A lazy morning

Slept late, had breakfast on our private deck with Keith after his morning meeting. No plans until later when we’re going for an afternoon/sunset sail with the group. It feels so good to have nothing that needs doing right now!




Life is challenging right now but not without its rewards …

I’m sitting on a plane, sipping a mimosa and heading for Cancun to spend some much needed time with Keith. There will be a few business obligations but overall a time to relax and reconnect.

I debated which knitting projects to bring – the purple scarf with its short rows is perfect for picking up and putting down as we make our connection.



X2 please

With small cups like these, I need two cups to get going this morning. I should be home by dinner time!


Thanks for all the concern and support following yesterday’s post – I’m fine, just feeling tired and emotional. Keith and I both feel our families are a priority and right now we’re trying to be there for and be supportive to both our mothers. I feel blessed that we’re able to help.

Most of all I’m grateful for Keith’s love and support.


Halfway home

I’m sitting in a hotel just off I-95 near Savannah

Feeling tired ….
Feeling loved and supported by Keith ….
Feeling less worried (for now) ….
Feeling love and appreciation for my sister Maureen.


A little progress

There hasn’t been too much time for knitting this week but I’ve made some progress last night and today – we have stripes!

I’ve got 3 shawl/scarf projects going and this one is the Cameo Shawl.


I’m going to drive my Mom to my sister’s house tomorrow before driving back to FL over the weekend. Keith and I’ll are traveling next week and then I’ll came back up here. There won’t be much quilting going on!


Blue and Green Stars

Debbie wrote me that she’d made a RWB version of my Blue and Green Stars and a customer of hers, Carolyn made one too. I love being able to share both quilts here since there is very little quilting going to happen in the next month or more. I’ll be running back and forth and traveling a little with Keith. I have knitting with me and hope to make progress on one or all three of the shawls/scarves I have in process.

Here’s Debbie’s version


And Carolyn’s scrappy version


Aren’t they both gorgeous?! If you’re interested in making one of your own, you can find the instructions on my website at the link above.


Before I head north …

An afternoon at the zoo with all the kids.



Changing plans

I didn’t intend to quilt this top today but unexpectedly I’ve got to head to VA first thing Monday morning and I’m spending tomorrow afternoon with all the kids so I had to get this one quilted and everything packed up. My goal was to quilt 8 tops in the 2 weeks I was going to be here and I did get 4 done so those will go back to FL with me for binding. The other 4 will have to wait until the next trip as well as all the others I brought from FL and the ones already here.

You can’t see the quilting but I did some quick Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD on this RWB HeartStrings top of mine.


Chris and Becky were a big help as usual and helped me go through the boxes of stuff from the kitchen. Note to self, don’t ever let the contractor empty out the kitchen. NOT EVER! Thanks to the kids, the next time I visit and have to get everything washed and back in the appropriate cabinets it will be a much easier job.


My plans for the evening

A fire, wine, an audio book and my knitting!




Today was a much better day – maybe the wine I sipped while knitting in front of the fire last night helped!

# 3 was quilted today with freehand swirls. This is my HeartStrings top that I pieced last year during one of our projects or was it 2013? Time is flying by so fast I can’t keep up.


I also got all three trimmed and #4 is loaded and ready to quilt. I’m seeing both Chris and Adam this weekend although our plans are still a little up in the air.

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