Bits and pieces

Chris and Becky were visiting this weekend and we met her Mom and sister for the first time. We went to a tasting at the wedding facility on Saturday and the wedding plans are moving along.

Chris and Becky took me to lunch for my birthday on Friday and then Keith took us all to dinner.

Keith found out on last week that his company is closing their offices here in Marietta and moving them to Minneapolis – will we move with them? Keith hasn’t decided yet but will make a decision soon.

I have gotten some quilting squeezed in between other things going on. I loaded and quilted the small braid quilt which is now waiting for binding and then loaded the 2nd braid quilt and have the quilting started.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mary a few days late. I know you were looking forward to meeting Becky’s family before the wedding so this must have been the entire group yet?Job changes and/or move–some decisions to be made for both of you in coming days.

  2. I grew up in Minneapolis and I can say it is a lovely city. But moving half way across the country can be tough.Happy late birthday!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad the wedding plans are going nicely.How do you feel about moving? I vote to stay in GA . . you have your condo!! But . . what does my vote count for? 🙂Judy L.

  4. Happy Birthday!WOW! GA to MN, now there would be a change. I always have loved the twin cities. But then again, I am a midwest girl myself.

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