We arrived in Minneapolis on Friday afternoon and spent a couple days looking at townhomes and condo’s. Just as I thought, a condo isn’t going to work for us but Keith wanted to look at them so we did.

We found a townhouse community by the river within walking distance of downtown that I really love. They’re more expensive than I wanted to spend but not more expensive than I can afford so they’re my first choice of places to live.

Keith hasn’t definitely decided to move yet but even if we don’t relocate to Minneapolis with his company we decided we’re selling our house and we have it on the market.

Now Keith just needs to make a decision and the house needs to sell and we can move ahead in one direction or the other.


  1. I just returned from spending 2 weeks in Minneapolis, my home town. I love it there. WWhen does Keith need to make a decision?

  2. I was wondering what was going on with you. Hopefully your home will sell quickly and you will be free to do whatever fits your both.Good luck!Judy L.

  3. The very best of luck with decisions! May you get the very best price for your house and find a house you will like.

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