Sometimes good things just happen

I was *stuck* at the condo today waiting for a guy to come measure for carpet when I read a message on the Stashbuster list about someone getting an early start on the stay at home weekend retreat.

Since I’d tossed my hexagon flowers in a tote to bring with me this weekend I decided I would *retreat* while I was waiting. I put some music on and spent the afternoon out on the deck sewing hexagons. It was a beautiful day and one I would probably have spent inside sewing at the machine had I been at home.

Then just as I was thinking what a wonderful day I’d had, my husband called from the airport saying his flight was already in and that he’d be at the condo in time to go out to dinner tonight. Since today is our 17th anniversary and I thought he wouldn’t be home until late this evening this was just icing on the cake!

I wish I could upload the pictures I took today of the lake and trees from the deck but that will have to wait until I get home Monday.

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