Off my needles

I finished assembling the center of the tessellating quilt and have two of the pieced borders on … I’m debating how to finish it off so I go into the sewing room every time I pass by and stare at it a while. My options are add a top and bottom border to complete the pattern – I know I’m going to do that .. Then I can add a narrow border to float the blocks and I think I’m going to do that one, finally I can add a final framing border but I’m not sure if I want to do that. If I don’t add a third round of borders, I might make the 2nd round a little wider. I’m going to stew over it the next day or two and then I’ll finish the top and move on. 

In the meantime, I’ve been knitting like crazy and the blue scarf is done and I’ve knit a hat to coordinate. It may be a little small but it fits me as a snug beanie and it fits hat head. Worse case, Rae will get another hat.  I’ve got plenty of yarn so I’m going to knit a second hat – one with a fold up brim so there’s a double layer over the ears for really cold days. 

I cannot get these blues to photograph accurately but they’re pretty. 


Design wall

I quilted the first 5+ years without a design wall and never felt like it was an issue but about 9-10 years ago I was at a quilt show and bought this one – Cheryl Ann’s design wall 72×72. While you can certainly quilt without one, laying out projects on the floor like I did or on the bed like Mom does, a design wall just makes things easier. 

I like mine because I can take it down when I need to or even slip it behind something. It’s fairly easy to find a wall to prop it up against. I like to have it somewhere I can see the quilt developing and change block positions or study my color choices. The design wall does come with legs to make it free standing but I’ve always just propped mine up against a wall. 

In the MN apartment it was in the room with, and directly in front of the longarm (the sewing machine was in the next room) and I could stare at it when I was working in there on a quilt.  

 In the MN townhouse, it was propped up at the top of the stairs. There was a guest bathroom behind it but I just folded it up when we had company. Every time I went up and down the stairs, I studied the quilt. 

In the FL apartment, it was in the sewing/guest room and I was able to just slip it behind the headboard when we had company. 

Here in the FL townhouse, it’s propped up across from my sewing table but I think when I get my cutting table assembled I’ll put the cutting table up there in the nook and the design wall will go where the cutting table is right now which will make it easier to take photos.  



Not so bad

I’ve avoided making tessellating quilts even though I’m drawn to them because I didn’t want to fuss with making and placing blocks in a very rigid order but I have to admit it wasn’t so bad. 

I pinned the pieces of the blocks together as I cut the quilt out.  

As a square went up on the design wall, the tabs went on the sewing table and I sewed 3-4 of the alternate blocks at a time. A design wall is really needed for these quilts I think. I constantly had to look at mine to make sure I was sewing these blocks in the correct order. 

I ran out of pins so I started assembling the columns early – this turned out to be a good thing. I focused on the quilt in sections but once the sewing started, you can’t change blocks around anyway so rather than saving all the assembly for the end, it was nice to do it as I went along.  

 Tomorrow, I’ll work on the pieced border that completes the pattern all the way around and then I’ll sew the columns together. I think I might add one more border but I’ll wait and see. 



More yarn was purchased. Just one skein of each. Yes, I have a problem. 


Making good progress

It takes longer to line everything up but the tessellating quilt is coming together.  



I didn’t spend much time sewing today, just enough to finish assembling the little doll quilt. Tomorrow, I can start sewing blocks for the tessellating quilt. 

We had such a nice weekend together – the weather was great and we spent time out on the porch both nights after dinner – it was exactly what I imagined when we bought this place. We watched some football at a local pub and both the Redskins and Vikings won today. 

Later in the day, we took a walk along the bay to Hyde Park – Keith checked out the play area in the park in anticipation of Rae’s visit at Christmas – hopefully we’ll have a warm sunny day while she’s here so she can have some water play. 


Taking a break

Since I marked off several items from the list last week, I’m taking the week off and working on new things this week – the new tessellating quilt, the doll quilt, and Mom’s scarf. The blues aren’t nearly as bright as they appeared on the website but I do love how they’re working up. I think they’re a little more turquoise like in real life but even my photo doesn’t quite show the colors accurately. 

This is another super simple scarf pattern that works up wonderfully in this yarn. 

Yarn – Miss Babs Yowza in the Blue Ridge colorway 

Pattern – Yowza Weigh It Shawl


Just can’t throw it away

When I cut out both RWB quilts there was just enough left on the ends of the strip sets to cut a 2.5 inch section. I can’t stand to throw fabric out so I set them aside to make a doll quilt. As much as I wanted to change the thread in my machine and start sewing on the new top, I knew if these were going to get used, I needed to sew them together now. It’s not done yet but I’ll work on it again tomorrow –  after all, I know a little girl who needs more quilts for her dolls and animals!


Something new!

Is there anything more exciting than starting a new quilt? Since I’ve done such a good job finishing and marking things off my list this week, I’m allowing myself to start something new. I love tessellating quilts but am usually too lazy to fuss with them since you have to make and place blocks in a certain order. 

This cover quilt looks easy enough and I pulled fabrics for it when I was in Big Canoe. I can’t wait for my cutting table to arrive, I hate having to bend over to cut on this table!

I haven’t decided how I’m going to finish the edges, or even what size I’m going to make, but for now I’m cutting 4 blocks out of each of my fabrics (I won’t use them all) and pinning one up on the design wall.  The lighting in my sewing room this time of day isn’t the best, these fabrics are much brighter than they appear in the photo. 



Can you tell I’ve been busy? The RWB Bricks are assembled and it will go to Big Canoe for quilting. This was another leftover quilt also using 2.5 inch strips.  So happy to be back in my sewing nook!

The leftovers were from the Chevron Rail Fence quilt which is also waiting for quilting. 

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