I’m curious why more people don’t have an email address listed in their Blog Profile. I have mine listed and don’t seem to get anymore spam than usual in my mailbox.

It’s a lot more convenient to respond to comments when people have an email listed.

What do the rest of you think? Are there other reasons you aren’t listing your email address?


  1. Can’t help you there… I have my email listed too.I broadcast my gmail account to “unsecure” means, where anybody could get ahold of my address if they wanted to. But I do keep this account for “unsecure” stuff – no credit cards or important accounts are tied to it. So should that account get broken into, I’m not gonna be cussing over valueable information getting loose. Eh, unless you count all those quilty tips and sites! 🙂

  2. same as Leah, I made sure my email is listed for exactly the reason you cited. It’s easier to respond via email than through the blog at times. and it is frustrating when I can not email someone after reading something on their blog.oh well-guess some folks want more privacy perhaps?

  3. I don’t list an email, as I don’t want yet another email account to check. I have one email for close friends/family; one for household stuff and purchases; two for work (one for me specifically, one for the office in general)… and check 2 other work ones as admin assistant (personal ones for my “bosses”) The thought of checking more emails is awful!! I read through my blog comments every couple of days, and love that I don’t need a filing system for them — they’re already filed!So at least for me, that’s why I don’t use an email address…

  4. I like having the e-mail posted too. I use my regular e-mail address that I use for everything. After years and years of my e-mail, phone number, address and everything else you might want to know being posted all over the internet (mostly because of the longarm business and wanting people to find me), I have never had a problem. Judy L.

  5. I too have my e-mail listed & have not suffered any adverse effects. I find it also opens up a line of communication… & DEFINATELY makes it easier to reply back… But I had to be told to add it – I missed that part of seeting up my blog… I have passed on the advice too.

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