Mom’s quilt

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Mom’s Plus 2 top is quilted and my machine seems to be doing fine this morning. It was acting up a little late yesterday and I think putting a new switch in is what it needed. I also think that’s the last of the old switches – my machine is 11 years old now and in the last year or so I’ve had to change them one by one. 

Pantograph is Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. It’s one of my very favorites!

I haven’t quilted my Plus 2 top yet – somehow Mom’s always gets done before mine! This one is based on a vintage quilt I saw on eBay and instructions can be found on my website. 

It feels like Monday

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All day long I’ve felt like it was Monday … maybe because Keith isn’t here. 

I spent today in the sewing room – finishing the quilting on my HeartStrings quilt. The pantograph is Flirtatious- yes again! I try to group quilts that use the same thread and pattern when I can. It’s just a little quicker!

Mom’s Plus 2 top is loaded and started – I’ll finish it up tomorrow. 

Finn was a little fussy at first this morning – until he realized that he could sit watch me quilt. I know it’s a lot for him to get used to but he’s doing great. 

It’s quiet now

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We had a great day with all the kids and my niece Samantha and her boyfriend Nick. 

Keith’s birthday is the 6th but since he will be traveling then we celebrated today. 


Finn was SOOOOO good! With all the little ones running around we kept him in the pen unless one of us was holding him but he didn’t cry or whine at all. The kids were able to go up to him and pet him but not get him riled up. 

Everyone has gone –  even Keith since Chris is going to take him to the airport for me tomorrow. It’s just me and Finn. And it’s back longarm for me tomorrow — I’ve got a lot to accomplish this week!

Today was a work day

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My machine was set up, quilt tops were organized, backs were pulled and I loaded and quilted the small Churn Dash first. It’s difficult to get a photo showing the quilting texture in the longarm room. The best I can do is put it on the cutting table where the light comes from the side. 

This is one of the new pantographs I ordered last month – Flirtatious. 

Top number 2 – a HeartStrings one I pieced last year – is already loaded and about 2/3 quilted. I’ll finish it up Sunday. Tomorrow is for family!

I also managed a hike today … around the lake…

…. and up to the lower falls. That’s me wearing a sweatshirt!! From 85 degrees in Tampa to 48 degrees here this afternoon. Nice!


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Rather than monthly goals this year I’m setting them for every 2 months. 

Results Jan/Feb – a couple substitutions were made and the goals weren’t all that challenging but overall I did well. 

  • 1 set of HeartStrings blocks made and top assembled
  • Dutch pinwheel blocks made and top assembled
  • 1000 Pyramid cut and top assembled
  • Woven Quilt – basted, quilted, and bound
  • RWB UFO – basted, quilted, and bound
  • Rachel the elephant crocheted and given to Rae
  • TGV scarf ends woven in – ready for donation
  • Be Simple Variation scarf ends woven in – ready for gifting or donation
  • Red Be Simple Variation scarf started
  • Progress was made on my Shine scarf but it was NOT finished so this goal was not met. 

I just did get this one started under the wire last night!

Goals for March/April – again not really ambitious but with a new puppy and traveling to VA, MD and PA the end of March, it’s enough to keep me busy. (Don’t worry – Keith will be home with Finn while I’m gone).

  • Quilt 8 Tops
  • Bind 5 quilts
  • Help Mom put borders on two queen size tops
  • Start piecing blocks for Chris/Becky’s king size quilt
  • Piece string blocks – number and type to be determined. 
  • Piece one project from a kit or precut
  • Finish knitting Shine scarf
  • Finish knitting Be Simple scarf
  • Finish one knitting UFO (weave ends and block if needed)

And since reading my goals is boring (after all who cares except me!)… I’ll leave you with a photo of Finn. 

I was distracted!

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I layered and did the quilting on this RWB quilt except for the border 2 weeks ago. At first I was debating how to quilt the border – decided that rather than a meandering design in the border, I wanted some type of straight line quilting like I’d done in the quilt center. Thought about piano keys or a chevron and either would have worked but in the end I just did a couple spaced lines around the entire border. I finished the binding last night and my oldest UFO (from 2008) is now finished!

Weaving ends

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I’ve shared before about how bad I am about weaving ends in and blocking my knitting. I had a goal of finishing two projects by the end of February that have been waiting … both of these only needed the ends woven in, no blocking, and still I waited until the last day of February. 

 Be Simple Variation – it’s a free pattern on Ravelry. I’ve made 3 of these now – it’s simple knitting and variegated yarns work well and sometimes it can be hard to find a pattern that does work well with them! The knitting on this one was finished in November. LOVE the colors in this one – yarn is Wollmeise pure – a fingering weight yarn. 

This one is the TGV shawl although it’s more of a scarf. Believe it or not it’s been finished since early 2013 except for weaving the ends in. There were 3 knots in the single skein and the yarn wasn’t the softest so after finishing the knitting I stuffed it in a bin.  Now it’s done and in the bin with a pile of other scarves and shawls that need to be donated! I really need to find a place to send them! Yarn is Zauberball®Crazy and I haven’t bought any more of it. Not a fan of the knots or the texture although I loved the striping effect. 

In the sewing room

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The kids left this morning for GA although Rae was not happy and wanted to stay with Gram and Pop. Luckily, we’ll see them again on Saturday – not bad for living in two different states!

Thanks for all the comments on Finn. We’re getting into a routine and he’s pretty smart. Since he has to go out so frequently, we’ve decided on patch of fake grass on the patio with a pen surrounding it. It’s easy to take him out and drop him in quickly – he jumps up on the grass and does his business. Easy clean up too. 

We spent time in the sewing room today – this little pen is perfect and we’ve been using it on the porch too. When we’re not playing or holding him, he goes into one of the pens – no unsupervised roaming!! He crys if you’re not in the room but as long as he can see me, he settles down quickly for a nap. 

The border on the RWB top is quilted, the binding is on, and after playtime and a potty break, we’re upstairs again – he’s napping and I’m hand stitching the binding down. Looks like I will get this UFO finished before the end of the month after all.