I’ve loaded the butterfly quilt and intended to start quilting it tonight but since I’m not sure about the quilting I’m going to sleep on it and start tomorrow afternoon.

I’m in such a pantograph mode – I haven’t quilted anything freehand this year. I’m debating between freehand quilting a Line Dancing pattern with leaves or this pantograph – Rhapsody. The lazy way would be to just do the pantograph.

Second I’m debating thread color. An olive green that matches the *dark* fabric in the quilt or a variegated with greens, golds, and oranges.

Click on the picture to get a larger view.

I’ll probably start quilting in the afternoon so if you have any thoughts for me – leave me a comment before then otherwise it will be too late because I AM going to make a decision and quilt this tomorrow!


  1. Mary, I agree, the variegated thread would be nice, and the pantograph looks lovely. trishPretty sock, did I miss the details of yarn and pattern? And I love the picot edge–so suited to the colorway and pattern…trish< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>

  2. At first I was going to say the olive green thread… but when I embiggen the picture, I was more drawn to the varigated thread. 🙂What about a butterfly panto?

  3. leah and I are on the same page about this…exactly my thoughts-varigated and although the panto is nice…a few butterflies thrown in would be a nice touch…

  4. After reading the other comments and looking at the quilt/thread/panto pattern. this is what I could vision.Use the varigated thread. Use the panto Rhapsoday for the everything but the outer border. And do some free hand or panto butterflies for the border.I think they would be lost in the center just being put here and there.Whatever you choose I know the end result will be just right..

  5. please ignore the pretty sock comment, I think that came out of some blogger black hole…sorry…I see the variegated is winning the popularity contest…trish

  6. I like the variegated too…and like the idea of the panto in center and some butterflies in the border…do you have a butterfly pattern?

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