My 3rd Goal for 2006

Cher asked what my third goal was. I had intended to at least begin it before posting but I had another setback yesterday toward meeting it so I’m going to have to rethink.

I haven’t worked outside the house for almost 5 years now. In that time, I’ve made tons of charity quilts so I guess my quilting has been my job. I have at different times thought about going back to work – my need to be useful and productive – but couldn’t find something that met my needs and allowed me to take off and travel with Keith whenever I wanted.

This year I’ve decided that I will volunteer and have been trying to volunteer at Hospice. They worked with me a year ago in the months I cared for Keith’s Dad before he passed away and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to give back.

However, the volunteer coordinator is not very responsive and although I’ve called and left messages and written, all I get are form letters a week or two before the required orientation class. Three times now – I’ve already had trips out of town planned and was unable to attend. This last time I specifically asked for future dates so I could plan my schedule and attend. Yesterday I got the 4th letter and again will be out of town for the February class.

I spoke with her again and she’s not sure when the next class will be, sometime in April maybe the 9 and 16 and no I can’t volunteer before taking the class.

So I guess I’ll look for something else in the meantime. I’m very disappointed.


  1. Mary,It sounds like the coordinator isn’t a very reliable/knowledgable one. Keep plugging away though…Hospice care is such a loving service to families of people who are dying.HugsLaurie

  2. A very good friend of mine is a Hospice coordinator. She would be truly upset reading this post. Sometimes, it is extremely hard for them to find willing volunteers.

  3. this coordinator is missing a golden opportunity with you-too bad! I hear your frustration…guess patience will pay off in the long run. I know you will enjoy the giving back part-hospice is so great. Cher

  4. That’s really too bad, she is missing a good opportunity. It is frustrating when you have thought it over and made the decision to volunteer, and then can’t make it happen. I had that happen at a nursing home once. Maybe something more perfect for you is waiting right around the corner.

  5. Having been a volunteer coordiantor in a previous life I apologize on behalf of all of us… Its really too bad you’re not finding a “fit” but if joining them is this hard, you need to really think if you’ll get the flexibility and support you want as a volunteer. There are LOTS of great places that would love to have you, so don’t let this sour you on the diea of volunteering…

  6. Wow, good volunteers are hard to find, so it is too bad to hear about your experience.I used to volunteer in the stroke ward of a hospital in San Francisco. The people would love for me to read them their books, write letters to loved ones, ponder over a crossword puzzle – for some of these people – it was any little excuse for some company. I really enjoyed it.If I were in the States right now, I would volunteer at the Senior Center or library to teach how to make a 9 patch quilt. That would be right up my alley.If you think you really would like contributing to the Hospice program, keep trying.Cheers!Evelyn

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