Bee Meeting

I had my Bee meeting today at my house and everyone had a chance to try the longarm. I enjoyed showing how the machine works and demonstrating different quilting methods – pantographs, freehand quilting, and marking with stencils. It’s been a while since I’d loaded any practice muslin so I had fun trying out some new quilting designs after everyone left.

I’ve been a member of a guild for several years but have started attending a bee meeting in the last 6 months. I’m really enjoying the smaller group.

We’re back at Big Canoe for the weekend so these are my *after* pictures with the vinyl floors. Much better than the carpet.


  1. Mary, Glad you’re enjoying your bee group. I like my small group much better than the larger group.Did all the ladies try the longarm? I would probably have been too chicken if I didn’t already have one!Judy L.

  2. How fun that you shared your long arm and knowledge with your group. I bet they really learned alot! Bet you are happy with your renovation(s) progress. I like the vinyl too.Cheers!Evelyn

  3. well, what a fun time you gave your fellow bee members and then yourself too! I am sure they all had a blast playing on it. I like how the vinyl turned out in the bathrooms-it is tedious painting them someone if you don’t feel like doing it I say.

  4. So what did everyone think about the LA? Anyone really want one of their own yet? (I have yet to succumb to the temptation of trying one out so that I don’t get a big case of the I WANTS!) I already have a small case…

  5. Nice bathrooom! I wish I knew somebody in Sweden with a longarm to try it out sometime, the girls must have had a lott of fun…as far as I know there is only one…

  6. Oh I know what you mean about bee groups versus the big quilt guild meetings. So much fun getting to meet and work together in the Bee rather than sitting their at the guild meetings watching another slide show till your eyes are going to roll back in your head, LOL,

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