The binding on Rae’s quilt is done and I embroidered the “label”. I like hand embroidered details directly on quilt backs but I need to do more of them so they look better. The blue marks will wash out and I like how nicely the quilted heart contains the embroidery. 

I also finished the binding on the Strippie – even the hand stitching is done on it.  Just one more binding to do. 

My days are split between move related phone calls, sorting and packing around the apartment, and some knitting and stitching. Boring from a blogging perspective but I’ll keep updating. 


In the midst of it all …

Lots of moving related stuff today but in the midst of it all, I found some time to start binding Rae’s Pineapple quilt. I just love the look of it spread across my lap. 


On my needles

Progress is being made on my big red shawl but that ball of yarn doesn’t look much smaller!


Let the packing begin

I drove back to FL yesterday – 12 long hours behind the wheel – today I started packing for the move. I basically have the first two weeks of this month and the first couple weeks of June and I’m traveling the rest of the time. First up is the sewing room. I have bins for yarn, bins for fabric, bins for supplies and I pulled everything out of the closet in stages and started organizing and sorting. 

The emptying of the closet in progress ….

The sewing room in disarray as I sort and repack bins. 

The yarn and projects I’ll work with over the next couple months until we get moved and settled will go in two bins, the rest I won’t touch again until after the move. Those are going back in the closet and are ready for the movers. 

I came to FL with one large bin of yarn and I’m leaving with two large bins and 3 smaller ones and that doesn’t count what’s back in GA. My yarn buying is way outpacing my yarn usage as evidenced by the growing number of bins needed to store it and the new yarn that arrived while I was out of town. 


Enjoying my time with Rae


The last one

I’ve got company coming for tonight and tomorrow and I leave on Sunday morning to head back to FL so this is the last one I’ll get quilted. The machine is already covered and stored until the next visit which I hope will be in August. 

I have to say my sewing space is working out pretty well overall even though my fabric is living in bins. This little bedroom is really the perfect size for the longarm and the sitting room next to it works well for the sewing machine and cutting table.  I like that the entire space downstairs is mine and there’s a bathroom too!

This one is for my little Rae so I decided to quilt hearts and it will also count as a UFO  finish once it’s bound as it was started in May 2012. The panto is Curly Hearts by Lorien Quilting. 

The top is busy so the quilting isn’t really prominent – you can see them better on the back and of course, Rae and I’ll know they’re there!


A week isn’t long enough!

Yikes, Thursday is already gone and I’ve just gotten three tops quilted…a week isn’t nearly long enough!  I spent today with Adam, Caleb, and Bree at a train museum and then an indoor play area. Chris, Becky, and Rae met us for dinner before I headed back to Big Canoe. I should have time to quilt one more tomorrow before Chris, Becky and Rae come here tomorrow for dinner. 



My aunt’s log cabin is done. I made some adjustments to the tension before I started and had no issues thank goodness!

The Pantograph is Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. My aunt sashed her blocks which is a little unusual for a log cabin. 

Next up will be this Pineapple quilt of mine. I frequently end up changing my mind about which thread to use and  I think the best way to choose one is to lay out several choices on the quilt. I should have done that with the little strippie from yesterday!

Can you guess which thread I’m using for this one?! It’s not the one I thought I’d be using!


Dinner out

Dinner out with the kids and then home to light a fire and curl up in my quilt. Becky always gives me a hard time about having a fire but it was 66 degrees in the house when I got back – just cool enough wouldn’t you say?



Can’t  say I’m thrilled with this one … Got a late start and have dinner plans so decided to quilt something quick. First, I needed to piece a batting. Usually I’d machine stitch this but didn’t want to set up the sewing machine – yeah, like hand stitching it was quicker. Normally if was going to hand stitch it I’d use hand quilting thread – couldn’t find the bin with that so used this size 12 perle cotton. 

I also had some tension issues even though it was the same thread I’d had on the machine yesterday that stitched beautifully so I had to spend extra time tweaking it and in the end, the brown thread probably wasn’t a good choice – I think it looks kind of busy. Maybe green thread would have worked better but it’s done and in the pile to go back to FL for binding. 

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