Thanks for all the encouragement and I don’t plan to give up. I will try to attend the Hospice orientation in April if I am notified about the dates in time to make sure I’m in town.

In the meantime I plan to go to a nearby Senior Day Care Center and see about volunteering there. I’ve already spoken to the coordinator so I expect it won’t be a problem.

Tomorrow I’m going to a mini Bee group and will work on stitching the binding down on the Baby Log Cabin. I’ve belonged to a large guild on and off for the past 3+ years but this will just be the 2nd Bee group meeting I’ve attended. I’m trying to get more involved in things that get me out of the house.

Once I finish stitching this binding down I will have finished 3 UFO’s this month. I really like how the pantograph turned out on this quilt and when I finish the binding I’ll post a close-up of the quilting.


  1. I am certain you can find a volunteer position somewhere that will work for you. The senior center sounds like a great place to try!! Goodluck!

  2. Mary, that’s crazy that you’re trying so hard to volunteer with Hospice and can’t connect. Sounds like the coordinator isn’t real organized. You’d think she would plan the meetings ahead of time and at least give you a call instead of hoping a letter gets there in time.I’m sure it will either work out for you or you’ll find a better cause.. maybe not “better” than Hospice but better in that it works out better for you. Judy L.

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