Atlanta 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk

I spent the day running around starting with my Weight Watchers meeting – I just finished week 9 and have lost 15.4 lbs – yeah! It’s slow but steady. To celebrate I went for a hike up Kennesaw Mountain – just 2 and 1/2 miles but the climb is strenuous.

This evening I went to an information meeting for the Atlanta 3 day Breast Cancer Walk. For years I’ve thought this would be a neat thing to do but at first we didn’t live in a city hosting one and I really hadn’t seen information about one since we moved to the Atlanta area. After reading on the website that it is 60 miles in 3 days I was hesitant but decided to go to the information meeting anyway.

After the presentation I decided to go ahead and sign up. I do a lot of walking and hiking now so it’s not like I’ll be starting from scratch but I’ll have to crank up the miles to train for the event that is October 20-22. I was also nervous because this is the weekend before my son’s wedding but it’s not like that is a reason I can’t do it. There’s nothing scheduled for that weekend anyway.

To top off my day – I was in downtown Atlanta at night (coming home from the meeting) and got a flat tire. I never go into town at night so I was pretty upset about being in a strange area with a flat. I called AAA and my husband but it was going to be 40 minutes before Keith could get there and an hour and a half before AAA was going to arrive. Anyway, a man using the pay phone at the gas station I’d pulled into offered to change the tire – I was nervous about accepting but he got the tire changed for me and I was able to call Keith and tell him I’d meet him back near the house for dinner. The drive on I75 at night, in a hard rain, with a fake (spare) tire was pretty scary but I got home safe.

Just goes to show there are Good Samaritans out there – sometimes where you don’t expect to find them.


  1. Mary, glad your story had a good ending. And good for your on the walking! It has poured off and on all day today so you probably have gotten some too? DJ said we might get as much as 5 inches tomorrow—and here is golfing buddy from IL is coming through to play Weds a.m. Might be a swamp by then.Love the flying geese quilt even if you are not a fond of it.

  2. Planning to walk the weekend before your son’s wedding sounds like a wonderful stress reliver to me! Its so wonderful that you had the experience of your fears not coming to fruition. I know what a relief it can be. Glad you got home safe and sound.

  3. Wow, that walk sounds intense! What a sense of accomplishment you will have when you are done and what great shape you’ll be in for the wedding. You’ll look awesome as mother of the groom!

  4. Yes there are many good samaritans still out there. What’s so sad is that society has taught us to be afraid to accept that help.

  5. all sounds good Mary-I know that highway…and driving in the rain at night…it is scary! glad it all came out ok! I know you will do great on the 3 day walk event-you are great at planning and reaching your goals..just keep doing your steady walking/hiking and you will do awesome! and congrats on the weight loss!

  6. I’m glad your guardian angel was looking out for you. That is scary. I had a blowout in the dark on the freeway in a pouring rainstorm so I can imagine how you feel. I waited almost an hour for AAA to come change it.

  7. Good luck with the 3 day walk! Good for you for doing it. I’m glad your flat tire was solved and you are safe. I’m not sure why we continue with AAA .. I guess because what they offer is better than nothing but their service really isn’t very good.Judy L.

  8. I’m glad you got home safely…I’m nervous driving on I75 through Atlanta in the daytime, with good weather. I would have been frightened.The walk sounds great..I know I couldn’t go that far, but it’s awesome that you’re doing it.

  9. Glad that a nice person came along to help you out! Not always easy to get those lug nuts off if a garage used a power tool to put them on – ugh!And the walk sounds ambitious, but you have lots of time to work up to it – go for it!Cheers!Evelyn

  10. I used to live in Atlanta, Clayton Co. Jonesboro, to be exact…before our big move to Ireland. I broke down on I 75, had bought a used car that had been in a crash and an actual chunk of the engine block somehow fell out??? of the car and it caught on fire! A man jumped out of his car waving his arms hysterically and scared the life out of me…he saw the flames that I couldn’t and my car was still moving so I was trying to edge off the interstate…eek… long story short…my car was scrapped and this stranger took me to his workplace and let me call DH for help…sometimes you just get a good feeling about someone…and he turned to be a good guy…

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