A rainy day, a hike, and a honeysuckle scented trail

No quilting today at least not so far although at 1:24am I am considering working on the string quilt borders.

I almost didn’t go for my hike today – it was rainy and cool and I thought the weather was too bad for a long hike. Luckily Keith and I were emailing back and forth about other things and he said I should go anyway. I spent 3 hours hiking along honeysuckle scented trails and came home feeling wonderful.

Another trip coming up on Friday. Keith has a meeting in San Antonio and I’m tagging along. Several years ago he worked for a company based in San Antonio but the kids weren’t old enough to be left so I never got to go with him. I haven’t been to Texas – unless you count flying through Dallas airport so I’m looking forward to the trip.


  1. Some of my best times outside are during the worst weather – you just never know, but I agree, sometimes you need an extra push just to get out there!Looking forward to hearing about Texas!Cheers!Evelyn

  2. Have fun in San Antonio–my hubby goes there too, and that’s one place I haven’t tagged along yet. You’ll have to let me know how it is! I hear the River Walk is beautiful. your hike sounds wonderful! And to take in all that aroma from the honeysuckle–I would have been in a drunken stupor smelling all that good stuff! 🙂

  3. San Antonio is a great place to visit. Be sure to see the Alamo…..it’s so tiny among the city buildings. Many good places to eat on the River Walk too.

  4. I love San Antonio…and there is a great quilt shop there on the northeast end of town…your string tops are really great Mary.

  5. The weather was picture perfect here today–cooler and sun shining. Hope that is what you are enjoying on the GA side. There are parts of Chief Ladiga Trail that have a lot of honeysuckle so I know I am going to enjoy that heavenly scent next time out.I had a last minute invitation to head over your way to Little Quilts and Tiny Stitches today but had to pass to make DJ’s bday cake and help him work on that danged storm door. He can consider my presence today my “present”, LOL

  6. Hi – I’ve been reading the Quilt Mavericks’ blogs for a couple of weeks. I’ve really enjoyed them. I wanted to tell you about three quilt shops in San Antonio. There is Seventh Heaven, in the Alamo Heights area, Creative Sewing Center on West Avenue, and my very favorite, Las Colchas, near downtown on Ogden St. Enjoy.

  7. Watch out for the killer bees! hahaha, Sounds like that should be fun…and the honeysuckle does smell great here too!

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