My current project

Since I’ve been home I started working on another UFO. My Mom cut a bunch of strips for me at least 2 years ago for this braid quilt. I no longer intend to do the original quilt I’d planned (that one had applique) but I want to get this one off my list of projects so I’m making the braids and will decide on the finished quilt by the time I’m done.

I’m working on a vertical strippie pattern in EQ5 but I’m just not sure how wide my alternate strips will be and whether I am going to use a light blue or a red fabric as an accent between the braids and strips.

I’ve got two of these braids completed and I think I’ll need 5 for the finished quilt. They’re being pieced on the foundation by the yard muslin and I’m hating it. Next time I’m piecing braids without a foundation.

Hopefully, I’ll load a top on the longarm today so I’ll be working on two UFO’s this week.


  1. Mary, I have heard of the foundation by the yard but I found those bits easy to zip up in the machine without anything yesterday. Fun too! Looks very masculine in colors so far. For one of your boys?

  2. Mary, I agree about the foundation piecing…on some things, it’s just not worth it! I think you found one of them! Looks great so far though. Again, on my list to do….ahhhhh, sew much to do, sew little time!

  3. EWWW Foundations by the yard is definately the hard way to do a braid quilt! I started with a triangle and pieced to both sides and kept going then trimmed to rectangel once it was long enough….I do however, like the blues!

  4. Well, if you have 2 done and only need 5, then you are almost 1/2 way there! I really like the blue sashing with the blue braids – a blue, blue quilt! I have a scrappy braid on the go – I think I have 2 braids done too, but I didn’t use a foundation.Cheers!Evelyn

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