My Quilting Studio

Moving will at last force me to completely and ruthlessly purge my quilting supplies and material. None of the housing we’re looking at will have the kind of space dedicated to quilting that I have now so before leaving on this trip I started going through my books and magazines.

I’ll donate a ton of my quilting books to the library and I’ve already started to rip out pictures of quilts I like from my magazines. They’ll be placed in a binder and the rest of the magazines will be tossed. Going through the magazines has made me realize how many magazines I get that have absolutely no quilts that appeal to me in them. I’m going to let all my subscriptions end and in the future just buy issues that appeal to me.

I haven’t decided for sure how I’m going to decrease my stash but some fabric will be donated, some cut into strips for future scrap quilts, and possibly some cut into fat quarters.

I’m finding that I prefer making scrap quilts and I like working with fat quarters. When I participated in our guild cut-in for our charity quilts we cut a lot of donated yardage into fat quarters and that seemed to work well for the patterns for scrappy quilts that were distributed.

I did get some quilting done between all the visits to and from family. I quilted both blue braid quilts that will be donated and a queen size top my Aunt sent me to quilt for her.


  1. Way to plan to manage your quilting! I’ve found it very hard to cut from my yardage — I want to “save” the big piece for some mythical project in the future when I might need it all… FQ are much easier to cut up and use…

  2. Lot of work but doing what is necessary. Sure hope that you will have room for your long arm once moved! The other stuff–books and mags can be winnowed down. Stash too once you can go through it with a more critical eye.I’m like you–take out what interests you and ditch the rest and drop the subscription if nothing appeals to you. I doubt that I will continue any that I currently receive. Too many other sources of inspiration to blow that money on that when I can save that money towards a new sewing machine.

  3. I recently went through my magazines also. It’s funny how your taste changes over time. I let my subscriptions go. Sometimes it’s more fun to go and pick out the issue you enjoy. Good luck with the move. I think Minneapolis would be a wonderful place to live. Lots to do. Good shopping. Good medical care…Some bright sides.Melanie

  4. Good luck on downsizing – you can do it! I let my subscribitions run out several years ago, and have done like you do now. Took out what I wanted and gave away the rest. Did not keep much, considering all the money I have used on those magazines.

  5. good luck with the purge. I had to purge a couple years ago to my guild & friends. I was able to cut a strip from several (I was really into Nickel quilts then) fabrics to keep me scrappy. I only miss two fabrics…

  6. I love FQs. There are so many great patterns made especially for them. Plus you can buy a lot more variety when you are buying FQs! 16 miles, that’s awesome!! Happy sorting!!

  7. I can’t imagine trying to decide which of my quilt stuff to keep and which to give away like you are doing. Doesn’t sound like you are agonizing over it too much. So your husband must have decided to take the job, right? Good luck on the move.

  8. I’ve only had 2 magazine subscriptions since I started quilting nearly 2 years ago. I let one run out and for now I’m keeping Fons & Porter. I’ve stopped buying books too unless they teach a specific technique that I want to learn.It seems a lot of us are ending magazine subscriptions . . . so who is buying them?Good luck on the move and on purging your stash.

  9. I pick my quilt magazines by what’s in them too – I’ll often pick up two as I walk thru the store, then look at them as I wait in the checkout line – if something doesn’t catch my eye in the line, I put them back.

  10. I have always had to buy magazines off the rack, so to speak- none ever seem to appeal to me enough to subscribe… Like everyone who already commented, it seems!Good luck with the huge purge 🙂

  11. I am so sorry to hear that your quilting space will be reduced in the future! I don’t know where I would start if I had to down size! Good luck to you–it sounds like you have a wonderful plan!

  12. Since I am retiring soon, it will be time for me to cut back also – and your idea about the magazine subscriptions is excellent. I just don’t need all those magazines. Good luck on your purging – it will be hard, but undoubtedly worth the effort and result in a more organized space.

  13. Wow–what a job. One I don’t envy. But in the end, you might feel “free” of all the extraenous (sp?) stuff and keep only what you really love. But boy, what a job. Good luck to you and in your move, wherever it may be!

  14. Best wishes on your move to Minnesota. We raised our family there and it will always be “home”. I hope you like it there.

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