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4th of July James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

I just finished this mystery – 4th in the series featuring Lt. Lindsey Boxer.

I didn’t realize until I started keeping track of the books I’m reading that I read so many mysteries with female detectives or private investigators. I enjoyed this book and have liked all the ones so far in this series.


  1. Have you read any Nevada Barr? She is a park ranger who always ends up in the middle of murder mysteries. She works at different parks and the author really gives you a good feel for each of the parks. I recommend reading her in order.

  2. O.k. I need the scoop on this “series” is it like Grafton or Barr – a little bit of commonality between books? Similar enough that someone like me with a very narrow reading window will liek it? (I can not get back into my current read…. Cat in a Golden Garland by Carole Nelson Douglas – I read a few of the early ones in order…)

  3. Hello Mary,Its nice to know someone who also has read James patterson`s book, i am trying to collect all his books, my 1st of of his was 4 blind mice and the 1st novel i ever read, i started reading when my son was in hospital for 5 weeks as i was to far away from home with him to do much else, and this book was in the waiting room, since then love all kinds of books as well as my family, x-stitch, and patchwork, quiltingThankyouTracey

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