Adam’s top finished

I was determined NOT to go to bed tonight before finishing this top. I did not want to wake up and have to face it in the morning. It’s turning out better than I expected it and I know Adam will love it.

Now I’ll put it aside until I get back from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show next week. We visit Adam on his birthday (March 18th) so I’ll have plenty of time to quilt it before our visit.


  1. Nice job Mary. am sure he will love it. I made a Seminole stip quilt for my ds when he was 5 and at 22 he stll loves it!A flannel back with no batt would be easier to quilt. Trust me on this:)

  2. This turned out great. Much more masculine than a raggy quilt would have been. I think something simple for the quilting. Maybe zigzagging across each row by sewing a diagonal line in each block? Sort of like lightning? Something that would be in keeping with the masculine look.

  3. Great job on the jeans quilt! I love the touches of red in there. I think you made the best of it when you couldn’t do the ragged thing. It’s hard to change plans once squares are cut..I think he’ll love it!

  4. Mary, the two outer rings really finished off the quilt nicely. I couldn’t quite figure out just where you were heading with it from the last shot–the red inserts give it a little punch since the blues and black are monochromatic. Adam will surely love it and the non-fringed version you made him.

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