Project Linus

Today I took quilts and afghans to the local Project Linus chapter. I had two of each to donate this time. The top pink afghan is crocheted in a shell pattern that is very pretty. The green and yellow quilt alternates a cute cat print block with pinwheel blocks and the blue and pink quilt has a butterfly print in a twisted block setting.

I’m still working on quilting Adam’s jeans quilt. I’ve run into some problems with thread breaking and although I have tried different needles and different threads I’m still having some problems.

I had planned to meander it but the thread kept breaking when I went around a curve so I’m just quilting back and forth across the blocks very SLOWLY. I’ve only got the final round of black blocks to quilt and then it will be ready for binding.


  1. Mary, welcome home though I did read it was only for a few days. Wow, you must be a fast knitter/crocheter! I wondered what the denim top would be like to quilt. Sorry to hear you have had trouble with it.

  2. Wow, you are a productive one! I love the pretty afghans, I have to admire other people’s since I don’t do those. Very nice of you to give of yourself to others. Wish I could help you with your thread breakage problem. I just got my HQ16 and I don’t have enough experience to offer any advice. I’m sure it’s a bit frustrating. Good luck!

  3. Good job on the Project Linus quilts. Don’t you hate it when the thread breaks and you can’t figure it out!Good luck!Judy L.

  4. What a pretty stack of “blankies”. Children will be so thrilled to receive these – what a great way to make a child feel special.I’m so sorry about your thread problem – what a bummer! Have you tried the very biggest needle you have? That’s what I always use on denim in my domestic machine, and I think that’s what I’d start with in my longarm also – I think that would be a 5.5? Not sure – I’m still new at this.

  5. Good for you for getting to the last row of black blocks on Adam’s quilt. I am sure a jean quilt is a challenge!!! The donations look pretty. I see some nice quilting on those quilts! And, Little Boy’s 2nd favorite blanket is something I knit for him when I was pregnant. Kids just love soft things!Cheers!Evelyn

  6. How fun to deliver your quilts!!! Just think…someone will be wrapped up and warm becuase of your efforts! I think your butterfly print is similar to a print that is a challenge fabric that I am doing wiht a couple of pals. Very pretty!

  7. Mary-lovely donation blankies…the shell crochet is the same one my mom did for my oldest son-sure brought back some nice memories! fun bright quilts for the kids too…I am sure they will go wild over them. I wondered how your jean quilt would quilt…you have received some good advice about needles-and at least you pressed on-I am sure you will be happy once it’s off the machine!

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