My blocks are not all purple …

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You know how it goes, you’re anxious to start a quilt, there’s no pattern, you think you know what you’re doing … until you run into some snags. After making a couple flower/ snowball blocks yesterday (4 snowballs make a flower) I realized a couple things. The fat quarter bundle wasn’t the best choice for this quilt – yes, there will have to be a leftover quilt and my light and dark greens weren’t going to create hourglasses every where they came together. 

So I stewed on it overnight and then got up this morning and decide to draw it out and see if I could live with how the two backgrounds were coming together. I decided yes and kept making blocks today. My niece and a friend are coming for a visit tomorrow and will be here for a few days but I’ll share the blocks/quilt in progress soon. 

I want to say that in the almost 3 years since we moved from MN and I sent my longarm and stash to GA that I’ve made it work without many regrets — working on this quilt made me regret I didn’t have my stash here to pull from. It will be smaller than I’d originally planned but I was so anxious to make it that I couldn’t wait until I had access to the stash and better choices. 

My favorite space

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I love my house so to say this is my very favorite space is really saying something. I’ve got a great sewing room, an extra large master bedroom with a new bathroom, a comfortable family room, a great front porch, a remodeled kitchen … the list could go on but as I sit here in my library tonight – it really is a dream come true for me. Music is playing in the background and I’m sitting here with my feet up – those are recliners! Checking email, blogging, reading, sipping wine – this is my perfect space. I can’t get the whole wall in from where I’m sitting so I took photos of each section. If I could find an electric insert that fit in that fireplace I would be thrilled!!! For now we still have the Xmas lights in there. I’m on the hunt for some amber lights. 

What a luxury to have a home large enough to dedicate a room to reading! I feel so very fortunate. 

Boring or efficient?

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I had the morning to spend in the sewing room while the cleaning woman was here and after pulling out a couple bins, I found the leftover strips from my PLUS 1 quilt. Since I’d just used the little rectangle quilt as an example of quilt math, I knew I had enough strips (18) and after pulling a gray background – knew that as long as I cut carefully, I’d have enough of it to make another small quilt. 

The blocks are ready to assemble, I still have enough scraps for a doll quilt, and my house is VERY clean! A good morning all the way around. 

March and April goals

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I’m not doing a great job accomplishing all my goals – It’s a bit more challenging to get things accomplished with a puppy needing attention but I’m still moving forward.


  • 9 tops quilted at Big Canoe
  • 6 quilts bound
  • Helped Mom put borders on queen size quilt
  • Pieced Becky’s king size top
  • Pieced HeartStrings top
  • Pieced small Crosses and Circles top
  • Pieced small rectangle top

Not Accomplished 

  • While I made progress on both knitted scarves, neither are finished
  • I did not finish a knitting UFO ( just ends to be woven in and blocking)
  • I have one more queen size quilt of Mom’s that I need to add borders to