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I decided to do some yard work today instead of walking to *earn* my weight watchers activity points. Normally slave boy (Adam) would be doing this but since he moved out in November it’s left to me to rake all the pine staw out of the mondo grass.

While I was taking a picture of the work I was doing I decided to take some pictures of my daffodils in bloom (near the rocks). From there I figured I’d take some pictures of the house to share with everyone in blogland.

We live in an older neighborhood outside of Atlanta and have a beautiful corner lot. Our living room is on the second floor so between that and living up on the hill we look out over the tree tops NOT the other houses in the neighborhood.

As you can see I have plenty of raking left to do.


  1. Mary, what a beautiful area you live in. I have never been to Georgia other than to fly into and out of the Atlanta airport, but every time I do I admire the beauty from above. Very different from Utah.Kairle

  2. Hi,You live in a beautiful area! It looks like spring to me! We are having -5 degrees daytime and about 50 cm of snow..Barbara

  3. Pine trees! I really miss pine trees! Your home is just lovely! And congrats on getting all those pine needles raked up! It feels so good when that’s done!!

  4. How wonderful to have all those trees near the house..*S* And what a great view you must have from that high up..thanks for sharing..*VBS*

  5. Mary, your home and yard are so pretty! Daffodils are thinking about blooming here and a few that are in full sun have started to bloom. Spring’s coming! 🙂Judy L.

  6. Mary, if ATL weather has been anything like our side of the state line you you have been given an almost spring day to get some yard work done. And that stuff is called mondo grass? HMMM

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