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I occasionally get comments from readers that they’re having problems opening one of the instruction sheets on my website and they think the links are broken. They’re not, the website is up and running, the links to the instructions work but if you’re having problems I have a couple suggestions. 

I suspect that the issues come from ‘pop up’ ad blockers that you may have running on your computer or iPad. When you click on the link to the PDF instructions (not all of them are in PDF format) your computer or iPad is preventing that new page from popping up. 

On the computer, I suggest that you try to right click on the link and save it to computer before trying to open the file. 

On the iPad, you need to press and hold the reload arrow to the right of your web address bar in Safari and a little box will pop up – choose reload without content blockers and the page should load.  You must press and HOLD – if you just press the arrow, the browser will just try to reload the page and that won’t work. You need the box to pop up so you can choose the option to reload without content blockers option

It took me several months of researching why I was having problems opening pages on certain sites to find this solution. Links in my bank site didn’t appear to work, in the HP site, and several others. Pop up ad blockers are great but sometimes they block content that isn’t an ad so knowing how to load the content you want is good!


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It’s unusual for me to go 3 days without posting … that usually means there’s nothing going on OR I’m very busy. This time – I’ve been very busy catching up after being gone and I think I’ve finally gotten most of my non quilting list accomplished. 

I’m also still binding and finished #4 yesterday – still need to get a photo – and I have #5 trimmed and ready to bind, more Heartstrings blocks have been pieced,  more knitting on the pink stripe baby blanket has been done, I’ve cuddle with Finn …

Walked along the bay (although I’ve pretty much decided my August goal was too ambitious for the heat, the storms, the other responsibilities)

Went to a long overdue medical appt. and was not thrilled with the advice I got regarding long standing GI problems but I’ve agreed to at least try a restrictive diet and see if it makes a difference….  I am putting it off for a few weeks while I do more research and the timing will be better then too. 

Tomorrow I’ll be back to binding. 

Bottom of the barrel

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HeartStrings is having a Block Party and while I’ve got a lot to catch up on, I couldn’t wait any longer to join in. We have several options for participating and I decided I’d make a set of half light/half dark blocks with a brown center string. It’s been a while since I went into my string bin and surprising I found that most of the bin was taken up with scraps – in the past, I’d always cut my leftovers into strings but now I’m more likely to save larger chunks to use with one of my GO dies.  Still, digging down deep, there were plenty of strings in the bottom – I’m just hoping they’re not too ugly! It seems like I’ve picked over the better ones. 

I’ve got 6 blocks made and foundations cut for more.

So my sewing room is a complete mess now, strings everywhere, trimmings from all the bindings, the fabric for the schoolhouse sashing, and some pinks for a Strippie for the new baby waiting to be pieced. 

Becky picked Flamingos after I asked her if the giraffe quilt was going to work for her now that we knew the baby is a girl. (She thought the giraffes leaned a bit to the boyish side)


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My Fan quilt is bound. One of my oldest UFO’s, it was started in November 2010 and is quilted with the pantograph Flirtatious. There was a time I thought I might hand quilt this one but as much as I like the idea of doing it, I obviously could not find the time in the last 6+ years so I’m glad to have it finished now.  The fans were cut with my Accuquilt GO Dresden Plate die and I used Bethany Reynolds method of appliquing the fans to the background – I found the method in this book of hers. 

It’s #3 of 7 and I’m already hand stitching binding #4. 

Some progress

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I always way underestimate how much time it takes for me to get caught up after traveling and you can imagine how long my non sewing to do list is after a month away from home!! I am slowly working my way through it but there’s a lot left to do and this week is almost over. 

I’m in the process of hand stitching binding #3 but not much work has been done on the Schoolhouse sashing. I also managed to knit a while on the blanket for the new baby – I can’t wait until they agree on a name for her….yes, it’s a girl and I don’t remember if I shared that with you all. I’m ready to start referring to her by name rather than calling her the new baby!

For Finn, the most crucial task was a haircut – it’s so much hotter here than it was in GA and that hair had to go! He looks so handsome. 

Let’s set some August goals

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We arrived home late yesterday afternoon – Keith was nice and did most the 9+ hours of driving and after unpacking the car he went to the grocery store while I worked my way through a month of mail and caught up on the paying the bills. Luckily I can get many of my bills via my bank’s e-bill feature but some I just have to guess and overpay when I’m gone for a month as I don’t get mail at Big Canoe. It’s not a big deal because the extra is applied to the following month’s bill and I avoid paying anything late. 

First up this morning I unpacked and organized myself in the sewing room and I’ve already made a start on my August goals. 

  1. Bind two quilts for Mom (I do NOT have to do the hand stitching on these).
  2. Bind 5 of my quilts
  3. Finish piecing the sashing and assemble the schoolhouse top
  4. Make HeartStrings blocks for our Block Drive
  5. Hit 1200 miles on my 2017 walking challenge – (that’s an additional 146 before the end of the month).
  6. Make progress on the new baby’s knit blanket

Today I trimmed Mom’s first quilt, made the binding, and got it machine stitched on and worked on cutting and piecing more of the sashing for the schoolhouse quilt. 

I also got a bonus mile in walking to lunch with Keith. He took the short route home and I walked home via Bayshore. It’s nice to be back here at home – after a month, the BC condo starts to feel a little small but I’ll miss the cooler weather. Even North GA in the summer can be hot and sticky but I think we had a mild July there and now we’re back to hot and steamy. My least favorite months in Tampa are July and August but I don’t think I could stand being away from home for a full two months so I’ll deal with the heat. 

I’ve got to get another 4 miles in today but I’ll wait a little longer before heading out. 


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Having made knit blankets for Rae and Bree I knew I’d be making one for the new baby too and the other day Chris asked me to make a blanket like I did for the Rae – he said same pattern, any color yarn I wanted. They used Rae’s blanket all the time – a while back I pulled all the photos of her that I had with her using it into a collage – and I love making things for people who use them!

I really didn’t want to make the same pattern and I knew Becky would want some input in the colors so after a few texts back and forth we had a plan and I’ve made a start. It’s an easy knit although picking up the edge stitches for the border will be a little challenge. I’ve done it before but not for a long time. 

I used TouchDraw, the same app I use for drafting quilts to come up with my stripe sequence. 

Does it surprise you to see me using inexpensive acrylic yarn? Caron Simply Soft is definitely soft, it’s easy care, and it holds up well to frequent washing. It was my first choice for the blanket and I found the colors I needed at Joann’s the other day…it was even on sale!