Another border?

Almost done – I think it could use another border of the dark blue to reframe the quilt. Yes? No? If yes, what size? The braids and pieced border finish at 4 inches and the dark blue border is 3 inches.

Chesty’s up on the chair studying the quilt but didn’t express his opinion one way or the other.

See all the blue strips still on the floor? A blue string quilt?


I got disgusted with the braids and decided I was done. Instead of one larger quilt I cut the braids I’d made in half and am making 2 smaller donation quilts. I will never use the foundation by the yard muslin for making braids again.

I need to THINK when I pull out a UFO and not just do what was planned. Some of these have been sitting around a while and there may be changes I need to make or a better way to do something – like the braid!

I put a top and bottom border on the smallest quilt pictured above and am in the process of adding a piano key border. Neither of them will get quilted right away – I’ll let them *age* a little on the shelf.

Challenge Quilts

In rebuilding my computer files I came across this picture of a quilt I made for a family challenge. We’re not very consistent but periodically I do a quilt challenge with my Mom and 3 sisters.

This time around my sister Debbie got to pick the rules which were 1) only 3 fabrics allowed 2) it had to be at least 75×75 and 3) there had to be applique. I usually make scrap quilts so this was a difficult challenge for me. I’d rather work with 2 fabrics or MANY!

The pattern is based on a quilt in the book Bed and Breakfast quilts and I hated the quilt in the book but felt like the pattern would showcase the toile and that it would go together quickly. The idea for applique border came from a magazine.

In the end I really liked the result and rather than exchanging finished quilts as we usually did, I suggested we each keep our own so I could use it for one of my guest beds.

No quilting this weekend

I spent the weekend up in the mountains and didn’t get any piecing or quilting done. It was cold so the evenings were spent curled up in front of the fire and watching movies or playing scrabble and the days were spent hiking. I did work a little on a knitted baby blanket that I keep up at the condo to work on but I’ve still got about half of it to go.

Since signing up for the 3 day Breast Cancer Walk that will be held in Atlanta in October I decided I’d start keeping track of my mileage. I’m already ahead of their suggested training schedule and it shouldn’t be too difficult for me until about 10 – 11 weeks before the event. As an added bonus, the walking and hiking should help with my weight loss goals.

More good news/bad news
The good news is that I finally found my backup DVD’s so I can recover files lost when my hard drive crashed. The bad news is that the last time I backed my files was August so I still lost 6 months worth of files. At least I don’t have to reload all my albums on iTunes! Once I reload my files I’ll back them up on the new external hard drive. Too bad I hadn’t bought that before this last crash.

Organizing and Cleaning my Studio

Once again the mess in my sewing studio has gotten out of control. I cleaned it up completely last October before having a Bee group from my guild meet at my house and since then it’s been piling back up. Now it’s to the point I can’t even stand to be in the room.

I hate spending quilting time cleaning especially when I’ve been out of town. When I come home I want to get right back to work and not *waste* time straightening and cleaning.

Disscusion on the Stashbuster list about how others approach their quilting spaces and some direct feedback to me from a posting I made has been really helpful.

I’ve decided that prior to doing any quilting I’ll clean up one area in the room. Yesterday I cleared out the floor by my desk. I couldn’t even move my chair back without bumping into stacks of books or one of two filing boxes I had sitting in this area. Now I can move my chair or walk through this area without bumping into things.

I won’t get any sewing done today because we’re heading off to the mountains in a hour but I did clean off my cutting table. I’m going to keep at it and by the time I have my Bee group here again in May I won’t have to worry about the mess.

Atlanta 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk

I spent the day running around starting with my Weight Watchers meeting – I just finished week 9 and have lost 15.4 lbs – yeah! It’s slow but steady. To celebrate I went for a hike up Kennesaw Mountain – just 2 and 1/2 miles but the climb is strenuous.

This evening I went to an information meeting for the Atlanta 3 day Breast Cancer Walk. For years I’ve thought this would be a neat thing to do but at first we didn’t live in a city hosting one and I really hadn’t seen information about one since we moved to the Atlanta area. After reading on the website that it is 60 miles in 3 days I was hesitant but decided to go to the information meeting anyway.

After the presentation I decided to go ahead and sign up. I do a lot of walking and hiking now so it’s not like I’ll be starting from scratch but I’ll have to crank up the miles to train for the event that is October 20-22. I was also nervous because this is the weekend before my son’s wedding but it’s not like that is a reason I can’t do it. There’s nothing scheduled for that weekend anyway.

To top off my day – I was in downtown Atlanta at night (coming home from the meeting) and got a flat tire. I never go into town at night so I was pretty upset about being in a strange area with a flat. I called AAA and my husband but it was going to be 40 minutes before Keith could get there and an hour and a half before AAA was going to arrive. Anyway, a man using the pay phone at the gas station I’d pulled into offered to change the tire – I was nervous about accepting but he got the tire changed for me and I was able to call Keith and tell him I’d meet him back near the house for dinner. The drive on I75 at night, in a hard rain, with a fake (spare) tire was pretty scary but I got home safe.

Just goes to show there are Good Samaritans out there – sometimes where you don’t expect to find them.

UFO #8 Finished

I finished up the binding on the Crayon quilt tonight and embroidered my initials and the year on the back. Not my favorite but it’s done. You can see a close-up picture of the quilting in the picture I posted the other day.

I had planned to work some on the braid quilt today but Keith and I went for a 10 mile hike instead. It was a cool drizzly day but it was nice to be outside.