Family Quilt Challenge/Exchange

Debbie’s quilt
Ann’s quilt (she’s on the left)
Maureen’s quilt
Mom’s quilt (this is the one I got in the exchange)
Janet is Debbie’s daughter-in-law and didn’t finish her quilt in time for the exchange but it was her first quilt so maybe it was best she got to keep it.
Evelyn asked if I had pictures of the other quilts that were exchanged when I did the Toile quilt. I don’t have those but my Autumn Geese was done for a family challenge two and a half years ago and I do have pictures of those quilts. The rules were simple – the quilt had to be a scrap quilt and have a minimum of 25 fabrics.

After everyone showed their quilt we pulled numbers out of a bowl to see which one we would win. It was random EXCEPT if we’d already previously won a quilt from someone we drew another name.

My Toile quilt was for the exchange after this one and my sister who hates scrap quilts made the rule that it had to have only 3 fabrics and applique – I think she was trying to get back at me!

We were supposed to exchange quilts again last June but life got in the way. I did get mine from Debbie but haven’t yet made the wallhanging I’m supposed to make for Maureen. I guess I should move that up my list.


  1. Oh these photos are just too fun! Thanks for sharing. What a big variety of fabrics/patterns for the swap… and definately, I think that a 1st quilt should be kept, I mean there is only one first!Cheers!Evelyn

  2. What a terrific idea for all the quilters in your family to do this! Janet should keep her first quilt, I agree, but she sure didn’t get left behind in the fun!Y’all are pretty talented women!

  3. I think your mum’s quilt would be my favourite to live with. Although I do have a weakness for quilts with houses on them. Janet’s quilt looks great for a first time effort 🙂

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