The Johnson’s
The Johnson women (I’m on the far right)
A whole week without blogging that’s unusual for me.

The house is listed for sale and my fingers are crossed that we’ll be able to sell it by November. Sooner would be nice.

Keith’s brother and sister and their families have been visiting and just went home today. We spent a couple days here at the house and then went up to Big Canoe for a couple days. They all left today and while we had a wonderful time, I’ve spent most of today getting both places straightened up and started washing all the sheets and towels used by our 7 guests. It will take a couple days to finish the laundry and get all the beds made back up.

In the next couple days I also hope to get a binding on the second braid quilt I finished quilting last week and to load my Aunt’s quilt on the longarm.


  1. it is a lot of work to clean up after company! good luck in selling your house-and getting back to your quilting! love the family photos…

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