One of my goals while here was to piece some leftovers into useable battings. Using the zigzag stitch on my machine, I pieced 4 battings for the smaller size tops I quilt in FL and they’re packed up and ready to go back home with me next week. 

There are still leftovers in the closet but it’s a more manageable stack. 


Another UFO, my 4 patches on the diagonal top is now quilted. 

While I’m not really a fan of plain meandering, I love quilting allover meandering type designs. This is Fern Ziggle from the Pajama Quilter DVD. I haven’t quilted it in a while and it shows but overall I’m happy with it. 

What I wasn’t happy with was my machine acting up – I had a switch going bad and I wasn’t sure if it was the right or left one. I had extra switches but only one casing. I tried switching out from the back but the metal connector came out so that one needs replacing too. My old switches shown below were different from the ones they’re making now – mine was a single part as opposed to a switch and a casing which the new ones are. 

So, until I get the new casings I’ll have to handle these carefully. Luckily there’s just one more top to quilt and I may just quilt it with a pantograph from the back. 


One of my older UFO’s from 2012 – a log cabin top, quilted freehand with dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD and #13 of 15 to be quilted in July – just two left!

More yarn for hats was also wound into balls. I’d forgotten I had this yarn here. The pink is a fingering weight and will make a nice lightweight hat but they sure take longer to knit, all the others are worsted weight. I finished my second hat tonight but still have to weave my ends in once I find a smaller needle. 

We hiked 6 miles today and it was 95 degrees when we headed out – thank goodness the trail is shaded. 


More yarn?!

I have enough of the Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton yarn right? I shared a photo of my stash about a month ago while I was organizing it. I’ve just finished my Madison Scarf – it’s not blocked yet … and I don’t have a finished photo of it but here it is in progress. 

So since my stash is well established I don’t need more right? But I just had to take a look at this month’s preorder and I’ve sent a note to Elisabeth asking if these two are still available. I can’t seem to resist!  In both cases I’ve asked for the second skein (they both have the same colors but they’re just wound differently)  because she has end colors still available.  I rarely use the end colors but I’m not one to want to play yarn chicken! I’d rather have the extra small skein and not use it rather than run out of yarn. Wish me luck! 

The love of my life

He raised and loved my boys …

…and is an amazing Pop. Seriously! All the little ones love their Pop!!

And he proved again this week that he’ll do whatever it takes to be there for the ones we love. 


Pizza party and sleepover! We’re spending the night with Rae and giving the kids a night away. 

Three color quilts

Alycia had a RWB brick quilt on her blog today and it got me thinking about 3 color quilts … Not 3 fabrics … But scrappy quilts made with 3 colors. A lot of my instruction sheets have RWB options because those three just work so well together.
I think this is my next one to be quilted but probably not until Monday – white/black/red is another good combination. In fact white/black/ plus any other color usually works well. 

PInk/Brown/neutral (I use white, beige, cream, tans) is another favorite 3 color combination (I count the neutrals as one color). My Framed Rectangles

This is another one that will get quilted next week – a scrappy RWB Patriotic Rail Fence

I’ve designed a Blue/Green/White quilt but I haven’t made it yet – this is Mom’s version. She used just 3 fabrics but when I eventually make this, it will be scrappy. 

Pink/Green/white is another combination I’ve played with in quilt designs but haven’t used yet. Here’s one I designed for Mom. 

So my question for you is what 3 color combinations do you use?!



I was going to whine today – I was going to whine a LOT but instead I’ll just share a photo of today’s quilt and say I’m very thankful all 4 of my Aunt’s bed runners are now quilted. 

I was out of ideas of what to quilt on this last one so last night I pulled out a few of my books. I needed something easy and preferably fast.

I’ve done curls in borders but I don’t think I’ve ever done them as an all over so I practiced a little on the iPad. 

Not too bad … Easy yes, fast – not so much but it’s done and since I’m about to run out of steam it’s a good thing that the last 3 tops to be quilted next week are all mine! (This was #12 of 15 to be quilted in July). 

Keith’s flight is delayed due to weather so I expect him home well after midnight now – I think the rain has stopped here for now so I’m going to go for my walk and then knit. I found about 6 or 7 more skeins of a worsted weight yarn from KnitPicks in one of the bins so I’m going to try to get them wound into balls and have them ready for knitting hats. I’m planning to devote my knitting time to hats for a while. 


It’s 1pm and I haven’t even showered or started to work today – so, so lazy but I was up really late last night. First knitting and then reading. 

I was ready to cast on a new hat in fingering weight yarn but I just didn’t want to think as hard as the Slipstream hat was going to require so I cast on an easier one. I will make the Slipstream one eventually but in addition to the unfamiliar stitches, it’s going to require some adjustment in the number of stitches I cast on … Which means adjustment in the pattern when it’s time to decrease and my brain just wasn’t up to all that last night. 

So here’s one from a book I bought a while ago – haven’t ever made anything from it so this is good! My yarn will work up differently than the one she used but maybe I can find a similar yarn with shorter color changes and make another one later. The pattern isn’t available online although you can see the ones people have made on Ravelry

One thing I love about Ravelry is the notes that people add when they make something – in this case I thought that 5 inches before the decreases would be too short and reading the notes, I see that it is so I’ll know to knit to my usual height about 6.25 before starting the decreases. The Ravelry notes for the SlipStream hat were also helpful In that they told me that the band was too loose with the number of stitches cast on. All good stuff to know before starting a project!


This one is for my sister – Mom pieced it, I quilted it and I hope it’s not too heavy! Luckily, she lives near the mountains in VA so it should be nice and toasty this winter. She wanted a quilt that was soft with a lot of drape so we used Minkee for the backing – I’ve done these both with and without batting and she wanted batting in it – She may need a summer quilt too. 

Quilting is hard to see on the front but it’s the pantograph Leapfrog. It’s the most open one I have and she wants this to be soft and “broken-in ” feeling. 

Here’s a photo of the back.

#11 of 15 to be quilted in July. There are just 4 more to quilt while I’m here – one last one of my Aunt’s bed-runners, another RWB donation quilt of mine, and then I’ll choose the last two from my other donation tops waiting for quilting. 

I also finished the crown decreases on my first hat and will cast on the second one when the plumber leaves. We’ve got a couple minor things needing attention so I scheduled the work to be done before we leave. 

The yarn is a KnitPicks worsted weight.


The 3rd bed runner for my aunt is quilted – #10 of 15 to be quilted in July. Freehand swirls and thankfully I just have one more of these left to do!

I took this photo earlier today but I’m already about half way done with the crown decreases. I’ll finish it up tomorrow and cast on another hat (a different pattern). The pattern’s called Huricane Hat (free on Ravelry)  and it’s an easy knit. 


#9 of 15 for July – my RWB double 4 patch. Quilted with the pantograph Ebb and Flow. 

I also drove an hour to the nearest Joann’s for knitting needles today – I need to make some hats and all my ‘hat’ needles are in FL. I’ve started one already – the Hurricane Hat – free on Ravelry and I’ve made this one a couple times already.  

What’s your knitted favorite hat pattern? I’m going to make some from worsted weight yarn but also from fingering weight and I’m looking for patterns that are somewhat decorative (but still easy) as opposed to just functional. 

Family time

We had Chris, Becky, and Rae here but I missed the hiking today … I had an annual homeowners meeting and I needed to wind some yarn – I have hats to make before I get back to FL so I’ve been searching Ravelry for patterns and we’re going into Jasper so see if I can find some needles. I really do need to replace this swift!!!

The hikers

I even cooked dinner tonight for all of us and they all went back for seconds!

I’m taking a break 

Absolutely no sleep last night so I slept a few hours this morning and we’re going to head out for a walk before the kids get here for dinner. They’re staying tonight and tomorrow so I won’t get back to the sewing room until Sunday or Monday but it’s been a productive week so I’m OK with that. 

Current progress 

Quilted – 8 of 15 done

Trimmed – 6

Kitted projects – 5

Pieced backings – 9

Pieced batting – 

Borders added – 1

Call me crazy but with all the pulling of fabric for the two Sharon inspired HeartStrings quilt, I had set aside another stripe. I’m tempted to see if I can find a group of 7 fabrics to go along with this one too – not that they’d all get done for a while but it’s kind of nice to have projects that I can just pull and start cutting and sewing. The background is navy not black although it may be hard to tell in the photo. 


Several people have asked about the Sharon quilt – the planned version of our HeartStrings quilt so named for Sharon in Maine who inspired us. If you follow this link, you’ll find a post with the details of our challenge and how we make these. 

HeartStrings Sharon Quilt Challenge

If you decide to make one yourself, I’d love to see it so I can share it with my HeartStrings group. 

Decision made

I read all your responses to my question of which group of fabrics to use for my HeartStrings quilt and of course you’re right, I should do both. I searched out a few more options in the bins today and then packed up both sets. I found another purple to add to the bright set …

And some orange to add to the brown! I’m not sure yet which option below I like best so I packed it all up and will decide when the time comes to make the quilt. By the way, I know you see me work with a lot of bright fabrics but that’s because I make so many donation quilts – I really think that brown is my favorite color so I won’t find them boring to work with at all. 


Another of my Aunt’s bed runners – this one is 33 x 111 inches. Freehand quilted with funky flowers I learned from the Pajama Quilter DVD although I tend to add more petals when I’m quilting them. First some quick practice – are you seeing how just a little drawing can help you get the quilting path established in your brain?!

Then the quilt – so much rolling in this one because it’s too wide on the 111 inch edge for the longarm but after doing the other one lengthwise, I think I almost preferred the shorter rows today. 

This is #8 of 15 and I’m officially over the halfway mark. Tomorrow I’ll load one of my donation quilts. 


Stephanie from my HeartStrings group is making another Sharon quilt – that’s a planned HeartStrings quilt using 8 fabrics and putting them all in the same place in the block – so I thought I’d look to see if I could pull together a group of fabrics to make another one myself. 

I love how my previous two turned out. 

My first one

My second one – it’s quilted now but waiting for me to get back to FL for binding. 

I love to start with a stripe fabric for the center and pull my other fabrics based on that SO tonight while I’m waiting for Keith to get home, I searched the bins and came up with two possibilities. 

The first is weird … Not sure about the hot pink with orange. (I’ve got one extra fabric in each group that will be left out but I like to have a backup just in case something doesn’t work when I get started)

This is safer and would make a nice ‘guy’ quilt

So what would you go with? Safe or weird?


The first of my Aunt’s bed runners is quilted.  This one was 37×95 so I was able to load it lengthwise. I decided to quilt overall leaves and practiced drawing them first. Can’t remember the last time I’ve done these (and maybe it shows even with the practice). I’m just glad to have one of these done – #7 of 15 tops to be quilted in July. 

The creek

Is there anything more peaceful than walking in the woods along a creek? There are several trail options that take you to the lower falls but my favorite follows the creek. I had company on the trail today.