I’m pulling out my Cathedral windows project to pack it for my trip and can only find the finished squares – none of the muslin squares or the small *flower* squares. Well of course I don’t remember how big to cut them so I go looking for the book with the 1/2 page instructions and can’t find it.

Finally, after an hour of throwing books everywhere I find it sitting on the floor under a stack of books I’d already looked through 3 times . You should all be impressed that I even remember which book had my skimpy directions in it after all it’s been almost 3 years since I started this project.

Now I just have to cut a new bunch of squares as if I didn’t have enough to do tomorrow getting ready to be gone for 11 days!

The good news is that there are about 2 rows of squares finished that aren’t sewn together yet that I’d forgotten I’d finished.

Next time I put a project away maybe I should put some kind of instructions with it. That’s what I get for not working from patterns.


  1. You are in good company when it comes to loosing directions – I am glad that you found yours. Cathedral window is such a great hand piecing project! Yours is especially pretty. Enjoy your trip.Cheers!Evelyn

  2. I’m the worst at losing things or putting them somewhere so they’ll be safe and forgetting where I put them.What book is that pattern in? I love what you’ve done so far.Judy L.

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