No quilting this weekend

I spent the weekend up in the mountains and didn’t get any piecing or quilting done. It was cold so the evenings were spent curled up in front of the fire and watching movies or playing scrabble and the days were spent hiking. I did work a little on a knitted baby blanket that I keep up at the condo to work on but I’ve still got about half of it to go.

Since signing up for the 3 day Breast Cancer Walk that will be held in Atlanta in October I decided I’d start keeping track of my mileage. I’m already ahead of their suggested training schedule and it shouldn’t be too difficult for me until about 10 – 11 weeks before the event. As an added bonus, the walking and hiking should help with my weight loss goals.

More good news/bad news
The good news is that I finally found my backup DVD’s so I can recover files lost when my hard drive crashed. The bad news is that the last time I backed my files was August so I still lost 6 months worth of files. At least I don’t have to reload all my albums on iTunes! Once I reload my files I’ll back them up on the new external hard drive. Too bad I hadn’t bought that before this last crash.


  1. oh Mary! I learned that lesson too. When I upgraded to my new computer, I insisted on an external hard drive and have it set to back up every night automatically-that way I can not “forget”. Nice about the iTunes being ok…that is a lot of work to reload!

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