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Nothing much to show around here but in case you’re curious … Keith’s been gone so it’s just been me and Finn and there’s been football and knitting … the Vikings managed to squeak out a win Monday night but it wasn’t pretty. 

Unpacking and a mountain of laundry has been done. 

I’m trying to get back in my walking groove after all the travel from last month but it’s hard to get motivated so I’m trying to do some every day. I’m also trying to get back in the habit of knitting some each day now that Finn will allow it. Sometimes he’s still a little too curious about the yarn and project but I can usually convince him to lay down and take a nap beside me. 

Keith and I were able to finalize our plans for spending next October in Maine. We found a cute little cottage near Willard beach – the area we stayed in 6 years ago. We won’t have a view of the water from our rental like we did then but it’s just a few houses down so it will be close by and we’ll walk Finn on the beach like we did with Chesty.  

Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and I need to tackle the fabric closet – it’s the last one to be cleared before the carpet is installed next week. Luckily I don’t have to clear the shelves but there are a bunch of bins and quilts that have to be moved.

How was your weekend?!

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We were busy yesterday carting bins and other stuff downstairs and now there’s just one more closet for me to deal with along with my sewing room but I’ve got all week to take care of it. 

We got a long walk in today –  while we had a very pleasant week, this weekend was HOT. Thank goodness for the pool, we swam both days. 

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

I am a procrastinator 

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I’ve told you all this before and I’d like to blame it on the fact that I’m traveling so much but the reality is that I’m a pack rat and a procrastinator. Apparently I require deadlines for tasks that I don’t want to do and as much as I might be griping about the time it’s taking to prep for the upstairs carpet install, I’m kind of glad I’ve been forced into to sorting, discarding, and organizing. 

Today’s task – and it did take all day – was to prep my office area. Everything has been filed or shredded and all the bins are ready for Keith to cart downstairs tomorrow. Impressive isn’t it?!

I also fixed dinner – yummy chicken nachos. The chicken is cooked in 15 minutes in the Instant Pot although prep and coming up to pressure took an additional 15 minutes. Keith adds salsa to his but I’m not allowed – I hadn’t eaten anything all day so I was hungry but my eyes were bigger than my stomach so luckily Keith was willing to eat my leftovers!

Harvest Moon

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It’s overcast tonight so it’s been difficult to capture a photo of the harvest moon but this was the best shot I took from my vantage point on the porch. Have I mentioned how happy I am that it’s porch season again?!

I wasn’t the only one happy to have Keith home – too bad he’s traveling again in a few days.  I’m going to keep him busy this weekend helping me empty closets for the carpet install. 

You’ve seen a bunch of photos of that schoolhouse quilt in progress so the next one you’ll see will be of a finished top – I got about half of it assembled today and while some of the sashing has a little fullness – I’m sure it will quilt out 😬.


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We’ve been here two plus years so I guess it’s past time to sort and organize but I’m not happy with the interruption in my plans to sew all month. 

I did sew a little yesterday just so I could clear away all the leftover fabric. All the 9 patches and sashing pieces have been completed on the schoolhouse quilt and now I just have to assemble the pieces into a top. I haven’t seen the top of my cutting table in months!

All the bins underneath have also been dealt with and are either combined back into the big string bin or placed on one the shelves in the closet in my bedroom. Yesterday – I cleared out and organized the closet to make room for my open bins that I don’t want to have to carry downstairs.  Some of this went back on the shelves but a lot went into a bag along with shoes and clothes that will be donated. 

I’ve made 4 quilts from my bright strings during our Rainbow Strings project in the last year or so but you’d never know it from the number of strings left. I’m going to have to find some time to make some more HeartStrings blocks or the remaining strings are going to outgrow the bin.  These bright ones were fun but then really, all HeartStrings quilts are fun to make. Easy, no stress, and frugal as they use up all those leftover bits and pieces from other quilts. 

The installers set the date today so I have until the 17th. I think I should have most of the work done this weekend when Keith will be home to help carry the larger bins downstairs and then I hope to find some time to sew next week before closing up my sewing tables. We’ll see how it goes. The hard work in the sewing room is done and two of 7 upstairs closets are emptied and ready. 


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So I thought things had been busy around here but they’re about to get busier, again. I was going to post a long explanation but a short one will do – we’ve decided to sell our Big Canoe condo so I’ve got another move to plan and manage. 

Phase 1 – we’d put off replacing the carpet in all three upstairs bedrooms (and the stairs and hallway) but before I bring the longarm here I need to have that done and we will be moving our bedroom into the room that is now my sewing room and I’ll take the big bedroom for my studio.

Carpet measure was done today, carpet has been ordered and I just have to find a place downstairs for all the bins and other stuff in the 7 upstairs closets that need to be emptied for the install in the next 2-3 weeks. 

I took a break from planning to spend some time reading on the porch – yep! I think it’s finally porch season again. 

It was a full day

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I intended to sew today but one thing led to another and I didn’t even turn the machine on. One disadvantage of being gone so much is that I let things pile up … my office area desperately needs attention although that didn’t happen today. 

However I did make progress in other areas. 

There was sorting and organizing of fabric

Sorting and packing of scarves to be donated

Ends were woven in on the washcloths being donated with the scarves

A Strippie and a doll quilt were pin basted and are ready for quilting

A couple crocheted afghans were set aside for donation with the next batch of baby quilts.