Eager to get started

I’m eager to start working on my first two UFO’s but I’m away from home at the Condo we just purchased in the North Georgia Mountains at Big Canoe.

Keith and I had a very quiet Christmas here and I stayed on so we could have some insulation work done on the Condo. That led to needing to get a plumber in to look at the hot water heater and several other plumbing related issues. I expected the plumber to work today and had planned to return home in the morning but unfortunately the plumber canceled due to his assistant being ill and he hopes to come tomorrow.

I finished the book I was reading and I finished up the crochet afghan I was working on this weekend so I’ll guess I’ll go back to working on Warm up America squares for now.

I wanted to post a picture of Big Canoe here but they’re all at home so I’ll post one of Keith and me on a hiking trip to nearby Amicolala Falls.


  1. Well the squares are actually rectangles that are knitted or crocheted and then joined into afghans and donated. I use leftover yarn from other afghan projects and make the rectangles in between other projects.I crochet or knit when I’m traveling or at the condo and quilt when I’m at home. http://www.warmupamerica.com/home.htmlMary

  2. Nice to read that you do so many charity quilts. I like your 2006 goals…they are the same as mine 🙂 I look forward to hearing how you progress on those goals and getting to know more about you.Cher

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