What I’m Reading

Everything Scrabble Joe Edley, John D. Williams

OK, did I tell you that I’m very competitive? My husband and I have gotten back into playing Scrabble and keeping track of how many wins we each have. Well, he’s winning abut 2 times to every 1 win of mine. It’s making me crazy because my vocabulary is probably better but he plays more strategically.

So I did what I do best and went and got a book in the hopes of picking up enough tips to beat him into the ground! And did I mention that the quiet evenings sitting in front of the fire with a glass of wine and the music playing while we compete is wonderful.


  1. Oh how I love Scrabble! My husband will not play the game with me anymore. (Yes, I won most of the time.) I am waiting patiently for my boys to start reading. Then I plan to get them a Jr. Scrabble to get them started.

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