We’ve got problems

My stitch regulator doesn’t work and I rarely sew without it unless I’m doing a small background fill. Of course I’d already loaded Bree’s Strippie before I realized it so I did a simple loopy meander and some gentle waves in the accent strips. Stitch length wasn’t too bad.


Since I’d quilted both Caleb and Rae’s names in their first Strippie quilts I felt like I needed to try quilting Bree’s in hers too … Again, not too bad. It’s scattered around in 5 or 6 places … Some better than others.


After finishing the quilting, I pulled out my manual and tried some troubleshooting … Unsuccessfully. I thought I might have the encoders hooked up wrong but I didn’t. This will definitely impact my quilting plans – I’ll call Gammill but I’m worried that it’s something They won’t be able to talk me through fixing. It’s not that I can’t quilt without the stitch regulator but you can bet I won’t be doing anything very complicated or with large sweeping curves because I find it more difficult to move the machine at a steady pace on them. Smaller designs, more compact designs are easier for me to stitch in non regulated mode.

Chesty was restless … He hasn’t found his place yet so each time I looked for him, he was trying out a different spot.



Want versus Should

I should be walking … I should be quilting … I want to sit here and read the new John Sandford book and cuddle with Chesty.

Sometimes ‘want’ wins out over ‘should’.


I do have the longarm’s rollers unwrapped and am ready to load Bree’s quilt. If I don’t have problems with the machine – I should have it quilted later today.



My shells are growing – I know I won’t have enough yarn so I’ve ordered more for the border. It won’t come for several days but I still have plenty of the body to crochet to keep me busy.



A start

I started organizing a little downstairs and I cut out both a Tumbler quilt and a small Drunkards Path quilt. No quilting yet but bins are being opened and moved around and hopefully the resulting placement will make some kind of sense when I’m down there working.

Tomorrow I plan to load a quilt on the longarm and see if I remember how to quilt.

This corner works well for the GO


And the ironing board is set up next to where I’ll place my sewing table. That’s still upstairs and I’ll need help to bring it down. There’s no hurry because there are still bins in the space that need to be sorted through.



We arrived safely

12 hours driving and we finally arrived and luckily Chesty did not have any more vomiting episodes. While it wasn’t particularly cool outside it was 63 degrees in the house so I used it as an excuse to light a fire. I’m planning to get to bed early tonight since I had very little sleep last night.



On the road

We lost that new car smell at the 2 hour mark … After Chesty threw up in his crate. He’s not carsick … Vomiting is an issue these days due to the renal failure. He seems to be feeling better now.


Hopefully no more episodes of vomiting in the 5 hours we have left. Wish Keith was along to share the driving but it’s just me and Chesty.


Another start

I debated a couple crochet patterns before casting on this shell afghan. I’m using worsted weight yarn so it will be larger than the one pictured … Child size? I have 8 skeins but I’m slightly worried I might not have enough yarn but I’m plowing ahead. The link above should take you to the Ravelry page – I did purchase this pattern even though there are other free shell afghan patterns because I really think the border makes this one.


Here’s my start – I have several knit afghan patterns in the queue but I guess the quickness of crochet has me hooked right now (get it?).


I’m taking the project with me to GA but I’m hoping I don’t let it distract me from the quilting and cutting (and walking) I need to accomplish while I’m there.



All the ends are woven in too. This was fun! There’s a link a few posts back if you’re interested in the pattern.




I’ll be useless the rest of the day! Up for the sunrise, we walked 12 miles.



Framed 9 patch

Dee Dee sent me a photo of her QOV she made from my Framed 9 Patch instructions – don’t you love it?


I’ve got a couple of solid Jelly Rolls from Connecting Threads that are going to end up as one of these too.

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