I’m getting a little tired of blue!

With all the leftover strips from the blue braid quilts I decided I needed to work on a string quilt. Pulled a bunch of blue strings out and tossed them with the strips and started making these string blocks.

I went looking for some ideas on layout and saw a pattern in the book Liberated Strings for the hourglass blocks and just had to try that with a few of my string blocks. So now I really like how the hourglass blocks look but I also like the string blocks I started with.

I decided that I’ll make both quilts. I have plenty of strips and strings for two and so I’ve been working on both sets of blocks for the last couple days. The pictures were taken at different times so the colors look off but they ARE the same set of blocks.

I’m about halfway done with both sets but am off to Virginia for a few days for a visit with my Mom so they’ll be waiting for me when I get back.

I won’t have computer access while I’m gone because my Mom’s computer got fried when she had a power surge last week but will check in on Sunday night when I get home. Hope you all get lots of quilting done this weekend.


  1. Hi Mary 🙂As always string blocks looks good, and the hour glass blocks are clever. Thanks for the idea. I do have some strings in my collection…. 😉 Have a safe trip !

  2. Blue quilts are my favourite and I love both versions, Mary. If you get tired of them I’d be happy to give them a good home LOL

  3. String blocks are so satisfying because they go together so fast and yours look great. Thanks for the new idea with the hourglass blocks. Have a great trip.:o)

  4. I like them both too… If it’s too much blue for you, you can sash them with yellow (well maybe not the hourglass blocks, but definately the others!)

  5. I love both those quilts. You are making excellent use of all that blue fabric. I really love the string quilts, I could make them all day! Have fun visiting your Mom!

  6. Oh I bet you and your mom are going to be sew busy sewing that you won’t miss the computer much at all. Catch you when you get back!Good job on your blocks! I like both version but the white space of the hour glass works well. Lots and lots of ways to use string blocks to make them “different” for the maker. I may have tried them all a couple years back, LOL

  7. I’ve been wanting to make string blocks for a while now. I think I will have to do some soon, and get the Liberated Strings book!THey are both looking great.

  8. Just happened on you while browsing on Bonnie’s site. What do you use for your foundation, on the string piecing? I’ve tried many things. Don’t like the ink that rubs off on my machine. Your quilts are beautiful! Mimi

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