A day in the sewing room

Today was set aside for cutting and kitting projects for Mom. 

She finished assembling this butterfly top (pattern and butterfly die from the Accuquilt site) 


I cut a pinwheel top for her that will also have some applique – won’t these owls be cute? 


Cut now, decide later

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the butterflies to stand out or blend in with my quilt top so I cut some of each of the two color combinations below and will decide when I get home and spread it all out. When I asked Mom, she suggested I use some of both so we’ll see.  


A little cutting, a little sewing

I’m at Mom’s again and we’re spending a little time in the sewing room as well as doing some sorting and organizing in the kitchen. I’m going to cut butterflies for my little Jelly Roll quilt later and Mom is assembling the rows of her butterfly quilt.  


HeartStrings in the news

It’s always fun to see a local news article about HeartStrings and as I was flying home on last Friday, a local reporter was visiting Bev and the rest of the quilters at the Maine sew-in. 

Read the article


Checking things off the list

The hardest part of trying something new is not being too critical of the results. I embroidered Emma the Bunny’s face today and she’s finished. I’m not thrilled with how my decreases look on her face but I don’t think she looks bad for my first crocheted animal.  


I’ve also checked off the binding of my Sharon quilt and another scarf has been blocked and the ends woven in. Still lots more to finish up before the end of the year but it feels good to mark off 3 more items. Who knows if it will all get done but I know it won’t if I don’t try!

Goals thru end of 2015

Bind Basket Quilt

Cut Projects for Mom in Aug/Sept

  • pink hearts
  • sashing for her baskets
  • Butterfly quilt
  • 30’s 9 Patch

Knit scarf for Samantha

Crochet large bunny

Finish HS blocks and assemble top

Finish knitting Magnolia Glen Scarf

Tied 18 Quilts in Maine

Bind zoo animal strippie

Bind my Sharon challenge HS

Bind String Rails

Embroider face on large crochet bunny

Finishing of 12 knit/crochet items (blocking, weaving ends, etc)

  • Drop stitch scarf
  • Magnolia Glen scarf
  • Blue gray scarf

Made Jelly Roll Strippie top

Knit two hats for Rae

Quilt 3 tops for Mom (in Oct)

Quilt 3 other tops (in Oct)

Bind above quilts done in Oct

Bind my B/W and Blue HS

Finish small crochet bunny

Crochet zebra or sheep

Finish hand quilting small 16 patch

Bind small 16 Patch

Quilt my small B/W and bright HS

Bind my small B/W and bright HS

Quilt Pink and Purple HST top

Bind Pink and Purple HST quilt

Piece RWB rectangle top

Piece top for Jelly Roll Challenge

Piece another Sharon Quilt (HS)

Started Eyeblink Scarf

Started Be Simple scarf in teal


Simple garter stitch scarf/unknown yarn – now ready for the donation pile.  


My Sharon Challenge Quilt

Last year at the Maine sew-in, we decided to challenge ourselves to make a planned HeartStrings quilt like the ones Sharon makes and I finished the binding on mine yesterday. I love scrappy but I’ve got to say I love this one a lot and I’m not sure I can give it away. I’ll hang on to it a while while before I decide. 

We’re challenging ourselves to make another one this year and if you’d like the details, you can find them on the HeartStrings website at this post. 

Today was better

By better, I mean more productive! I hate it when a day passes and I don’t accomplish anything. Today, I knit some, sewed some on the 16 Patch and Framed 4 patches, and bound a quilt. I’ll have photos of the finished quilt tomorrow but tonight I thought I’d share this photo of a top Angie pieced from one of my quilts I designed for Mom to make several years ago. I’m still planning to make one of my own and I even have instructions if you’d like to make one too.  


Wasted days

Yesterday I started a hat … No make that two hats and both were busts because I wasn’t paying attention to my pattern/yarn/needle sizes … I was in a hurry and decided my choices would be good enough – they weren’t and so I ripped them out. Today I’m having a “I’m tired, didn’t sleep well, don’t feel well kind of day”. That means I slept late and have been puttering around not doing much of anything. 

I did manage to sort and delete some photos – I have a huge task ahead of me because I take so many photos -many of them duplicates – trying to get the perfect shot and then don’t delete the duds. I have also been lazy about sorting photos into albums. I usually sort them by trips or by dates or by subject (quilts, chesty) but I’m way, way behind and the last time I tried to transfer photos from my phone to my computer for backup – there were too many to transfer. 

I also came across this post by Babara Brackman on tumbler quilts. I love my tumbler die and have made several and have some more planned. I think I need to try a layout with the tumbler rows staggered. It’s funny seeing that post today because I’d saved this photo from eBay last night with a Thousand Pyramid quilt with a staggered layout which is the exact same idea. Maybe one day I’ll make both quilts using this idea.  

I’m going to knit a while now but I’ll work on something I don’t have to think about – my Be Simple scarf. 


Jelly Roll Challenge

In Maine, we decided we’d have a challenge to make quilts from Jelly Rolls (with or without added fabric, no size requirement) so I pulled a Jelly Roll when I got home.  


And had a plan until I realized that almost half of the strips had 2-3 prints on them rather than one … How bizarre.  


So I changed my mind and decided to do a variation of my Rails and Pinwheels quilt only I did NOT like how the prints looked in the rails.  


So I chopped them up smaller … And will do 16 patches and framed 4 patches. Not sure how many blocks I’ll get from the Jelly Roll but we’ll see.  


Photos of Rae

I love how easy it is with the iPad and shared photo streams to see pictures of the kids. Chris uploaded some new ones. 

Look at that smile, 


She’s also joined a soccer team – can you believe she’s not even 3 yet? We’ll get to celebrate her birthday next month when we visit Big Canoe again.  


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