My little Viking!


The Dolphin game is on TV and I’m too lazy to go somewhere to watch the Vikings but luckily I can still follow the game on the iPad.




I’m still feeling kind of lame but was up early to do my walk.

8.3 miles and I’m whipped! Not sure much else will get done today other than sitting around and watching some football.



9 patches

9 patch quilts are a favorite of mine and tonight while I was viewing quilts on eBay, I came across this beauty.


Which kind of reminded me of a small one I made years ago, Mom pieced a bunch of 9 patch blocks for me and the last ones went into this quilt. It’s even quilted with Baptist Fans like the antique one although mine is set on point.


What’s your favorite traditional block? Mine’s a tie between 9 patches and log cabin blocks.


The perfect task

After a morning filled with reading and knitting, I managed to find enough energy for a 3 mile walk … I’ve got a short week due to being gone and can’t afford a day off and still stay on my training schedule. Luckily, I finished up right before the weather turned bad.


The perfect task for the rest of the afternoon? Picking out quilting stitches — no extra energy required and it will keep this day from being mostly unproductive.



Easing into my day

I’m feeling a little under the weather so I’m taking it easy reading and knitting … I might think about getting a shower in a bit!



Heading Home

Had a great visit with all the kids … Hard to believe how much our little family has grown.



Just the two of us tomorrow!


I’ve loved all the family time but Keith and I need some time too so tomorrow is just for us!


Time with all …

We were lucky to have enough time to spend with all the kids. A couple hours today with everyone and then the afternoon with Chris, Becky, and Rae!




Family time

The afternoon with Caleb….


Time with Bree and dinner at Adam’s….


A glass of wine and time with my book….


Equals a great day!


Four Patch Stars

One of the things I like best is getting emails and photos from individuals or groups that have used one of the instructions sheets to make donation quilts. Linda wrote me:

Hi Mary, back on Feb 6th, I posted on your pattern page that our church group was using your “Four Patch Stars” as our QOV pattern for the year.
A lot has happened since then, but we just dedicated and shipped 9 of your pattern quilts to Germany, a USO and a field hospital.
And during the month of July we were asked to hang our quilts at the “Old State Capitol” in Springfield, Il. Quite an honor and humbling to see them in those hallowed halls.

Thank you so much for this great pattern, it made beautiful quilts!
Linda Parkinson
United in Faith Church Quilters’ Group
Pana, IL

Here are 4 of the photos she sent. I love how all the quilts turned out.


You can find the instructions for the Four Patch Stars on my website.

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