When will I learn to use a lifeline with even the simpliest lace? All my knitting time over the last two days is wasted and I still have to get this back on the needles but not now, tonight I’m walking away from it.  So frustrating – I would have finished this tonight.



He’s so Needy!

Chesty’s feeling very needy today but luckily I have another shawl I’m working on finishing. 



This may be my favorite HeartStrings quilt ever! Pieced by Tish and quilted in Feb by me, the binding is finally finished. It’s a good thing I went back to get the link above to show the quilting because with all the challenges with our Moms the last few months I’d forgotten that I needed to order a new bobbin winder! It would not have been good to get back there to work and find I hadn’t ordered a new one. 


Finally, something is finished

I’ve been knitting away and finished one of the three shawls I have in progress. Finally. 

Pattern – Brickless

Yarn – Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton

It still needs blocking but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it. 


I’m not sewing yet

I’m knitting a little on my Brickless shawl but haven’t had the energy to get back in the sewing room and sort things out to sew but I thought I’d share a quilt Mom made … I cut these tumblers for her while I was visiting a couple months ago … She’s made a couple tumbler quilts and appliquéd flowers on them but this time I suggested another applique. Both the bears and the tumblers were cut with the Accuquilt GO which made it quick and easy. Isn’t it too cute?!


A sneak peak

The inspection and appraisals are scheduled for the beginning of next week and I’m answering emails, texts, phone calls, and sorting through the paperwork needed to buy a house so I thought I’d give you a quick peak. 

This porch might just be my favorite thing about the townhouse … Or maybe it’s that it’s just two blocks to the bay…. Or that it has lots of space inside …

Or maybe, in spite of having loved the snow and MN winters, I’ve enjoyed the warm sunny winter this year and the ability to loll around on the beach in April reading my book. 


What next?

A little pampering time taking place this week … A massage, manicure, and pedicure.  A little knitting but the majority of my time spent planning the next move. Yes, you heard me …. Another move. 

We’ve put an offer on a townhouse in Tampa and now I need to plan a move. (I’ve been looking at homes in the Tampa area for over a year!) Our lease is up here in June and we have a big, two week trip to Europe in June. No pressure!

I hope to knit a little, quilt a little, and piece a little but you may want to tune out for the next few months because my focus will be the move. 


Thank you

I’ll apologize in advance for not responding to each of you individually but please know that Keith and I appreciate all your notes of concern, support, and your prayers. 



We moved to Florida last year so Keith could be here for his mother. She passed away this weekend after a long illness, cared for and surrounded by her family. 


Taking a break

I’ll be back when I have some quilty content to share.

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