Blue Strings top completed

I finally finished the borders on this top tonight. The borders aren’t wavy although they do look like they are in the picture – it’s just the way the top is hanging from the hooks for the photo. I’m done with blue thank goodness!

While I like this top, I learned that I prefer string quilts in multiple colors and don’t think I’ll be making another monochromatic one.


  1. You may not care that much for monochromatic projects, but you made this one work very nicely by using such a wide range of blues. You have lights, dark darks, aquas and teals in addition to “regular” blue. The variety makes the quilt sing. I’m with you, however, the more colors in the quilt top the more fun it is to make. I get really tired of working with just one color.

  2. I am with you on working with monocromatic can be boring, but it looks Very Good from here and I really like the strippy border as well 🙂

  3. Mary I love this quilt! I know I say this with everyone of yours, but I truly love them all. I need to start saving scraps to make my own. Have I said that before? LOL! Wonderful work!!!

  4. I like it but could see that you might be ready to move onto another color or mix of colors. Are you done with the blue strips then? I’m thinking you got 4 or 5 quilts done with this colorway?

  5. I’m doing a monochromatic quilt too – in blue! I do miss all the different colors, but have enjoyed working with lots of different shades of blue. Your finished quilt is great, but I do understand why you are ready to put your blue scraps away!Cheers!Evelyn

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