on the design wall and found a blue/green fabric for the border and will add a pop of orange before putting the border on. Not sure if I’ll use the lighter or darker orange. I’m leaning toward the darker if I have enough of it. I’ll have to piece the side borders either way.



Maybe I’ll be more successful in April

I can’t remember the last time I fail to accomplish so much of my list – most of April will be devoted to finishing what I didn’t in March. I’m traveling again this month and have lots of other things scheduled but hopefully I can get through it all.


Bind two HeartStrings donation tops
Quilt and bind UFO for April
Quilt and bind March’s UFO
Assemble Framed 9 Patch top
Assemble small HS top
Finish knitting Cobweb
Make progress on Feather and Fan afghan


❌Bind 9 HeartStrings quilts – 7 done
❌Quilt and bind a UFO
✔️Assemble black centered HS blocks – done
✔️Finish framed 9 patch blocks
❌Finish knitting Cobweb shawl
✔️Finish knitting Herringbone shawl
✔️Pieced set of 24 HeartStrings blocks
✔️Started knitting Feather and Fan blanket


On my design wall

I finished the framed 9 patch blocks last night and am working on assembling the top. I like this one but then I always seem to like the ones I design from antique quilts.


It’s a good one for fat quarters and you can find brief instructions on my website.



Keith and I talked about moving this weekend but Chris and Becky actually did. I love FaceTime! We got a tour of the new house.



Another fun photo app


We drove to Stillwater for lunch and a walk this afternoon. After walking by the Mississippi River yesterday, I was surprised to see the St. Croix still covered in ice


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