Baby Stripes

I’ve mentioned before that I like to cut out more than one scrap quilt at a time. This top was a quick one to piece from strips cut when I was cutting for the Baby Cabin. I started piecing some blocks on Thursday and Saturday nights and finished the top up today.

Initially I thought I’d do a string quilt but decided that with all the strips the same width that a Roman Stripe would be a better choice. I cut my muslin squares oversized and foundation pieced the strips to half the block and trimmed to size.

The quilt is 38×45.


  1. That is really cute, Mary. I can’t wait to see it quilted. I never liked 30’s prints until about year ago. Now they are so fresh-looking, I love them.

  2. cute, do you plan to do some kind of “triangle” quilting in the muslin area? (I like to set quilts on point just for the fancy triangle quilting!)

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