This day just kept getting better

My husband came home with flowers and a card for our anniversary AND reservations for a trip to Ireland in October. We’ve been trying to plan a trip there for 10 years and something always comes up – last year we had tickets booked but his Dad came to live with us and was too ill for me to leave him so we canceled.

I’m so excited but October is going to be exhausting – first we’ll have the 10 day trip to Ireland, then the Breast Cancer 3 day, then my son’s wedding. It’s a good thing we’re the parents of the groom and have no responsibilities except the rehearsal dinner since we’ll be tied up the 3 weekends before the wedding!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Keith!What a wonderful surprise for you–flowers, hubby home sooner than expected and tickets for your dream trip!

  2. Happy Anniversary and what a great trip you have planned. Just reading all your commitments for October makes me tired! 🙂Judy L.

  3. I’m way behind and catching up …Belated Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful gift/trip! You will have a GLORIOUS October!!!Jeanne 🙂

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