What I’m reading

It’s been a while since I posted the books I’ve been reading but since I’m still out of town and haven’t been working on a quilt I’ll post my vacation reading. And yes, I’ve read all these books since Friday!

A Lady Raised High: A Novel of Anne Boleyn Laurien Gardner
Very good – I enjoy historical fiction.

Alone Lisa Gardner
I enjoyed this mystery and see that she’s written a bunch of other ones. I may have read some but I’m going to check them out and will order the ones I haven’t read. I’m always looking for new (to me) authors and love it when I find a bunch of books I haven’t read yet.

Sullivan’s Justice Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Another mystery, my favorite genre, this one was good – not great but I enjoyed it.

Kill Me Stephen White
One of my favorite authors. Again, this book was good but not great. If you’ve never read him start with one of his other books.


  1. I read some of Nancy Taylor Rosenberg’s book about 15 years ago and remember enjoying them. I used to read several books a week when I commuted by train.

  2. Thanks for the tips – Lisa Gardner, huh? I am reading the most recent Grafton, next is the 4th Patterson…. (At $3+ per gallon, I am reading more on my commute as I am actually taking the subway instead of my car!)

  3. I read The Other Boleyn Girl and the Virgin’s Lover by Philippa Gregory while on vacation. They were both just okay. The story itself was compelling but this author has a way of stretching things out way way way too long. I love a long book if it is long for a good reason. 😉 If you want to try one I’d start with The Other Bolyn Girl, but I’ll bet you’ve read them.

  4. I bought a new fiction book to read-but currently have zero time for reading…too exhausted at night to read LOL…glad to hear your reviews…

  5. I like that you share what you are reading – gives me ideas of new authors to try. I’ve been on a mystery kick for awhile now.

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