No progress with my quilting but today I got my DSL set up at the condo. I had dial-up but it was so incredibly slow compared to the DSL at home that I decided to splurge and have DSL at both places.

I also set up my printer so now I can upload pictures from my digital camera when I’m here at the condo instead of having to wait until I get home.

I guess both the above show I don’t have much patience or maybe just that I’m spoiled.

To test the printer I took and uploaded a picture of the wallhanging my sister Debbie made for me. It’s not hung yet but it will be as soon as I buy the rod and get Keith to hang it for me.


  1. forgot to tell you I also sent you an email re another method to make a bargello as I thought you might be intersted given your comment on my blog…

  2. Lovely wall hanging from your sis.Speaking of one who still has to use dial-up, I can identify with the pokiness. One of these days……it will be available out here at my address.

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