Zooba – Book of the Month Club Online

I recently joined a new online book club and this one may get me in trouble.

You create a reading list and then are sent one book each month from your list. You can also use the *buy now* to purchase any book.

The two reasons I joined are that all books are just $9.95 and there are never any shipping charges. (They do have current bestsellers, quilting, knitting, cookbooks, and more.)

The only catch (and this is NOT a problem for me) is that your credit card is charged 9.95 a month whether or not there are any books on your reading list. So essentially there is a minimum purchase of one book per month.

By the way, I have NO association with this site – I’m just an avid reader trying to stay in my monthly book budget. Well, there’s really no budget but books are a large monthly expenditure for me so I try to find ways to save.

Click the link below to check it out
Zooba� – the latest bestsellers for only $9.95. FREE shipping!


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