Just can’t throw it away

When I cut out both RWB quilts there was just enough left on the ends of the strip sets to cut a 2.5 inch section. I can’t stand to throw fabric out so I set them aside to make a doll quilt. As much as I wanted to change the thread in my machine and start sewing on the new top, I knew if these were going to get used, I needed to sew them together now. It’s not done yet but I’ll work on it again tomorrow –  after all, I know a little girl who needs more quilts for her dolls and animals!


Something new!

Is there anything more exciting than starting a new quilt? Since I’ve done such a good job finishing and marking things off my list this week, I’m allowing myself to start something new. I love tessellating quilts but am usually too lazy to fuss with them since you have to make and place blocks in a certain order. 

This cover quilt looks easy enough and I pulled fabrics for it when I was in Big Canoe. I can’t wait for my cutting table to arrive, I hate having to bend over to cut on this table!

I haven’t decided how I’m going to finish the edges, or even what size I’m going to make, but for now I’m cutting 4 blocks out of each of my fabrics (I won’t use them all) and pinning one up on the design wall.  The lighting in my sewing room this time of day isn’t the best, these fabrics are much brighter than they appear in the photo. 



Can you tell I’ve been busy? The RWB Bricks are assembled and it will go to Big Canoe for quilting. This was another leftover quilt also using 2.5 inch strips.  So happy to be back in my sewing nook!

The leftovers were from the Chevron Rail Fence quilt which is also waiting for quilting. 


My black/white/green Two Rail Fence is done. This was one of my leftover quilts – when I pull a group of fabrics for a scrap quilt, I like to make more than one quilt, it’s especially nice when I’m using the same cut – in this case, 2.5 inch strips. This one is a gift so I’ll get it washed and sent off to Andrew in Chicago.  

Edit: I did post information on how I inserted the flange in this post.


The leftover strips were from a Boxed Squares quilt


My 16 patch quilt was bound Tuesday. This little one was hand quilted with the big stitch method and I’m going to take it to Big Canoe so I’ll have a smaller quilt there when I need one for the little ones.  


Gone but not forgotten

It’s been over a year since we moved from MN but some of my favorite causes are there and Give to the Max Day makes it easy to donate. This year we’re supporting Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Friends of the Library (I volunteered there for over two years), and UM Veterinary Medical Center (Chesty was a patient there several times). 


Veteran’s Day

Keith’s dad and my dad both served in the military and I try to make at least a couple RWB quilts to donate each year to veterans. This afternoon I started assembling my bricks top  and while it won’t be quilted and donated until next year, I love that I just happened to be working on it today. 

I frequently post a RWB version of my quilts when I’m designing one with the idea that so many of you out there are making quilts for wounded soldiers and veterans. You can find links to instructions for them on my website

This simple rail fence remains one of my favorites.  


Kind of boring

I’d so like to start a new project but I’m focusing on my goals and marking things off my list. One binding finished last night and quilt #2 is trimmed, binding made and machine stitched, and I’ll start sewing it down this evening. Once I’ve assembled the blocks on the design wall into a top, I’ll let myself start something new. 

I finally wove all the ends in on this crochet afghan (I finished the crochet back in Feb) and it counts as one of 12 knit/crochet projects I’m aiming to finish up before the end of the year. I am very bad about finishing – once the knitting or crochet part is done, I toss projects in a bin where they wait for blocking and to have their ends woven in but I’m working though those projects bit by bit.  This afghan will be donated and it’s a free pattern on Ravelry although I made up my own striping sequence. 

 I also bound off the teal scarf I’d been knitting. I was afraid of running out of yarn so I used an elastic bind off rather than a picot on this one. It will also be gifted or donated. Mom’s been talking about wanting to knit and I’ve set her up with a project or two that she wasn’t all that happy with so the next one I’m going to have her try is one of these scarves. They are really simple but turn out lovely. The free pattern can be found on Ravelry at this link. 


It seems that my yarn related projects are almost as prominent on the blog as my quilting ones although I do consider them secondary projects – it’s nice to have them to carry with me when I’m traveling.  I get questions about these projects so I try to share the name or links to the patterns when I post them. 

My Ravelry ID is mmcjohnson if anyone wants to keep up just with my knitting and crochet projects there although I always share what I’m working on here on the blog too. 

I’m curious, do you knit or crochet? 

Cutting table 

After all the cutting I’ve done for Mom over the last few months, getting a counter height cutting table at home has become even more important. The one I’ve used since 2002 was moved from Minneapolis to Big Canoe last year and I have missed it. 

In the apartment, I used the kitchen island and did most of my cutting when Keith was traveling. 

Yesterday we went out to look at kitchen islands at IKEA but the one I wanted was out of stock and by the time I paid for shipping or delivery it was more than I wanted to pay anyway so today, I looked on Wayfair. I get free shipping so it’s half the price of the IKEA one. It also should fit the space a little better. Unfortunately I still have to assemble it but it’s not like I haven’t done a lot of furniture assembly in the past.

Last night I got a binding machine stitched onto the small 16 patch quilt I hand quilted so that’s ready for me to stitch down tonight. This afternoon, I have a dentist appointment – another thing I’ve been putting off. 

More yarn

Before I left Mom’s we ordered yarn for me to make her a matching hat and scarf in a pretty blue. I love this yarn and have made several scarves from it for myself and for my sister and niece. 

 Of course, I had to add a skein for myself while I was ordering and can you believe Mom helped me choose  this wild skein? Pink, red, orange?!!


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