A busy week ahead

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday. I had planned to load and start quilting my Mom’s 4 patch this week but now it’s too late – It will have to wait another week or so. I have a busy week planned and not much time for quilting.

We’re at Big Canoe for the weekend and I’ll have to stay thru Tuesday when we’re having the new flooring put in the bathrooms. Monday I’ll have to drive back to Marietta for my mammogram and straight back here – so no time for quilting thru Tuesday.

Wednesday, my guild is having a cut-in for our Ronald McDonald quilts and then I hope to meet a friend for lunch and help her pick out fabric to coordinate with blocks her grandmother made.

Thursday, I have to clean the house, load some practice muslin on the longarm, and shop for some snacks and drinks for Friday.

Friday, I’m having my Bee group over and am going to demonstrate quilting on the longarm and let them all try it.

Then we’ll be back at Big Canoe for the weekend.

For now, I’ve brought a couple afghans I’m working on to keep my hands busy. I’m going to seriously have to think about getting a machine up here to do some piecing but I hate the thought of having to set up a second quilting area. I’d have to store everything in the guest room and set up on the dining room table when I want to sew. I guess I’ll stick to handwork and afghans.


  1. Mary, you are making me tired just thinking about your schedule for the week, LOL.I wondered why you needed to load some practic muslin on the long arm but I hadn’t read far enough at that point.Congrats on getting your afghan done.

  2. Sounds like a full block of time! good luck on getting it all done! Love all of the blue work that you have done, but I still marvel at how you kept them monochromatic! (I’d be tossing in reds, oranges, &/or yellows!)

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