We’re back from Virginia and we had a great time. I really miss spending time as a family so it was good to have both boys (and Becky) with us.

Today I spent some more time getting ready to get the house listed and preparing for the next set of company coming on Wednesday. I’ve washed a pile of sheets and towels in the last few weeks and stripped and made up beds repeatedly. This next week should be the last company for a while.

I did get a binding sewn on my blue braid quilt otherwise known as UFO #9. I’ll take and post a picture in the next day or so. It’s a small donation quilt but it’s nice to have another one finished.

Speaking of one of the blue quilts, Adam saw the string quilt top when he was home for graduation and promptly claimed it for himself. That’s one less quilt to donate but the boys each get about one quilt a year so it’s nice to have Adam’s next one already pieced. Chris’ next one will be a queen sized wedding quilt which will hopefully be done by the wedding.

I did squeeze in an hour hike today – the weather cut it a little short and I was soaked by the time I finished but I’m continuing to lose weight. I had my Weight Watchers weigh in today and was down another 1.6 lbs for a total loss of 28.4 lbs since mid-January.


  1. Congratulations on getting your quilt finished and your weight loss. Your string quilt is very nice. I’ve been meaning to make one of those, and the blue is a nice calming one. Did I get this right, you give your kids one quilt a year? I have way too many people clamoring for a quilt – one each is all they get (my siblings and their families)

  2. do you know where you are moving yet? I sure hope you continue to be able to enjoy your longarm! and wow, great going on the losing weight …that is commendable.

  3. Gosh, Mary keep it up and you will be a shadow of your former self! Good for you.Sounds like Adam picked out the quilt he wanted instead of having one custom made for him. Do you have the pattern picked out for the wedding quilt or is it a surprise for Chris and Becky?

  4. Good job on your WW Mary! I lost 1.8 this week and am down 8.2 total since joining WW. I want to lose 7-12 more…HugsLaurie

  5. Congratulations on your loss! I’m sure all your hiking and walking is really contributing to it.You’ll have to change the picture on your profile before too long!

  6. Great job on your continued weight loss, Mary! And, even if you don’t move – de-cluttering is always a good thing! My houses always look sooo very nice right before I sell, sigh – and then then I tackle the next project – LOL! Just can’t help myself! Is your DH taking the job transfer then, or are you just keeping all your options open? Good luck either way!Cheers!Evelyn

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