Explain this?!

First let me say I LIKE the post office. I use it all the time to ship quilts and mail things to Mom and the kids and I loved that it was just a little more than half a mile and that I could walk there.

I did all the change of addresses about a month ago and we’re getting our mail at the apartment in FL BUT I’ve “lost” two packages. FedEx has delivered to us, UPS has also and as I mentioned, we’re getting our mail but I can’t figure out why they’re not delivering packages or at the least, putting a card in the mailbox and having us go to the post office.

Keith ran over yesterday to try and figure it out but he said it was mobbed. He’ll go back Monday and try to find the missing packages AND find out what the issue is with delivering them.

Heading to Atlanta now, I’ll spend the night with Chris and drive up to Big Canoe in the morning.


I feel kind of silly

This is me sitting on the floor while 4 women clean my empty house. I’m an indifferent housekeeper at best and most of the cleaning I do is on the surface. I save the deep cleaning for the professionals!



A lazy day

I had a lazy day … Time to read and knit and have dinner one last time at a favorite place … Of course, I also had numerous emails and phone calls about both the townhouse and Big Canoe condo.


Tomorrow morning I meet the cleaning people, have a quiet afternoon and then on Friday morning I fly out. So much I’ll miss but looking forward to the future.


I’d buy it :)

The listing is officially up and it doesn’t look half bad – I can see why we bought it to begin with although I have to admit I like the uncluttered look best!


Cross your fingers for a quick sale, the first showing is tonight.



One of the things I will NOT miss about Minneapolis, is the constant noise of the apartments going up next door. It’s been ongoing since last year and I’m so over it!




Remember the quilt inspiration I posted the other day? The collage of quilts that I’d found on eBay and in my Evernote journal?

Mom liked the pink and white one and I drafted a quick quilt. We both might end up making this one.

You could use 2.5 inch strips and 4 inch finished half square triangles or If you like smaller blocks, use 2 inch strips and 3 inch finished half square triangles.


Here’s the block – I’ve always loved Jacobs Ladder blocks/quilts



The townhouse is empty

I’m exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in a bed again. Keith is in town for business two nights so I’m hanging out with him and will extend my stay at the hotel for two more and then fly to GA on Friday.



They’re here!



Cast on

I was going to go out for my walk but we’re about to get some thunderstorms so I’ll listen to my audio book Franklin and Eleanor and knit awhile.

Pattern is Garter Ridge Blanket
Yarn is Sugar ‘n Cream


Red is so hard to photograph – it’s more of a country red – not as bright as it seems.



I take really bad selfies but here’s another unfinished shot of the shawl which at this point is more of a good size scarf. The ends are curling but that’s because it’s stockinette stitch. The blocking and fringe will help that.


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