Labeling quilts to be donated

While it was good to get a lot done last night when I couldn’t sleep – I made up for it and slept in this morning. Now I’m not tired tonight so I’m working again.

I finished the quilting on the Red and Purple rail fence, took it off the machine, trimmed it, sewed the binding on, and still not tired. So I decided to embroider my initials and the year on the back as my label.

I’d been using my sewing machine alphabet to sew initials and the year on some of my donation quilts but wasn’t crazy about how it looked. So when I saw a post by Jeanne with her morning has broken embroidery I decided that I’d label one of these next quilts by hand.

Even though my lettering needs a lot of practice I’m happier with these results than the machine lettering. This has more character!

I’ll work on hand stitching the binding down tomorrow night while I’m watching the Olympics and this will be UFO #5 finished.


  1. Did you embroider before or after quilting? (I want to embroider after, but I am not sure how…. & I need to do it in something like 2 days…. Nothing like waiting till the last minute….)This post reminded me of the job that I need to do….

  2. LOVE the red and purple! Love it! Being a traditional handquilter it took years before I broke down and had my first quilt machine quilted, it was either that or give up piecing and handquilt for the rest of my life! I still handquilt a bit but for the most part I have my quilts machine quilted or do the zoomline quilting myself. I totally love your red and purple.

  3. I have never made a purple quilt but I love yours and may have to try one. The quilting is fabulous and I love the hand stitched label. You’re getting a lot of UFOs finished so far this year.

  4. The quilting looks great Mary, and I love the embroidered initials. Perfect for a charity quilt. It may very well be treasured for several generations by the one who receives it – one never knows.

  5. Hi Mary, sorry I haven’t been dropping in as much as I would have if the eye were behaving. The embroidery by hand looks wonderful. It feels more personal, more hands on, and seems to add even more of the “human” touch.I think the rail fence and it’s quilting is did a great job. I love that design!!Scrolled back down to see your 3 completed afghans(way to go!) and I absolutely LOVE your string quilts. So many accomplishments already, and it’s only FEB..congrats too on the weight loss, that’s impressive! Keep up the great work, Hugs, Finn

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