Bad luck/good luck

The bad luck is that I had a power outage that killed my computer so I went out yesterday and bought a new CPU and have been setting it up with all my programs. More bad news – I’ve lost a significant number of files because although I do back them up periodically its been a few months AND right now I can’t even find the last backup copy. So having learned my lesson (again) I bought a external hard drive to do routine backups of my computer data.

The good news is that I was quilting at the time of the power outage and my longarm is fine – no damage there. This picture is the quilt I was finishing up at the time. Not my favorite but I had this crayon print that was supposed to have been a border on another quilt but I decided it was too busy. I had hoped that the flying geese would calm this down some.

Bottom line is that it’s kind of cute and it’s bright so I’m sure some kid will love it. It is donation quilt but I’m not sure where it will go. I still have to bind it but with trying to get my computer up and running again I haven’t worked on it today.


  1. That quilt is kinda cute and it is one of my worst fears that I will have a power surge on my LA and it will die. Australia is a long way from Iowa if I need a new motherboard.

  2. That sucks! What did you replace it with? I am not sure if I like the crayons? But I do like the colors on black, just like you did to Trudy’s quilt, you should post that one!

  3. your quilting is wonderful on this quilt Mary. I think this came out very well and is sure to brighten up some child’s life.

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