Walking the Freedom Trail

Most of my day today was spent along the Freedom Trail in Boston. I did NOT go in each site along the trail, my main goal was to walk the Trail and back to the water taxi location to return to my hotel. I did however go into the Paul Revere house and I admit into a Borders I came across while walking. I’m sure that won’t surprise those who have been reading my blog and know that reading is a favorite activity for me. I’m feeling a little guilty for making time for the book store while passing up going into some of the sites that make up the Trail but I’d do it again so I guess I’m not too guilty.

After taking a water taxi to Long Wharf I took my first ride on the T. I wanted to visit Trinity Church and go by the Hard Rock Cafe (to pick up a T-shirt for Adam – he collects them) before starting my walk. After picking up the T-shirt, I walked to Boston Commons and began walking.

Tomorrow we head for home.


  1. Oh, Mary, you’re making me homseick… I hope you are having an absolutely wonerful time! and, NO guilt for the bookstore- it’s your time to spend how you enjoy… If you get to Cambridge, there are some amazing bookstores in Harvard Square.

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