While I’ve been under the weather I’ve been listening to an audio book on Michele Obama’s family history (the genealogy component of the story interested me) and watching a PBS TV series called Indian Summers both covering eras of bigotry and violence. 

I avoid watching TV news but I do read just enough news to stay somewhat informed and the elements of hatred, violence, and bigotry that dominate the headlines have me wondering if we’ll ever make any kind of progress at becoming a more kind and tolerant world. 

In USA Today I read this quote and I have to disagree. There’s been much hate and violence in history and I’m losing hope that we’ll ever be able to change things. 

“Our culture is much angrier, much more hate-filled than ever before, and our politics this year exemplifies that,”

I want to live in a world where individuals are judged for their actions not their race, religion,  job, economic status, or any other category with which we label people. 

My prayers for the Orlando victims and their families won’t change anything but I’ll still say them. 

It’s not much

I’ve spent a good deal of the day knitting but I also wandered into the sewing room to strip the beds and straighten up now that we’re not sleeping in there. I also pulled out the hourglass blocks and worked on them for a little while. I’ve still got a ways to go but it’s going to be a small top that I can quilt here and at least I’m back to making some progress on it. 

I wish I could say I was back to feeling good but at least the worst is over and I’ve got 2 more days without any commitments – it’s nice not having to push to get things done when you’re not feeling well and I even took a long nap this afternoon. Thanks for all the get well wishes!

Still sick

It’s rare that I’m so ill that I don’t putter in the sewing room or knit a little but that’s been the case for the most part the last several days so I’ve got nothing to show for myself. 

The new bedroom furniture came today and the bed is still higher than expected – we should have gone with the lower boxspring but the salesperson kind of talked me out of it because of the height of the headboard. When Keith gets home we’ll decide whether to return the boxspring for the lower one or just live with it as it is. I’m hoping this mattress is worth all the trouble we’ve gone through for it!

I have no commitments the next few days and I’m hoping by the end of the week to be on the mend. 

More remodeling/furnishing progress

I did not accomplish much today as I woke up feeling sick – my allergies were bothering me in Montreal or so I thought but I think it might be a cold. My chest is tight, my throat sore, and I’ve got a nagging cough. Keith has asked me to keep my germs to myself!

One thing we did work on was getting the library cleaned and set up now that the work on the bathrooms is done. Did I show you a photo of the hall bathroom?! It’s really Keith’s and I have the master bathroom to myself except when we have company. He likes having his own bathroom and I won’t argue with that! Don’t mind his toiletry bag sitting on the counter – we’d just gotten home when I snapped the photo. It’s small but I’m happy with the decision to pull the tub out of here and just have a walk in shower.

It’s very hard to get a decent photo of this room with the lighting and we still have map photos to hang above the chairs so don’t mind the bare wall.

A side view

Happy hour – reading and listening to background music

We’ve still got a lot of shelves to fill but that will take time.

By the way, my comment notification is still not working on the blog and I have no idea why they stopped appearing in my email box. I’m very frustrated! I do read them all but it’s not as easy to send a quick reply. I’m trying to answer any questions and to respond to as many as I can but its very time consuming to copy and paste them into an email so forgive me if I don’t reply to all of them.

Birthday surprise

I had a surprise when we arrived home tonight. In my sewing room, Keith had worked with Chris and Becky to add some encouragement to the space. I’ll admit that at times I wonder if I’m making a contribution and Keith is one of my strongest supporters reminding me of the ways that I make a difference with our families, with my quilting, and with other volunteer work.  Thank you to those of you that he managed to contact either through my blog or Vicki. (He said you were a big help Vicki in trying to reach out to some of the people I interact with online.) I look forward to creating more quilts in this room that will comfort those in need and I’m grateful for  the encouragement and support.

Chris even managed to pull some of my strings and arrange them in this old window.

Afraid of heights

I’m afraid of heights but love a great view so I try (if it’s not too scary of a climb) to take advantage of opportunities to view the scenery from above when possible. Today I visited the Notre Dame Bon Secours chapel and climbed to the top overlooking the St Lawrence river and the city of Montreal.


I also visited the Notre Dame Basilica. I love churches where I can light a candle and sit in quiet contemplation and prayer.

I choose to be outside 

There are always so many places to be visited in a new city but while there are wonderful museums and galleries, my first choice is always to be outside. I spent today walking around the city and at Mont Royal park where I had a beautiful view of downtown.

My second favorite thing to do in a city is visiting local churches and on the way back to the hotel, I stopped in at St. Patrick’s basilica, a church built for the English speaking Irish immigrants of the city.

Braving the elements

We made it about a mile and a half before we ducked into a coffee shop. 

They’ve got a covered outdoor area and we thought the rain might let up a bit but it looks like it’s here to stay all day so we’ll probably dash back to the hotel. Keith will work this afternoon and evening and I’ll read and knit. The forcast for the next couple days is better. 

Poor Keith 

We’ve had a lovely day here in Montreal but while I get to relax this evening, he has to work. 


Heading out

Got my kindle, my knitting, and a Bloody Mary – should be a good travel day! Keith’s flying a few rows back this first leg but he’ll join me up front from Atlanta to Montreal. One advantage to all his travel are the frequent flyer miles he uses for my flights.