Mom’s quilt

I finished quilting a top for my Aunt last week and today I’m loading this top of my Mom’s. The block is called Honeybee and she used a beautiful set of fat quarters. After quilting this top, I still have one each of my Aunt’s and my Mom’s waiting to be quilted.


  1. OOOOHH, Mary – tell your mother that the top is absolutely gorgeous! How do you plan to quilt it (quilting design)?

  2. Mary,Great quilt by your mom! And, moving to Mpls???? MN is home for me! IF you do move there you will be blessed by a LOT of AWESOME quilt stores there! Hugslaurie

  3. OH, and Mary, I’m not sure wehre you DH would be working…but you probably have to go out to the suburbs for more space…especially with having a longarm. The good news, GREAT bus schedules!!HugsLaurie

  4. What a gorgeous quilt, Mary–her fabric choices and your quilting.I recognize the block but have seen it with a nine patch in the middle. This is so much better to allow her to showcase the fabric more–smaller pieces would not have allowed that.

  5. What a neat quilt. Your Mom’s fabric and color choices are wonderful. This will be a well cherished quilt.

  6. what a fun quilt- I am sure your mom will be thrilled to have it quilted now. I sure hope you will have room for your longarm in your new home!

  7. Nice quilt! How are you going to quilt it? Are those “wings” hand appliqued… So much work… (Sayeth the lady who spent yesterday cutting 1 inch strips!)

  8. Hey, I missed this quilt. It’s pretty . . looks BIG!! Will you show us a picture after it’s quilted?Judy L.

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