Last year

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I think it was about this time last year or maybe longer ago that I realized I needed to finish up some of my knitting projects. I’m great for finishing the knitting part and then stuffing them in my drawer to weave ends in and block at a later time. I finished a scarf the other night and tossed it in the drawer — I think I need to set goals for the new year to finish one project per week. Things should be less hectic and now that I’m going to have a guest bed, I can block things on top of that. 

That quilt rolled up in the cubbie to the right above it also needs be be finished. I’m big stitch hand quilting it and haven’t touched it in months!!!

I try not to be a snob about yarn (or fabric) but I have to admit knitting with acrylic yarn just isn’t as nice as wool. Mom wanted to make some scarves for the little girls in the family and wanted an acrylic so I bought some Caron Simply Soft, which is probably my favorite acrylic yarn, to try out a pattern. It’s an easy knit which Mom will like.

Mom’s afraid it might be too narrow but she can easily add some width – it’s just a two stitch repeat. I’m going to go ahead and finish this one – I think it will fit a little 4 year old’s neck just fine. It’s a free pattern found here and the ends can be also be sewn together to create a cowl if you want. I think I’m going to fringe this one. 


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I couldn’t remember how long it’s been since I quilted a top here in FL on the Babylock so I looked back at the blog – May 27th – no wonder I feel so rusty!

First, I finished assembling the doll quilt from leftover tumblers – if I don’t do these right away, they’ll never get done. 

Second, the plan is to quilt a leaf meander on this top – blue/green pinwheels so I practiced drawing some leaves on the iPad. With loops and without and decided I’d use loops in the meander. 

Next up, after checking my tension on a scrap, warming up on one of the doll quilts – since I don’t like doing a lot of practice pieces, the doll quilts are perfect for this. 

It’s easy to see that it’s been a while but I keep forging ahead and I’ve started quilting the blue/green pinwheel top. 

GO Friendly Quilts

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I get a lot of questions about the Accuquilt GO and all I can say is that it works for me. Almost all of my quilts are cut at least in part by my GO. It helps me get to the sewing part sooner! I keep a page on my website call GO Friendly Quilts where I list the dies I used and link to instructions if I have them. It needs to be updated with these quilts but there are plenty of others there. I’ll add updating the website to my ‘to do’ list!



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One of these days I’m going to have to get back on track and stick to my goals but I’m being generous with myself through the end of the year. Doing just what I want to do and not necessarily what I should do but that doesn’t mean there’s not any progress being made. The tumbler top has been assembled and will go to Big Canoe for quilting. 

I’ve also started sewing the leftover tumblers into a small doll quilt. 

So what’s not getting done today? My walk. 

Still trying to catch up

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I’ve still got such a mess in my office area and the more I do the worse it gets! Yesterday, I had a couple appointments and worked on the computer a while trying to finalize a log cabin design for Mom. She’s not crazy about the flower design I’ve chosen for the center so she’ll probably use something else but I love those tulips! I’m visiting her in a few weeks and taking the fabric so we can get this one cut out and started. I was kind of lazy and didn’t redraw the Log Cabin block with a smaller center but that piece will be the same size as the other logs. 

In spite of being too busy to get into the sewing room yesterday, I did manage to spend some time on eBay looking at vintage quilts. It’s where I get most of my quilting inspiration. 

I’m heading to the sewing room now to work on sewing those tumbler rows together. They’re going a lot faster than I expected. I guess I’ll have to cut some more scraps for another one of these. Not sure why I waited two years to sew this one together either!

I can’t make up my mind

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When we first moved here to Tampa I put the daybed in my sewing room thinking we would put our king bed in the guest room when we bought our new bed. 

Decided I wanted to keep the guest room more open for me to spill over from the sewing room so looked at putting in a Murphy bed. 

Decided that was too much trouble so moved the daybed out of my sewing room into the guest room. 

Decided we needed a queen size bed in that guest room so the daybed has now moved down into Keith’s office. It also has a trundle so that’s two twin beds for guests (or grandchildren!) and we bought a queen size bed for the guest room tonight – hoping those guests actually show up now that we’ll have plenty of space for them to sleep. So far only Chris, Becky, and Rae have been to visit but they come often so I’m not complaining!! Because the room is small, I’m not putting a headboard or foot board. The mattress and box spring will sit on a heavy duty frame. 

And here’s the daybed in Keith’s office. We need to get something on those walls!

One of these days we’ll get things like we want them here. This has to set the record for the longest time it’s taken us to settle in a new home but I’m hoping it will also set the record for being the home we live in for the longest time. So far we range from about 10 months to 6 years in one place and the 6 years was the MN townhouse and the longest we’d ever lived anywhere in our 27 years of marriage. (We were in MN for almost 8 years but we lived in an apartment before we bought the townhouse). 


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I thought for sure that the game against the Redskins would end the Viking losing streak … now I’m convinced that the reason the Vikings are losing is that I’m able to watch the games. The games they won, I was in VA and couldn’t watch. At least someone was happy today …

In happier news, I cooked dinner – twice! So far loving the new kitchen and layout and can’t wait until it’s done. Cleaning up yesterday was a big job and I didn’t sew at all but today I managed some time in the sewing room and have made a good start on sewing the tumbler rows together. Maybe I’ll get to some quilting by the end of the week. 


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On the tumbler quilt – the easy part is done,  now I have to sew all those long skinny rows together.

We have a working kitchen although there’s plenty of finishing work to be done – backsplash, trim, painting. Tomorrow, we’ll clean and get everything back in the cabinets. I even plan to cook. 

The fridge – we had to move it because I couldn’t find one that would fit in the old space that would enable me to move the dishwasher. 

A pantry was a must!

The dishwasher is now next to the sink. 

And as I showed before, my stove has a double oven. 

While we were at it, we redid the wet bar area in the family room only it’s now a dry bar because we took the sink out and added a wine fridge.  This still needs the backsplash tiles too. 

I would have much preferred not having to remodel but unfortunately the place we found that was in the location we wanted, with the space we wanted, came with significant problems in the master bathroom and the kitchen that had to be addressed. I won’t lie – once it’s all finished and I’m done with the hassles, I’ll love having the new spaces. 

I was very tired today and would have passed on my walk if Keith hadn’t been here. I was rewarded with a beautiful sunset. Our bay is east facing so we don’t get the sun setting over the water but we do get some pretty skies!


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I’m often asked about the GO tumbler dies. I use my 6 inch tumbler frequently and just finished a UFO last week from that die. I also have a 3 inch die but other than cut out a top 2 years ago at the same time I cut the larger one I just finished, I hadn’t used it. 

I was never one to cut kits out but a few years ago I bought a sewing machine for Big Canoe and knew I wanted to kit up a few projects to work on there and then shortly after, we made the big move from Minneapolis with my longarm and stash going to Big Canoe – all the sudden I needed to make up kits while I was in GA to bring back to FL.  I’m not sure why this one has waited for two years (cut Oct 2016) for me to assemble but after finishing the Log Cabin I once again wanted to sew without having to think or cut so out it came. 

A few years ago when we were working on tumblers in Maine,  Jackie wrote up some general guidelines to help us with quilt sizes and numbers of tumblers and I’ll share that here with you all in case you’re interested.


We all know how to figure out how many square blocks we need for a quilt, but tumblers are a little more tricky. How do you measure if the bottom of the tumbler is so much wider than the top? So here is how I do it.

Small tumblers are 3″ high finished and approximately 2 1/4″ wide through the center (or I figure 4 1/2″ for every two tumblers across).

Large tumblers are 6″ high finished and 4 1/2″ wide across the middle (or 9″ for every two tumblers).

To make it even easier, here is what we have found works well.

Small Tumblers:   

Set 14×14 (196 pieces) makes a quilt top 31 X 39″ Add a 1″ inner border and a 3″ outer border for a finished top that measures 39″ x 47″.

Set 25 x 25 (625 pieces) makes a quilt 56 x 75″ with no borders needed.

Large Tumblers:
Set 7 X 7 (49 pieces) makes a top 31 1/2 X 42″ Add a 1″ inner border and a 3″ outer border for a top 39 X 50″

Set 9 X 9 (81 pieces) makes a top 38 X 54″ with no borders needed.

Set 12 X 12 (144 pieces) makes a top 54 X 72″ with no borders needed.
Note: These measurements are all based on tumblers cut with the Accuquilt Go! system
Have fun sewing tumblers,
Jackie from NJ at the Maine sew-in