Pam asked do I keep a suitcase packed near the door – the answer is no but I frequently don’t get completely unpacked before having to pack for another trip. One of the advantages to having a husband who travels and kids who are grown is the ability to tag along on his trips when I want to. Keith will work while we’re here but I’ll spend my days exploring the city. I don’t mind being on my own while he’s working – in fact I really enjoy it.

I brought my small digital camera but can’t transfer the photo’s to the computer so here is one I took with the phone. The skyline appears more distant in the picture than it actually is. I’m looking forward to taking a water taxi across the harbor tomorrow and spending my day wandering around.


  1. Oh how I love Boston. Enjoy. We lived in Salem for a while. Try to get there and do the witch business. The House of Seven Gables, witch trials, and so much history.

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