Some stitch in the ditch, a watery meander, and finally some swirls….wonky swirls but I can live with them! The Frog Strippie is quilted and ready to be trimmed and bound.


A couple more observations – compared to quilting on the longarm it’s harder to get In a rhythm because you’re starting and stopping so frequently to readjust the quilt and your hands. One thing I remembered reading years ago was the suggestion to stop in a point, it’s much easier to start back up from a point than on a curve so both of the designs I used had points to give me a place to stop and readjust often.

It’s been fun challenging myself so thanks go to Stephanie for reminding me that I could always quilt on my regular sewing machine during the time I’m separated from my longarm … Somehow I’d forgotten that in the last 12 years!!! Thank you for coming along on my journey back!

Next up? Some assembly on the HSTeria quilt, binding the Frog Strippie, and yes, I’m going to get a backing and see if I can’t quilt another one, this time a small HeartStrings quilt.


Can you stand two more?!

Uncle Chris went to visit Bree today.


And snapped a photo of Mom, Dad, and Bree for me!



Quilting progress

Feeling like a beginner all over again!

I quilted the frog sections today … A free motion, watery type meander. I’m not too unhappy with it though of course my stitch length is not consistent at all ( I wouldn’t expect it to be on my first piece) and I have wobbly and misshapen areas where I didn’t stop soon enough to reposition my hands but that’s the beauty of using blendy thread … Those things won’t be that noticeable especially once the quilt is washed and dried.

I struggled some with speed, managing the bulk of the quilt, and not stopping often enough to reposition things – my hands and the quilt.

Although this is a horizontal design on the quilt, I quilted it vertically so make sure you practice drawing your designs in the orientation you’re going to quilt them in and check your back frequently to make sure your tension is good.

The back


The front



Look at that smile

Doesn’t Adam look thrilled?!!


Born at 5:47pm on Aug 16
7 lbs 10 oz

This is probably the last time you’ll see her referred to as Aubrey … I’ve been calling her Bree since they named her a few months ago.


Family resemblance

I tease them that they have the same squinty eyes when they smile.


Good news from Adam – Bree was born at 5:47pm and everyone’s doing great.


Waiting …

Soon to be a family of 4 … Adam and Lindsey are at the hospital today and I’m staying close by my phone. Adam’s been really good about texting me updates



I can’t remember

I’ve already forgotten what yarn I packed in the FL bin so I pulled it out today to see what’s there.


I brought 6 skeins of the color changing cotton yarn because I figured I could knit that and actually wear it here in FL. My next project is going to be the Dangling Conversation shawl I showed in this post.

After looking at the colors I had, I decided on red.


I did decide I needed to get one of the 4 quilting/knitting projects before casting it on but I’m ready to start free motion quilting the little Strippie so I’m hoping that one will be done in a few days … We’ll see. I’d hope to start on it today but I had to get my FL drivers license this afternoon and Keith needs my help this evening.



I got chased inside today by lightening and had to finish my walk on the treadmill to get my 3 miles in. I hate the treadmill and it seems to take twice as long as walking the same distance outside. It doesn’t of course … But the time passes much slower.


In general I don’t like exercise so I avoid the gym but I do like to walk – outside! How about you? What do you do for fitness?


The first part is done

I didn’t mention it in my previous post but the stitch in the ditch is done with a walking foot which will feed the layers of the quilt evenly.


Don’t forget to check your stitches on the back to make sure your tension is good. I’m using a flannel back with more frogs on this one.


I’m getting ready to head out for a walk and Keith is home this evening so I doubt I’ll get to start the free motion quilting today but I’m making progress.

For those of you thinking about trying some machine quilting yourself, there are lots of tutorials online but I’d suggest reading a book or two. It will have all those little details that you may not see on a tutorial like pulling your bobbin thread up before you start so you don’t get a big tangle of thread on the back and taking tiny stitches to secure your beginning and ending threads.

This is the table of contents from one of my first quilting books. There’s a lot to learn. Fast and Fun Machine Quilting




After I finish the stitch in the ditch on this this little Strippie I’ll quilt a freehand design in the medium and large strips. Don’t forget to draw your designs until you’re comfortable with them.

I typically am quilting side to side on the longarm but will be quilting from top to bottom or maybe bottom to top on this little quilt – I’ll have to see what feels easier once I get started. I also have to be careful about directional motifs, the little crest I’d thought about using in the medium strip is easy for me to quilt in one direction but because the throat of my machine is not so big, I’ll have to quilt half the quilt and then turn it in the opposite direction to quilt the rest, that will keep no more than half the quilt under my throat at any given time. Unfortunately I’m have trouble drawing the design in reverse so I’m either going to use a curl that goes right and left and looks the same no matter what side of the quilt I’m quilting it on or maybe just some loops.

I used to use paper and pencil to practice designs but now I use the Adobe Idea’s app on my iPad.


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