I hate to send this one back

I’m finished quilting Mom’s 4 Patch and I wish I didn’t have to send this one back to her.

Laurie Ann commented on my color coordination and I can’t take too much credit for this one. It’s kind of a convoluted story but in a nutshell – Mom had bought a bundle of fabric at Tiny Stitches when she was visiting me, made a quilt top and sent it to me to quilt last year. The woman helping me care for my father-in-law fell in love with that quilt and Mom let me keep the quilt and give it to Emmorgean to thank her for her help in caring for my father-in-law.

So what does that have to do with this quilt? Well, I gave her these fabrics to replace the ones she’d used in the top she gave me. Most of them came in a fat quarter bundle – again bought at Tiny Stitches and I bought the border to coordinate at the same time.

Norma asked how I planned on quilting it – well, the fabrics are pretty busy so I did what I usually do on scrap quilts – I used a pantograph. This one is called Frisky Feathers by Lorien Quilting.


  1. It looks wonderful, Mary. No wonder you are not quite ready for it to leave your house but maybe that will help kick start your making your king version? So sweet of your mom to let you give her first one to your FIL caregiver and for you to replace them for her. Still kicking myself for passing up the chance to go to Tiny Stitches recently but it could not be helped–DJ would have had my head!

  2. a very pretty quilt Mary, and just the kind that appeals to me, as well. Must be hard to let it go, not once, but twice!! I’m glad you have the fabric to make one for you..*VBS*

  3. I understand why you hate to give this one back–it is a beauty! Thanks for the name of the pantograph. I am going to look that one up. The greens are very soothing to the eyes.

  4. Mary – I love the quilt. I never think about using just one color in my scrap projects … but I will now! Thanks for posting it – it’s wonderful!doni in Lincoln NE

  5. I would hate to send that quilt back too. I really love the greens. Fabric placement of the lights and darks make is awesome.Great quilt. And it looks like a easy pattern too.

  6. I would never have chosen those greens together but they look fantastic. I think I need some olivey greens!! 🙂Judy L.

  7. That is a lovely quilt, those greens are so warm… (Did I mention that my pink & brown has some greens is it too – And burgundy. SO now I really want to work on that instead of the unmentionable number of other UFOs waiting for me!)

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