HeartStrings and Yahoo

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While I was off visiting family and the ocean it seems Yahoo Groups and has had a big hiccup. It’s not unusual to have glitches but nothing is posting in my HeartStrings groups since the 19th and it appears that many other groups are experiencing the same issue. There’s no way to contact them or get support so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 

I know a number of our members also check my blog so I’m going to post my updates for our Thanksgiving weeekend sew along here and if you’re working too, feel free to leave a comment and tell us your progress. 

My goal is to get a set a blocks made – 48 of them and depending on how things go, I might even get the top assembled. We’ll see. 

Just for fun I looked back though my blog for the first HeartStrings blocks I made. These are from our beginning in Dec 2006, we’ve been at this for 11 years now (as of December) and foundations have been cut so it’s time to sew. 

I’m not sure how to say this

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Keith snapped this photo of me today as we were walking. You can tell by my big smile I’m happy … I’m outside, by the ocean, and I’m walking. 

I haven’t hit my walking goals this year (and I won’t hit them) but I’m still moving … and I’m more active for trying to hit goals than I would be if if didn’t try at all. 

So I’m bothered by the things I read (mostly on facebook) from heavy friends or friends of friends who blame society for creating an ideal and expecting us all to conform. Why is someone else always to blame?! 

Do I need to be a size 2? NO!

Am I overweight? YES!

Is that society’s fault? NO!

I’ve reached the point in my life that I know I eat and drink things that contribute to me being overweight BUT I’m OK with that. I want to enjoy life and for me and Keith that means travel and eating and drinking what we want. 

It also means that I need to try to be healthier … I don’t like the gym, I don’t like to diet, but I do like to walk so I create opportunities and challenges that keep me moving. However, I don’t blame society or medical science for telling me I’m overweight. I am overweight and that does create health risks and challenges. I try to be healthier by walking. 

By the ocean

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Being near water is being in my happy place! A couple days spent visiting family … now a couple days to relax by the ocean in Ft Lauderdale.

We did take a 2 mile walk before settling in by the pool. I’m going to relax and read and Keith will probably nap and then get another walk in.

The pool is to my right, the ocean to my left and I could sit here all day!


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Even though I’m usually the one who gets to see the kids more often, I’m always jealous if Keith gets to see them without me. He had a quick trip to Atlanta for work and had time for dinner with my little ones!  Doesn’t it look like they had a good time?

Something new

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I’m going to make another set of HeartStrings blocks over the long Thanksgiving weekend but I have a few days before it’s time to start those so I wanted something quick and easy to work on. That meant a jelly roll or one of my many kits would work best. I decided I’d make one of my boxed squares quilts. 

A single jelly roll will make a quilt that is 48×60 and that’s a nice size but I found a kit that had a jelly roll and border fabric which will bring it up to my usual donation size. I’ve said before that sometimes I buy discounted kits just for the fabric even when I have no intention of making the intended quilt and this’s what I’m doing with this one.

You could also use 2.5 inch strips cut from stash and make it any size you wanted like I did with this one. 

I love that this is quick to cut and quick to piece. I’m pairing up two of my strips that have good contrast and those two strips will make 4 blocks so I’m cutting 3 sets of strips to piece at a time and just like that I’ve already got 24 blocks made. 

I tossed a few on the design wall just to see ….. I’m going to like this!

If you want to make a Boxed Squares Quilts there are brief instructions on my website. 


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I’ve written before that I listen to audiobooks while I knit – always History or biographies – and my current book is interesting because it occurs during the Second Boer War. 

I have very little information on my great grandfather who died during this war before my grandmother was even born. I have found a possible match in the records but it gives no more information than a name (J Wallace), the brigade ( 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers) and the battle he died during (Battle of Colenso, Dec 15, 1899) so I can’t be positive it’s him but I keep searching every now and then looking for new information. After all, I didn’t even know that he’d died in South Africa until I found a copy of my grandmother’s birth certificate. 

I’ll admit I wondered if my great grandmother had even been married. It wouldn’t have surprised me to find that an unmarried, Irish Catholic girl finding herself pregnant had move away to have her baby and claimed the father was a soldier who had died before the baby was born but I also found their marriage record. How tragic – in the space of 9 months from June 1899 to March 1900 – they were married, he became a soldier, died in South Africa, and his daughter was born. 


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My Veteran’s Day quilt is a finished top. Inspired by the planned HeartStrings quilts made by Sharon in Maine and because i frequently get asked about these quilts, brief instructions are now on my website. 

Like all my tops being finished now, it will wait for quilting until I get the longarm here from Big Canoe which hopefully will happen in January if all goes according to plan.