Help Please!

I finished quilting the Log Cabin and had planned to use up some leftover binding so I sewed my scraps together (on the floor next to the quilt). But now that I’m finished with the quilt I think the blue is such a strong frame for the quilt that maybe I should use it instead of the scraps.

What do you think – should I bind the quilt in the same blue as the border or use the scrap binding?


  1. I like scrap bindings, but in this case, I think you’re right – the blue might look better? I love this quilt and so does my son – guess I’ll have to make one similar LOL.

  2. I like to use a contrasting binding, so would go with the scrappy strips – but either way you go it is going to be nice. My first log cabin I used the same binding fabric as the border and I like that too. My other log cabins I used the same RED that I used for the center squares for the binding – and – well, I liked that too! Guess I just like a quilt that is finished so you can use it. Is that ANY help??? I guess not, but in anycase, I would use the scrappy since you already have it ready to go.Cheers!Evelyn

  3. A scrap binding can always be used… but I’d save it for another project… I’d probably go for the red interior border as binding if that’s an option, as I prefer bindings that don’t blend too much… However I can “see” a blue one being very fitting too…

  4. I’d go with the scrap binding, or maybe another red like the inner border? Sometimes if I am using a medium blue for an outer border, I’ll go one shade darker for the binding…I very rarely if ever make the binding the same fabric as the last border. I like that contrasting binding!Bonnie

  5. I’d either use the blue or a same color contrasting, like your red stop binding…I think a scrap binding on this one would be too distracting…it’s GORGEOUS!HugsLaurie

  6. I’d use the same blue, or perhaps, something just a shade darker. Save the scrappy binding for a scrappy quilt with a busy or loud border.FWIW

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