Finished the binding Tuesday 1/31/06

Here’s another UFO I’ve been working on. This top had been sitting on the shelf for over a year now. I pulled it out and loaded it on Sunday and finished up the quilting today.

Hopefully by the weekend it will be bound, labeled and checked off as completed.

This quilt will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald House which is the main charity supported by my Guild. They collect the quilts once a year and I try to have as many as I can to donate. This year they’ll be collected in August and this is the 3rd one set aside for that purpose. My mom and sister have helped out too and over the last 3 years we’ve donated 27 quilts to the Ronald McDonald House.

15 thoughts on “Hearts

  1. Nice quilt – and a great charity to support. I told my GF to give her Barbie Collection to them after her benefactor divorced her. Now she is free of the burden and someone else got some lovely dollies! :o)


  2. Great to finish the hearts, even if you’re putting it away to give away later, before Valentines. It’ll help set the mood for the season (is Valentines a season… perplexed look….) 🙂


  3. Wow, Mary – you are really making good progress on your UFO’s! I’ve dropped out of Stashbusters as I couldn’t keep up with all the email – the 100 yard dash sounds intriguing. Are you having a contest to see who uses 100 yards of fabric first? I’ve now ready your blog from beginning to end and have enjoyed it very much!


  4. i love your quilts Mary, but haven’t written before. I love log cabins as well nad it’s a great way to use up scraps. Also love the hearts quilt. Whoever receives it will love it too.


  5. This is such a pretty quilt – and for a worthy cause too. DH and I stayed at a Ronald MacDonald house when my baby was first born (he had to have emergency bowel surgery) and it was truly a blessing for us. We had a handmade quilt on our bed too and it really gave a homely feel to a strange place. Good on you and your guild 🙂


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