I really struggled with how big to make this one – I’d intended to make it child size and big stitch quilt it but I kept second guessing myself. My go to quilt size is a larger lap or sofa size. In the end, I made myself stop at 12 blocks – that’s 42 x 56 – so I will plan to big stitch quilt this one next after I finish the Pinwheel and Rails quilting. 

I also assembled another small doll quilt from the trimmings. 

Do you feel compelled to point out your mistakes to others? I’ve been knitting my Brickless shawl too – I made a pretty big mistake last night but after discussing it with myself, decided not to rip back … No one will ever be able to find the error with it wrapped around my neck or shoulders, no one but another knitter would be able to find it and then probably only if they knew there was an error and were looking for it.  And I won’t even photograph it and show it to you. 


Sewing Again

After spending the morning cuddling with Chesty and knitting, I finally manage to move into the sewing room and start sorting and searching for the supplies I needed for the 16 Patch quilt. I kid you not, it took me 15 minutes just to find where I’d put my thread. For some reason, I’d moved it from one bin to another and after 4 weeks, couldn’t remember where it was. 

Six blocks are made, two more are in progress for this fat quarter friendly quilt

I’m saving the leftover bits from the strip sets to make another doll quilt. Of course, I still need to quilt the first one and I brought some batting scraps back from GA so I can layer and hand quilt it. 


Couch potatoes

Got home tonight and doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the couch with Chesty … Was too tired to even knit.


Cutting and pinning

I spent the afternoon and part of the evening in Mom’s sewing room cutting three projects out and pin basting this sweet little strippie for her. I leave tomorrow for home but she’s got both quilting and crochet projects lined up so she has plenty to keep her busy. 

I’m looking forward to getting started on a new top myself!


Entertaining myself

I always travel with my “activity bag” … Knitting, Kindle, iPad … It’s easy to entertain myself. 

The problem with working on multiple projects is that measurable progress is so slow! I’d been working on the purple lace scarf before they canceled my flight … The short rows make it easy to pick up and put down. Last night I knit on the Cameo shawl and this afternoon, with the canceled flight, I pulled out my Brickless shawl. The rows are longer and it takes a little more concentration than the other two projects but I’ve got time now!


I was afraid of this

I’m stuck in Atlanta for 9 hours after my flight to Newport News was canceled … that’s assuming the one they’ve rebooked me on tonight isn’t canceled too as all flights to NN have been canceled so far today.

Luckily, I have my Kindle and my knitting, and the Sky Club. I’ve got a comfortable seat by the window and I just had them pour me a glass of wine.


Trending now

Every so often I check the stats for my website to see which pages/quilts are being viewed and downloaded. Sitting in the airport this morning, I checked and this one is getting a number of views right now … It’s a favorite of mine, recreated from an antique quilt I saw on eBay. Click the link below to go to the website and view the instructions. 

Solid Stars and Strings


Chasing the elusive

I have only completed one shawl in this yarn (Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton) and yet I continue to chase it down and order it. I’m working on a second one right now and this group does do KAL’s (even though I’m sadly behind) which is encouraging me to use (and buy) more.  It’s a little fussy to work with having four strands of non twisted cotton but it’s well worth the effort. 

My newest acquisitions 



I should be knitting my Brickless shawl which is a KAL this month but instead, I pulled out my Cameo, such an enjoyable knit up to this point …. and I’m loving my yarns together.


I’ve got about 6 more repeats of my stripe section before moving on to the lace.


Hugs and Kisses

I’ve quilted HeartStrings tops made by others arranged with X’s and O’s but haven’t made one myself. Love this one with yellow centers from eBay. It even has the same 6×8 setting that our HeartStrings blocks have.


Blog Rings