It’s fun to look back over my finished quilts and know where we were living by looking at which spot I photographed them so today I took the last 3 quilts I finished before moving and went outside to the porch to snap some photos. I chose my favorite two snapshots of each quilt.  








On my design wall

All my BowTie blocks are done according to the pattern and up on the design wall but I have enough fabric for more blocks so I made 12 more 4 patches and have the center squares fused and ready to blanket stitch down.  That will give me one more row in width and another in length. I’ll probably make the border a little narrower than in the pattern but I’ll wait until I have the blocks finished and the center assembled before deciding.  


I’m still searching through bins. We have an empty bedroom for now so I’ve got them spread out there rather than in my sewing room.  


Our current HeartStrings project goes through August and I’m thinking these leftover fabrics will work well as center strips for a small top. They’re not exactly light centers but they’ll look great and I won’t have many scraps left over from the BowTie kit when I’m done.  I’ll have just enough for 4 blocks out of each color and I need 24 blocks for the top. 



More knitting

Last night I worked on the purple scarf but had some minor errors so decided to go for easier knitting tonight while watching the Tour de France. I keep knitting but the yarn ball doesn’t seem to get smaller.  Hopefully the Tour will get me back in the habit of knitting some every day otherwise I won’t ever make any significant progress on my projects. 



A desk for me

We didn’t have room in the apartment for a desk for me … I pay all the bills, do all the paperwork involved in keeping the Johnson Family up to date on everything so I’m excited to have a spot with a desk and my files.  Our bedroom is huge and takes up the entire width of our house. It has two “bump outs” as Keith says, one now has my desk and the other a comfy chair and good light for knitting or binding. They also both have windows and ceiling fans. 


I also got Chesty to the new vet today and we’re all set. We discussed our goal of keeping him comfortable but not pursuing any aggressive treatment and he’s in agreement. We did add one more medication for nausea. 



Does this make you dizzy? I’ve got some leftover red/white/blue fat quarters and 2.5 inch strips and I was thinking about a rail fence. I could do a scrappier version of my Patriotic Rail Fence but I’m  thinking of  something different like this one.  



This is so creepy!

I’ve just spent about an hour of my time trying to figure out why people are popping up on Facebook in the “You may Know” section. The realtor we used, the Terminix man, and the woman who owns the cleaning company all showed up and it creeps me out that Facebook knows, that I know these people and I wondered how so I did a couple google searches and came up with this explanation from a Huffington Post article. 

So, why is this happening and how do we make it stop? Facebook is infamously cagey when it comes to explaining their algorithms (and didn’t immediately respond to a request for a statement) but it appears that the social media site is using our contacts in our phones to put us (back) in touch with people we may have (purposefully) forgotten about.

Someone in my comments section mentioned that you can go to this page and see the imported phone numbers and delete them. However, he also noted that “even if you didn’t sync your phone book, if you provide your phone number to Facebook, you might get matched with other folks who have you in their phonebooks. So if you want to completely opt out, you need to take your phone number off Facebook. Also keep in mind that your phone book will be continuously synced so any new numbers you add might show up in People You May Know.” (This may not actually solve the problem, though, as some are reporting that people they’ve chatted with on Grindr and Tinder but never swapped numbers with are now popping up.)

So I checked my settings and I don’t share my contacts but I do have my phone number listed but hidden. Obviously these people allow their contacts to be uploaded and that includes my phone number. 

I don’t like it! I use Facebook to stay in touch with my family and a couple old friends. I try to limit who can view my account – not because I post anything I care about being seen but because I have no need to share it with the entire world. I’ve removed my phone number from my account and I’m interested to see if the ”friend suggestions” go back to just people who are friends of my friends … I just ignore those.  I’m betting that I’ll still get suggestions based on my email address because that’s even more out there and widespread than my phone number because of blogging. 

I could also eliminate my account but my family is spread out and I don’t see most of them very often so I guess I’m going to take the bad with the good for now. 



I thought I’d finish assembling this yesterday but I had more interruptions than I anticipated so I finished it up today. Love pressing that last seam! It takes more time but I press the seams open on my HeartStrings tops to decrease the bulk due to the muslin foundation. The top lies nice and flat and I’ll appreciate that when it comes time to quilt this one. 


It’s a bit bright and I wondered whether I’d like it after I’d finished the first few blocks but I do! Won’t it make a wonderful donation quilt for a child in need?

You may wonder why I keep making these – I have several reasons.

  • I like scrappy quilts
  • They’re easy to pick up and sew when life is hectic
  • I LOVE that I can use all my leftover bits and pieces to make a quilt that will comfort someone during a difficult time. Frugal and meaningful all at the same time!

I’m settling in and I think it’s kind of funny that the same time last year after we moved HeartStrings blocks were the first thing I pulled out to work on!

Chesty is having another good day and we’re thrilled that he seems to be better. I know that his kidney disease will continue to advance but for now, he’s eating, playing, and watching out the windows to catch a glimpse of me coming and going. 

Next up some knitting while I watch the Tour De France episode we taped today and tomorrow, I’ll be back at work on my BowTie blocks. 


Happy 4th!



Settling in

Wow, it’s finally starting to feel like we’re home. 

First, I slept late this morning (a few interruptions but I didn’t get up). Then I went to my sewing room and worked on my HeartStrings blocks … This is a photo I took earlier in the day and I have a few more blocks up on the wall now. While HeartStrings blocks are a great project for mindless sewing, sometimes when I put them up on the design wall they ask for a little more thought. I noticed pinks, yellows, and oranges jumping out at me so I rearranged the blocks so those colors would create secondary diamonds.  I’m still rearranging as I make more blocks but I’m liking how bright and cheery this is turning out. 


Our plans for the holiday weekend changed – we finally got a date for Keith’s Mom’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery where her ashes will be interred with his father’s. Chris, Becky, and Rae had planned to come for the 4th but now we’ll all be going to Washington DC the end of the month so they delayed their trip here and we’re hoping they’ll come for Labor Day. Of course this means I have more time for sewing so the goal will be to finish up these blocks and get the top assembled by Sunday or maybe Monday. 

I don’t let Chesty wander around the house by himself. He’s either downstairs with Keith or upstairs in the sewing room with me and we use baby gates to keep him where we want him. He was content to be upstairs with me until he heard Keith downstairs late this afternoon.  I almost hate to jinx it but I think he’s feeling a little better the last day or two. 


We topped off our day with a walk by the bay and around our new neighborhood, a drink on the porch when we got back, and I actually fixed dinner, for the 2nd day in a row … Yep, starting to feel like home. 


On my design wall

Today is the start of a new HeartStrings project so I briefly set aside my new bowtie project to get started. We’re doing light colored centers … White for blocks that are being sent in for group quilts and any light color if you’re making a full set of blocks.  I decided to go with light gray centers. 

First I found the bin with my bright scraps and strings and dug down to the bottom where the strings are.  Yep, now it looks like my sewing room with fabric slung everywhere. 


Next I started piecing my blocks and realized right away that my sewing table was on the wrong side of the alcove because I had to step around the bins each time I stepped down to press or cut. (That’s Chesty napping in the back before his grooming – doesn’t he look so much better?!!)

I quickly switched the desk to the other side …

…. and finished up my first 8 blocks. I’ll be doing a set of 48 for this quilt and for some reason, I also decided to deviate from our 2 inch center string and cut mine 1.5 inches. Again, variations are allowed since I’m making the quilt from start to finish myself. The design wall sits right behind my chair so it’s convenient but not the optimum spot for standing back and looking at my blocks. It’s the only spot I have to put it but I’m not going to complain because at least it fits in the room. 


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