I need more project bins

I gave away some bins when we moved from MN and split the rest between Big Canoe and FL and now of course, I need more bins. Chris is coming to visit right after we get back from Hawaii so I’ll have to clean up this mess soon but I want to keep the piles separated by color – maybe I can use some of the reusable grocery bags that I collect.  

I spent a little time in the sewing room today and started assembling the 48 block HeartStrings quilt on the design wall. I always sew these into groups of 4 first.  

And press the seams open to decrease the bulk that comes from piecing them on a foundation.  

All the blocks are sewn into groups of 4 so I just have to sew them into rows and then sew the rows together. This one will go to Big Canoe for quilting when it’s done. 

Is it February or Autumn?

Still getting used to the seasons here in Tampa.  Leaves are falling and blowing …

 And I have a view of the changing colors from my porch.  


It’s the little things that say home

Not counting Keith of course, it’s the little things I appreciate about being home … Waking up and fixing coffee in my kitchen, in one of my many cups…

and sitting in my chair, with my quilt, knitting while I listen to my audiobook!


I had big plans for the week

I have two HeartStrings block sets ready to assemble, tops already pin basted and ready to quilt, more tops ready to pin, a hand quilting project already in progress … I was going to come home and spend this week working on all the above but I find I’m tired, really, really tired so I’m going to sleep late, knit, and read. If I get rested up I might start assembling the first set of blocks but only if the spirit moves me. 

Home in time for the parade


An early start

New city, new airport, returning a rental car, early morning flight …  The alarm went off at 4:30am.  Ugh!

 I tend to be a sunset rather than a sunrise kind of girl but the view from the plane window this morning was pretty.

On my needles

I worked hard getting Mom moved but don’t feel sorry for me. I enjoyed a quiet afternoon and evening here at the hotel – knitting, reading, and napping – and I have a week at home before heading off to Hawaii for vacation.

Pattern – Interlude 

Needles – size 6

Yarn – Wolle’s color changing cotton


Heading home

The movers arrived yesterday and my sister and I worked like crazy unpacking and organizing Mom’s things. Mom also did a lot of work in the kitchen – my least favorite room to work on during a move! We even got a couple of Mom’s quilts hung. 

 This morning, Maureen dropped me off at the rental car place and I drove to Charlottesville where I’ll spend the night before flying out early tomorrow morning.  The views of the mountains in this part of the state (Virginia) are beautiful … Even more so than my photo taken from the interstate scenic lookout shows.  


Is any move complete without a trip to Walmart?! (Or Target if you’re anti-Walmart).

Adam and Bree were in an accident a week or so ago, luckily they were both OK but his car didn’t make it … Yesterday they replaced it. Caleb and Bree are getting so big, can’t wait to see them again in March.  

My sister Maureen has been cooking for us … Tonight will make 3 nights in a row!

A long day

I packed up the car at Mom’s house (the house I grew up in)

And unpacked it after driving to my sister’s house 3+ hours north west … Great sunset views from her porch.