I’m back at the Condo for a couple days so I started a new baby afghan. I’m making this one in a light blue variegated yarn and it’s a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.

I found that knitting is much slower for me than crochet so I stick to knitting baby afghans or scarves and save the crochet for kiddie or adult size afghans. The baby and adult afghans are donated to Catholic Charities and the kiddie afghans are donated to Project Linus.

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  1. I spent a good part of the end of my pregnancy knitting a baby blanket – I think I could have probably made 2 king sized quilts in the same amount of time, but it was so comfortable to just sit and knit – with my feet up! I am happy to say that Little Boy loves it – sleeps with it every night. Whatever little baby gets that blanket – they are sure to love it!Cheers!Evelyn

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